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Geraldo Rivera, his mustache, Chris Kulawik, and serious-guy-with-beard (who is apparently Kulawik’s shadow), all made an appearance on Fox News.




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 Chris Kulawik addresses reporters this morning outside the 116th St. gates.

The way he’s holding his hands makes it look like he’s sitting atop a bicycle.*


*Unconfirmed at press time




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The National Review
, which in Spec-speak is like the “Chris Shrugged” of right-wing rags, (“William F. Buckley Shrugged”?), has anointed Chris Kulawik as the paradigm of all that’s right with the current state of discourse about the Middle East. The problem, natch, is Fulbright-winning, Ph.D. holding professor Juan Cole, who is just ruining everything with his big ideas and his big words. 

…and speaking of trouble with the Middle East, Sammy’s Halal has disappeared from the corner of 111th and Broadway! The Hungry Lion (who prefers to keep his identity a secret) is on the case. Which is good because he’s a student, and not someone who’s studied Sammy’s Halal for decades or anything and has written books about it and teaches a class about it at an Ivy League university.

– JNW shrugged



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sfsCheck newsstands tomorrow, and you’ll see something familiar: a shiny New York Magazine cover story digesting the last 40 years of crazy activism at Columbia, featuring glamour shots of David Judd, Chris Kulawik, Karina Garcia and a smattering of other rabblerousers. Take a seat, because it’s a doozy, reaching back to the SDS protests of the 60s, racing through Minutemen, and parsing every protest and meeting since then for a larger point about College and the Left (it is New York Mag, after all).

Here are the takeaway points, in case you’re too mired in papers to read the whole thing: Radical kids today don’t have the energy of Mark Rudd & Co. Career-oriented Democrats don’t have the energy of the radicals. Kulawik doesn’t need energy, because he’s got skillz. Columbia has historically been riven by identity politics–mostly around Israel-Palestine–but now the lines are starting to blur.

Well, now everyone else knows.




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img February 20, 200710:50 amimg 39 Comments

gossipThe CCSC gossip has been flowing like cheap wine at Columbia Cottage. For your edification:

Item #1: Chris Kulawik may have come closer to a CCSC run than anyone realized. As George Krebs struggled to put together a ticket, he received feelers from Kulawik’s associates to see if he was interested in joining a Kulawik ticket. Krebs is associated with the College Dems; Kulawik, of course, with the Republicans. Krebs turned him down, and faced with a limited timeframe, Kulawik decided not to file.

Item # 2: File Felipe Tarud in the long list of candidates who claim that higher-ups in CCSC urged them to run. Tarud, who won’t say which individuals wanted a candidate to oppose Michelle, considered it, but bowed out as he realized other candidates were interested were running and performing what he called a “cost-benefit analysis.”

Ever more whispers from the SGO after the jump!




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In which Bwog gives you a digest of the crazy crazy fallout of the events of October 4th.

Item # 1: Columbia students recieved PrezBo’s latest statement on the Minutemen protest earlier today. But you couldn’t tell really, since he never said “Minutemen” or “protest”–although Bwog thinks that’s what he meant by “disruption.” 

Item # 2: The Engineering Student Council and Student Governing Board have gotten in on the statement game, too, reprinted after the jump. That leaves the Democrats and the Equestrian Team as the only ones still silent.


Item # 3: The College Republicans are mad. They’re mad because people are mad at them–and this after they took their profiles down from the GOP site because of hate mail. According to Kulawik, the CRs submitted the list of outside RSVPs to their Shoebat event after registration closed at 5:00 PM on Tuesday. Chaplain Davis told informed the group yesterday afternoon, eight hours before the event, that their 115-person guest list (composed mostly of local Republicans, Shoebat’s friends, and people who responded to conservative blog plugs) had been cut down to five, which the CRs argued back up to 20. Midafternoon, e-mails went out to the confirmed RSVPs–some on the bus from as far away as Boston and Pennsylvania–saying that they were no longer invited. 

“If wanted to bring my parents that evening, the University chaplain would not let them in,” grumbled Kulawik. “It was one of the most unprofessional things I’d ever seen.”

Columbia Public Affairs, in a statement released to Bwog at 11:15 this morning, tells it like this: “Wednesday at midday University officials communicated to the student groups that it was unreasonable to present a guest list of some 115 non-CUID holders not known by students for an event that was proposed and approved as a Columbia student event. As it has done on previous occasions, including the Norman Finkelstein lecture last year, University officials limited the number of outside guests to a reasonable number — in this case to 20.

Nevertheless, of the 20 names on the final list presented to the University, only six actually showed up for the event. Additionally, speakers showed up with other guests who never appeared on any list presented to the University. Approximately a half-dozen non-CUID holders were not permitted to enter.”

According to a Bwog source, the adminsitration tried to pull a similar thing last year at the Finkelstein event, but gave in when the speaker threatened to cancel, and ultimately about 180 non-CUID holders were admitted. Practical? Maybe. Incompetent? You be the judge.

Thanks to Maryam Parhizkar for the photo.

– LBD (more…)



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This post has been removed at the request of the interviewee.



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signWe know who Walid Shoebat is. We know who Baruch Goldstein is. And heck, we even know who Chris Kulawik is. 

But who’s V47? Bwog commandeth: reveal thyself! 



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News is coming hot and heavy these days on fallout from October 4th (Bwog’s new name for the Minuteman Protest), so we thought we’d do a little digest on the latest. 

book artItem # 1: The Republicans are going ahead with their event Wednesday evening featuring ex-PLO jihadist Walid Shoebat, along with a former Lebanese terrorist and a member of the Hitler Youth. The headliner–whom Princeton didn’t even allow to speak–may even be more wacko than Gilchrist, and this time, they’re not taking any chances. If you want to go, RSVP soon at the CU GOP website, where you may reserve and print out one (1) ticket in advance–but you might be lonely. Chabad brought Shoebat to Columbia in 2004, but this time around Hillel hasn’t even put it on their online calendar, and word is that other student groups are planning on boycotting the event entirely. “We want pretty pictures of empty chairs,” said one Bwog source.  “Forty people attend, and the thing collapses.”

Item # 2: We’re not sure where Karina Garcia is getting the 3,000 figure for letters sent to PrezBo in support of the protesters–University Spokesman Robert Hornsby couldn’t confirm the number. Then again, he also wouldn’t answer any of Bwog’s other five questions, saying only that the administration “will make no further comment at this time.” Ah, stonewalling.

Item # 3: Even though YouTube has gone corporate, they’re still providing us with lots of fun new video. Here’s what we’ve found:

Lou Dobbs to CU: “You ought to be ashamed.” Can’t you see the breastbeating?

CTV National Media analysis: We RULE.

Protesters on CTV: All about the message, baby.

Finally, Dols v. Kulawik on Fox

Item # 4: Statements by World Can’t Wait and the Working Families Party after the jump.





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After leaving the Minuteman Protest, Bwog sat down and e-mailed all the adminstrators it could think of for interviews. Chaplain Jewelnel Davis, who runs Earl Hall, responded via Blackberry at 6:30 AM the next morning. She and SGB program managers Jane Huber and Raquel Whittaker speak about protesting, free speech, and the swinging sixties.

davisWhen the idea to have Jim Gilchrist came up, what were your thoughts around that?

Chaplain Davis: We know that Columbia, at its very best, must be a place where free speech is affirmed and central, not only in the classrooms must there be a vigiorous exchange of ideas, but also if they have issues that their groups want to focus on, we are delighted for students to proposed events and propose speakers that will allow students first hand experience of what the issues are that face them as young people, and as citizens not only of Columbia, but of New York, of the region, of the country, of the world.

If you’re going to have a speaker and have a question and answer session. You’re at Columbia. If you want something to have a significant contribution to the Columbia Community, you make sure that there’s a Question and Answer period.

In this case, for example, the speakers were scheduled to speak for 45 minutes, and then followed by a 45 minute question and answer period. Raquel and Jane had worked carefully and well with Chris Kulawik to make sure that the issues the College Republicans wanted to be heard, issues of immigration, were coming out. So it’s not whether you read the newspaper, whether you’ve filtered through the television media, but no, you could say I was actually there with the people who were making the news that other people are reporting on.

At Columbia, you get to say I was there. The Minutemen are part of the national conversation about immigration, especially on the southern border of the United States, and the College Republicans wanted students to hear from them, and to interrogate. There were no bars on what the questions were going to be. There were no questions that were predetermined that could not be asked. The College Republicans made no effort to do that. (more…)



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Blue and White editor-in-chief Avi Zenilman, C ’07, will be appearing on The O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8:00 and 11:00 to debate Chris “Fox is my buddy” Kulawik on the subject of liberalism, activism, and the correct way to spike one’s hair on camera.

Supposedly will run across the bottom of screen, which means that the site may crash, so don’t panic if you can’t find us for awhile. We’re trying to figure out how to prevent that from happening… but what a way to go.




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He’s not as famous as Chris “I love Sean Hannity” Kulawik at this point, but Student Governing Board President Sakib Khan–who oversees all political, religious, and cultural groups–outranks him and every other student leader on this campus. Bwog caught up with Khan in the hours following the Minuteman Brawl, racing to scribble down his informed commentary.

sakibAlthough he helped the Republicans to regain control of last night’s incident, Khan is skeptical of the wisdom of the speaker choice. “It is not my feeling that this event accomplished the goal of Chris or the Republicans,” he said, calling the speech “non-functional programming.”

Worse, the reaction may impact the ability of student groups to bring speakers to campus. “I have a serious feeling that the future of student programming may be in jeopardy after this.” Although SGB neither approves nor disapproves student groups’ choice of speakers, Khan said his board would consider advising the Republicans to pick someone with a less polarizing podium manner. On the flip side, Khan was disturbed by the reaction of audience members, and believes that the governing boards have an obligation to promote reasoned debate on campus. “Ironically, they were doing the vigilante role of public safety,” he observed.

Administrators have been largely silent on fallout from the protests while they figure out what’s going on, and often differ in their approaches to conflict: a few favor academic freedom at all costs, while a more pragmatic faction would rather avoid bad press in the middle of a $4 billion capital campaign. Khan, however, fears that the actions they take could make things difficult for the individuals and groups involved. “There’s a clear bright line between the protest outside and the protest inside,” he said. “I’m afraid that the administration is going to blur that line.”



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Chris Kulawik’s cheerful visage graced Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes this evening. While expressing shame at being a member of the Columbia community, he appeared the picture of moderation next to Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist, who called protesters the “anarcho-fascists” and the “21st century KKK,” noting that he would have given the protesters a “Minuteman knuckle sandwich.”

“They are domestic terrorists,” he said, his eyes wide. “Their goal is to disrupt and deprive everyone of the first amendment except for themselves.”  

The video of Bill O’Reilly’s take on the events from tonight’s O’Reilly Factor is on the Fox News site now, and Bwog’s got the footage of the Hannity and Colmes segment below… Ok, yes, we did tape a television screen. Silly Columbia TVs don’t have “video out” holes! It’s the sound that matters, really…

Meanwhile, in our self-Googling, we came up with this gem:

“Special honorary mention, also, to the courageous young journalists at BWOG who unflinchingly told the tale of the brave young jihadis who sought to protect the warriors of Islam from the vigilante infidels of the Minuteman Project.”

It’s nice to be appreciated?



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Update 7:00 PM: Bwog has confirmed that Kulawik will appear at 9:00 tonight on Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes with Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, while opening speaker Marvin Stewart will appear on the Bill O’Reilly Factor at 8:00 and 11:00 PM. Protesters were asked to appear on The Factor, and one accepted, but declined shortly before the taping.

chris k

Campus, city and national media have already spun the Minuteman Brawl of 2006 into a harbinger for Armageddon, and Bwog would like to level the conversation a bit. We’ll start with the source, President of the College Republicans (ex-College Conservatives President) Chris Kulawik himself. In an early morning interview, he told Bwog why controversy follows him everywhere, what he saw, and why he brought members of a vigilante border patrol to campus in the first place.

Over the summer, the Republicans sent out about 40 invitations to different potential speakers and elected representatives. Kulawik said the invitations “got a pretty decent return rate,” and Gilchrist and Stewart got invites because Columbia students are “pretty far removed from the immigration debate,” and Gilchrist is “on the front lines” and would be “a different opinion from what we’re used to on campus.”

Stewart and Gilchrist were flown to New York and put up with College Republican funds–Kulawik is not sure if student activities money went into planning the event.

In anticipation of student reaction, he forwarded a link to the 600+ member Facebook group protesting the Minutemen to Public Safety, which he said must not have predicted the extent to which the event would escalate. “In the wake of Ashcroft, the ISA, protesters, and Chicano Caucus were better prepared to mobilize,” Kulawik said.

When the rumble broke out, “It was really hectic up there,” he said. “I can’t tell you how scared I was…The [protesters] were looking for a fight…I really felt that my personal being was in danger… they literally staged a premeditated attack.”

After the event, Kulawik called an emergency College Republicans executive board meeting and said administrators also had a huge closed door meeting. As of 9:00 this morning, he had not yet had any communication with administrators.

He noted being “concerned” about future speakers deciding not to come to campus, and said he was worried the event would keep others from joining the College Republicans.

“Not only does it set back the university, it sets back the movement of mature debate.”

As for the Minutemen themselves, Jim and Marvin “were really quite upset…I think they really feel bad for my organization and my friends.”

Kulawik also had some warm praise for the conduct of the Minutemen supporters (one of whom was witnessed kicking a student in the face.) “They refused to let protestors drown them out in a forum of debate…they ran out to defend Jim and Martin.”

And he maintains the speakers at last night’s circus “opened some eyes. When people have different ideas, people don’t want to listen to them.”

Kulawik says he still plans on running next week’s event which will feature Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist who now speaks out for Israel.


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