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Like this but with salt

It’s Thursday night, friends and lovers.  Here, CBA-er Jerry Rivera, GS ’14, gives you a 2for1 special: dinner and drinks.

Growing up in Arizona, there was one thing I never lacked: Mexican food.  Hole-in-the-wall restaurants and food trucks litter every street corner and serve plates teeming with rice, beans, and an assortment of grilled meats at all hours of the day.

Complementing the mouth watering cuisine, the sun-drenched desert environment invites one to relax with an ice cold beverage to beat the heat from both food and climate. Starting your day with delicious huevos rancheros or breakfast burritos overflowing with eggs, peppers, cheese, and chorizo–and a tequila sunrise–may seem hard to beat until you consider extending your morning to a lazy afternoon with fresh fish tacos paired with a draft Pacifico beer.

But for me, dinner was my favorite meal. It was always a difficult decision whether to order succulent enchiladas filled with cheese and smothered in red chili sauce, chicken drenched in thick mole sauce, or steaming hot shrimp and steak fajitas.

In these moments of indecision I would often choose another Mexican classic: the green chile stew. This hearty dish of pork slowly cooked with potatoes balances the smokiness of the fire roasted green chilies. The rich flavors of meat and peppers are captured in the thick, green colored broth that covers both potatoes and pork.  While not particularly spicy, green chile stew is best enjoyed with a tart and refreshing margarita. The salted rim of the glass and the tequila keeps the savory green chile stew grounded throughout the meal–and the cool margarita is also key to numbing one’s senses to the desert heat. Recipes for the green chile stew and the margarita are below. Enjoy!

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fuck yeahAnd now we introduce you to the Columbia Bartending Agency.  Here we have Managing Director Talia Savitskaya, Operations Manager Ethan Fudge, and Agency Manager Tom Reidy.

Bwog: CBA is basically completely student run, yes?

Talia: It’s run by the Center for Career Education.  They do it to provide jobs for the students–students run it and it employs students itself.

Bwog: The classes are all taught by students? 

Tom: Right!

Bwog: How many times does the class meet?

Ethan: It’s a 5-day class structure.  It either meets five days a week for an accelerated lesson or 1 night a week over 5 weeks.  It’s two hour classes, usually from 8 to 10.

Bwog: What do people learn over the 5 classes?

Talia: Class 1 is general knowledge, safety, and highballs (really basic drinks like vodka cranberry, tequila sunrise.  Class 2 is shaken drinks (margaritas, Long Island iced teas) and shooters (shaken shots).  Class 3 is slightly more sophisticated–lowballs, classy cocktails (martinis, etc.).  Class 4 is everything that’s not in Class 3–layered drinks, cream drinks, flaming drinks, after dinner drinks.  And Class 5 is the exam!




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To prove to Daddy I’m not a fool

Welcome back, everyone!  It’s Thursday and you know what that means: it’s time for Drinking With Bwog.

This week, we want to celebrate each of the returning classes.  Try out these fab drinks, designed by your super-knowledgable Bwog staff to fit what you probably have in your room right now.


  • Nikolai
  • Bacardi
  • Orange juice
  • Coke from the new John Jay vending machine

Pour all ingredients into a red solo cup, swirl by motion.

The Sophomore Slump

  • Half cup Gordon’s gin
  • Half cup tonic from that kid down the hallway

Mix with the fork you stole from John Jay.

The Third Time’s A Charm

  • 1 oz. Fireball Whisky
  • 2.5 oz. raspberry lemonade
  • A lemon wedge you can’t remember if you or your stRuggles suitemate bought

Serve to friends in a mug, since you already ran out of regular cups and feel too free to clean your dishes quite yet.

The Columb14

  • 1 cup blanco Vermouth
  • 1/2 cup pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup white cranberry juice
  • Ice

Make as much as you want in a pitcher, mix with a ladle like lemonade.  Use a sponge and soap when you have to clean the mess off your EC kitchen counter tomorrow morning.

Your first grade teacher’s cover photo via Shutterstock



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Drink like you have something to drink to

It’s midterm season. The jolly japes of February have come to an end. There’s no leap day to cheer, no Olympics for another year. The craziness of the Oscars has finished, and the madness of March has yet to come. Long story short, there’s close no reason to drink – and what better reason to do so? Stick it to the doldrums with mature whiskey and the clink of crystal glasses, or more likely Crack-Del-Four-Loko and the crinkle of a red Solo Cup. Either way, put a spring back in your step with these out-of-vogue libations.

If you’re really feeling weird about this shortened month and the fact that the universe gave us an extra quarter of a day that we won’t get to trade in for a while, try the Leap Year:

  • 1.5 shots gin
  • 1/3 shot sweet vermouth
  • 1/3 shot orange liqeur
  • Squeeze of lemon juice

When all your friends are locked up in Butler and you’re super bored and want everyone to just shut up and take a night off, make them a Fireball shot…kind of as a form of punishment, but also ‘cuz it’s delicious:

  • 1/2 shot white rum
  • 1/2 shot cinnamon schnapps
  • Tabasco to taste (though 2 dashes is recommended)




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Only place we’d pour that is down your throat.

Classes are finally over this Monday–isn’t that swell?  Well, we s’pose it would be if there weren’t no pesky finals and papers to finish off.  But don’t worry, baby, your folks at Drinking with Bwog, New York’s hottest speakeasy, are here to make sure everything’s fine and ducky.  Don’t let prohibition reading week stop you from having a whoopee time.

We here at Drinking with Bwog want to ensure that all’s copacetic–we don’t discourage you from following the laws of Reading Week, we just want to let you know about this week’s drink specials:


  • LitRum: Bacardi 151 with just a hint of cream soda (can exchange for ArtRum–with grenadine for color–or MusicRum–with ice to clink)
  • Frontiers of Sake: Spice up your beer with a shot of sake
  • University Whiskey: Two fingers and ice. Don’t forget to listen to Papa!
  • Contemporary Cosmopolitans: Forget about past civilizations, we’re cosmopolitan
  • GinChem: Gin and tonic, with lemon swirl

Main Courses:

  • Modern English (English): Smooth and autumnal, perfect for a night of reading
  • Churchill (Political Science): Let Churchill’s wit perk you up
  • Bloody Mary (Religion): Heaven isn’t hard to reach; all it takes is tomato juice and a stick of celery
  • Flaming Doctor Pepper (Chem E): Study these reactions
  • Caipirinha (Anthropology): Perfect for primary source ethnography of Brazil
  • White Russian (Film Studies): What?  Did you think we were going to say Slavic Languages?
  • Tequila Sunrise (Latin American and Iberian Studies): Que bueno!
  • Staten Island Ferry (Mechanical Engineering): Would you rather be designing a bridge?
  • Chicago Cocktail (Urban Studies): Learn the history of this great American city
  • Hurricane (Earth & Environmental Sciences): Take the sadness out of natural disasters, add grenadine
  • Cape Codder (American Studies): Reminisce on summers spent at the Cape
  • Seven and Seven (Applied Math): A lot easier than your problem sets, we’re guessing
  • Four Horseman (Economics): Well, it’s all going to shit anyways

Just Desserts:

True War on Fun via Wikimedia Commons



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Every week the Columbia Bartending Agency does their best to get you crunk.  This week, Lauren Alpert does her best to get you to try something new – but don’t blame her if you end up dancing with the devil on a table at Havana’s.

Go Devils!

Kovalchuk's favorite drink

Daunted by the endless opportunities presented by a fully-stocked bar, many people opt for their regular beverage rather than experimenting with a new order. To each their own, in imbibement as in lifestyle choices; my own, however, is to strive for adventure. This week’s drink is a prime example of how a shaker set and a few additions to your liquor collection can allow you to transform a simple classic (the Screwdriver, a roughly 1:4 ratio of vodka and orange juice) into an extraordinary libation: the Red Devil. With almost two drinks worth of liquor, this one is devilishly potent, so you might want to save it for the weekend rather than for pre-gaming Senior Night, especially if you have a 9am Thursday class like me!

Red Devil

1/2 oz each of:
Southern Comfort
Sloe Gin
Triple Sec

a splash of Rose’s Lime Juice
orange juice to fill (5-6 oz; just eyeball it)

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled 2/3 with ice and shake vigorously.
Strain into a highball glass over fresh ice.
Garnish with a lime slice and take pride in your adventurousness!

Liqueur lesson of the week: Sloe Gin, confusingly, is not actually related to gin at all, but rather is a sweet red liqueur flavored with berries of the blackthorn (a.k.a. sloe) plant, a relative of the plum.



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The return of classes does have a silver lining: the return of weekends!  Every Thursday your lovely pals at the Columbia Bartending Agency provide you with new ways to forget everything you learned during the week.  This week, Matt Kalish transports you to a better place.

Binge drinking is so much classier in B&W

As the new semester rolls in along with the cold weather we forgot about after Halloween, it helps to imagine a warmer, more peaceful place. Picture yourself somewhere on a beach, without homework, class registration waiting lists, or stress. Here’s a drink to get you there:

Bahama Mama

1/2 oz Rum
1/2 oz Malibu
1/2 oz Grenadine
1 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Pineapple Juice

Either serve over ice or blend all the ingredients together. Disclaimer: after consuming, you may have the urge to break out your shorts and flip flops. While we at the CBA support all such urges, we do recommend that you stay indoors.



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Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

‘Sup dudes. It’s basically the last week of classes, which means it’s time to bro’ out like nobody’s business. Drinking with Bwog can assist you with that. Read on as His Royal Dudeness Elliott Grieco of the Columbia Bartending Agency teaches you how to make the dudest of all drinks—the White Russian.

Hey, man. I know you’re graduating and everything, and it’s possible that you don’t have a job, so…man why don’t we just get drunk and bowl? Here is, like, the perfect drink for kicking back, putting on a bathrobe, and looking for lost toes: the White Russian.


2 oz. vodka
1 oz. Kahlua (or another brand coffee liqueur)
1 oz. cream (or milk)


Fill an Old Fashion glass (short, wide, and classy) with ice and pour in the vodka and Kahlua. To keep the drink looking fancy, pour in your dairy mix of choice slowly to float above the liqueur. Stir the mixture slowly and watch as the light and dark mix. If you’re not going for looks, the drink tastes just as good stirred to an even, caramel color.

The White Russian is traditionally a dessert drink…but milk is a breakfast beverage too, right? Take it easy this finals season; when in doubt, just channel your inner Dude!

Dude Drinking a White Russian from Flickr/tornatore



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An ironically stout Long Island Iced Tea.

With just one week of classes to go, tonight will mark the beginning of a week of “last” hurrahs. We want you to cherish these nights, and Drinking with Bwog is here to help. Let the Columbia Bartending Agency teach you how to make a drink that’s sure to start off your weekend with a bang—the Long Island Iced Tea.

The Long Island Ice Tea comes from—yes, you guessed it—Long Island. It’s said that during the Prohibition era, Long Islanders came up with the brilliant idea of making a potent alcoholic beverage that could be consumed out in public, as it looked more or less like iced tea. Now, that’s just the story behind the drink; in reality, the drink as we know it today was first served in a Long Island bar in the 1970’s. But the first story is better, so let’s stick with that.

In a lot of bars, you’ll find a surgeon general’s warning next to the listing for a Long Island Ice Tea. There’s a reason for that: there’s a ton of alcohol in it. Have fun guys!


0.5 oz Vodka
0.5 oz Gin
0.5 oz Rum
0.5 oz Tequila
0.5 oz Triple Sec
Sour Mix
Splash of Coca-Cola
Lemon Garnish

Fill shaker with ice and then add vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and sour mix (to fill the glass). Shake until cold and serve in a cup with ice. Add a splash of Coke for color and garnish with a lemon.

Deceptively Innocent Drink via Wikimedia Commons




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So many accompanying image options, so little appropriate content...

From some reason, some people feel really uncomfortable about sitting down at a bar and asking the bartender for a Blowjob. It’s sad really, because the Blowjob is a fantastically delicious shot that is as fun as it is messy. But in case you can’t bring yourself to order it at a bar, we’ve got you covered. Like many specialty shots, the Blowjob has a traditional procedure to which all drinkers must strictly adhere.

Rules of the Blowjob:

  1. On your knees (or taken off the bar)
  2. No hands
  3. Swallow, don’t spit (drink the whole shot!)

To summarize, place your hands behind your back, pick the glass up with your mouth, tilt your head back and drink up.


  • 1 oz Kahlua
  • ½ oz crème de cacao
  • ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Top with whipped cream


Shake all ingredients on ice and strain into a shot glass (remember you can multiply shots, so you can shake 5-7 shots in one shaker). Top each shot with whipped cream, and follow proper Blowjob protocol (listed above).

If you need bar supplies like shaker sets, bar spoons, and muddlers, feel free to contact the Columbia Bartending Agency at

Stay classy, folks (or about as classy you can get while on your knees and taking a shot with no hands).

Love, your friends at the CBA

DangerBwog via Wikimedia Commons.



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God grant us the strength to resist such easy photo ops in the future.

After trips to Moscow and Mongolia, Drinking with Bwog has just returned a little “lazier” from Jamaica to bring you its new favorite shot—the flaming Bob Marley. The Columbia Bartending Agency’s resident Rastafarian Matt Kalish shows you how to make it!

With all this talk about Snoop and the Abacchalypse, I figured that it was time for a drink with a musical twist. Enter the flaming Bob Marley shot. This is one of those “we’d tell you not to try it at home but you’re going to anyway” kind of drinks. It tastes great, looks awesome, and kicks like a badass mutha.


1 oz. Green Crème de Menthe

½ oz. Banana Liqueur

½ oz. Bacardi 151

1 oz. Grenadine


Getting this to look right requires a gentle hand.  First, pour the grenadine into the bottom of a shot glass. Next, slowly layer the crème de menthe on top. Finally, float the banana liqueur and Bacardi 151 on top of first two layers. Perfect execution yields distinct red, green, and yellow layers.

Now for the fun part. Take a lit match and wave it over the top of the drink until the 151 ignites. To drink, wet the end of a straw, stick it down to the bottom of the glass, and drink until the flame enters the straw. Drink quickly, or the straw will melt!

As always, stay thirsty, and remember to stop, drop, and roll.

Photo from Flickr/Luiz Fernando/Sonia Maria



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These mules are not in Moscow.

To the thirstiest of our friends, never fear. Drinking with Bwog has returned—with a Russian accent! Read on as the Columbia Bartending Agency’s Slavic enthusiast Nick Miyares teaches you how to get your drink on with a Eurasian twist.

Although not among the stiffer drinks, the Moscow Mule still gets the job done—don’t mistake the deceptively great taste for a weak drink. Plus, it was super popular in Berlin when I was there over Spring Break, so if you want to impress your Euro friends, this is the drink to do it! And if you order a Moscow Mule at a bar, try to get some cucumbers added to the drink. They mix well, taste great with the ginger beer, and are fun to eat.


1.5 oz vodka (the original used Smirnoff)

3 oz ginger beer

¼ oz lime juice

1 slice of lime

1 sprig fresh mint

2 slices of cucumber—optional, but HIGHLY recommended




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You must be this tall to ride.

It’s the first weekend back at school—time to say goodbye to spring break, meet up with your friends and try to forget about the next round of papers already due next week. Below, one of Bwog’s drinking companions, Eva Suarez, CC ’13, offers a decidedly uncomplicated drink recipe—The Sidewalk Slam—with all of its ingredients available at Crack Del. Be a Bwog drinking companion, and submit your own concoctions to


  • 1 40 oz. of Malt Liquor
  • 1 can of Red Bull


  • Drink your 40 to the label (or slightly more, depending on how sweet you want it), and slowly pour in the red bull.

A note on ingredients: This recipe is definitely open to interpretation, but I will offer some hints, as it doesn’t share its name with a wrestling move for no reason. As far as 40’s go, malt liquor is key. The Wu-Tang clan may have told you to drink St. Ide’s and Lando Calrissian might have told you to have Colt 45, but I personally enjoy the smooth taste of Country Club. As for the red bull, any type of energy drink will do in a pinch, but I’ve found other varieties to be too sweet. You can also use an alcoholic energy drink like Sparks or Joose, but that will take some experimenting with ratios.

Stay safe out there kids, and remember, classiness is relative.

Photo via WikiMedia Commons.



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After a few unfortunate experiences with a certain caffeinated alcoholic beverage last semester, we at Bwog decided to turn over a new leaf. Our New Year’s Resolution? Keep it classy, baby. Indeed, Bwog has been sharing our appreciation of the more refined tastes of the Columbia culinary community for quite a while now. Today, however, we begin our journey into uncharted territory—the world of mixology. Join us as we explore fancy drinks with the Columbia Bartending Agency in our new weekly feature! This week, the CBA’s Managing Director David Shiovitz introduces us to the Peanut Butter and Jelly:

One of the first drinks I fell in love with is the Peanut Butter and Jelly.  The liquid form of the childhood favorite sandwich, this drink has all of the grown up sophistication of your typical cocktail, without the sticky mouth result.  This drink can be served shaken on the rocks (one of the CBA staff favorites), as a martini, or scaled down to a shot.


¾ oz Vodka

¾ oz Amaretto

¾ oz Frangelico

¾ oz Chambord

3-4 oz Cranberry Juice (to fill cocktail)


Shake ingredients on ice.  For martini, strain into a chilled class.  For the shot form, use ¼ oz of each liquor and ½ oz cranberry and strain into a shot glass.

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