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Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism XI coverThe Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, which publishes student writing twice a year and holds debates and seminars, is looking for editors. They sent Bwog the presser below (emphasis added by Bwog).

We are currently seeking to appoint associate and senior editors. Senior and associate editors will read submissions to help determine which will be published in the journal, and subsequently edit those submissions. Editors are encouraged to submit articles themselves, conduct interviews, make suggestions for the journal and help plan events.

We are also seeking to appoint a design editor who will help redesign the journal’s layout, format the journal using Adobe InDesign, and communicate with the printers.

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rose glass

We prefer to look at the future through a couple of rosé-colored glasses

Need a job? Take heart, because your search just got easier. Governor Cuomo has launched a new website to help those on the hunt for employment. (Observer)

Including Columbia, a grand total of 15 hopeful universities have submitted proposals for new engineering campuses to Mayor Bloomberg. “All of the submissions were stronger than anything we could have possibly imagined,” he commented giddily. (Bloomberg)

The Mets, tired of losing all the time always, have found the source of their problems: their ballpark is obviously way too big. They seem to believe that once Citi Field is shortened, they will be able to hit more home runs than their opponents will. (NYTimes)

And who says the economy isn’t recovering? Remember when you guys spent all that money on costumes and candy last weekend? Well it looks like Americans spent almost $7 billion on Halloween this year, including $300 million on pet costumes. (Atlantic)

Speaking of 7 billion, yesterday our world population surpassed just that very number. Look how far we’ve come! And we still have room to grow. (Wired)

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The Government, circa 1862

In addition to telling you who are the best writers and journalists of every shape and size in the world, the J-School is now going to turn a critical eye to the workings of the American government. Columbia Journalism School announced yesterday the creation of The New York World, a publication that will “provide New York City citizens with accountability journalism about government operations that affect their lives.”

Accountability journalism is a set of journalistic practices set forth by former Washington bureau chief of AP, Ron Fournier. These disregard some of the fundamental tenets of journalistic ethics, such as commitment to evenly report on all sides of an issue, and instead call for reporters to write what they believe to be the truth behind, say, a politician’s statement, presenting a nuanced opinion instead of taking it at face value.

New York World will be a website that allows citizens to see, among other things, how tax dollars are spent and how services are allotted in the city; it also promises to be a news service for local news agencies, providing them with city data and other information.

The publication is currently hiring recent J-School grads to work alongside faculty and current students on the project. Bwog, although not above scoffing at journalism “students,” can’t help but wonder what sort of interning opportunities might arise. Undergrads need jobs too!

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Bwog knew its networking sense was tingling. It’s that time of year again… the Engineering Consortium Career Fair! Students of CC/BC/GS, take note. This is how engineers get jobs: they dress in business formal and wait in lines.



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It’s helpful to have a job when you’re a broke college student – preferably one that doesn’t require you to take the subway. To help you out on your quest for employment, we did a little legwork and found out who’s hiring in Morningside.

  • Ricky’s (114th & Bway) is looking for all positions, including stylists.
  • American Apparel (109th & Bway) wants you. Don your golden onesie!
  • Vine (116th & Bway) is looking for full- and part-time hostesses and servers with experience.
  • Pinkberry (112th & Bway) is also hiring. If you make a good first impression, the manager might hire you on the spot.
  • Campo (114th & Bway) isn’t actively hiring right now, but we’re told that they will be within the next couple of weeks.
  • Amsterdam Restaurant (119th & Amsterdam) will be hiring within the next two months.
  • Book Culture (112th b/w Bway and Amsterdam) is apparently pretty full, but send your resume to and you could get lucky.
  • Community (113th & Bway) isn’t hiring right this second, but they tell us that the restaurant business changes from moment to moment, so you should probably drop off your resume and application anyway.
  • Amir’s (113th & Broadway) is hiring cashiers. It rhymes!
  • Kitchenette (123rd & Amsterdam), Deluxe (113th & Bway), Le Monde (112th & Bway) and Vareli (112th & Bway) aren’t actively hiring, but applications are welcome.



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The Blue and White is in the market for a new publisher, who would begin in February and hold the position until January 2011.

Applicants should ideally have some experience in production, sales, advertising (both Internet and print), or PR (whether via an internship or working with campus publication/creative production/student group), but we’ll be considering anyone with an enthusiasm for the magazine.

The publisher is in charge of everything business- and publicity- related, which includes but is not limited to: soliciting ads on a monthly (and longer-term) basis; handling requests for subscriptions; working with our printer/ABC; brainstorming fund-raising opportunities; planning events; sitting atop the masthead; and glad-handing the staff (pictured above) during our monthly parties.

Interested parties should e-mail a short note detailing their background and interest in the position before January 31. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail this address as well.



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For all you forward-looking seniors- the Center for Career Education is extending an invitation to “launch the academic year and your job search” at their first career fair of the semester. It runs until 12 today in Low Library. (So Days on Campus isn’t the only time you’re allowed up there after all…)

According to the CCE website, the event will provide networking opportunities with Columbia alumni in a variety of fields. Will it provide breakfast as well?

Dress code is “business formal,” but underclassmen need not iron their slacks just yet- the event is open only to CC, SEAS, and GS seniors, along with this year’s graduating students in GSAS and the Schools of Architecture, the Arts, and Continuing Education.

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img May 26, 200912:55 pmimg 40 Comments

Hey, recent graduates, still having trouble finding a job? You’re not alone. This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, CC ’09’s Emma Jacobs got four minutes to tell the nation about her struggles finding a job.

The big problem, according to Jacobs, is her major: “A history major like me doesn’t come with many specialized skills besides research. These days, it’s difficult to convince people to take a chance on an entry-level hire,” especially when the competition has “master’s degrees and years of work experience.”  

She admits that the process, including getting three rejections in one week, has been frustrating. “I’m not questioning my abilities,” she says, “but I have been questioning my choices, knowing students with engineering degrees are still finding jobs. And many of the positions I am equipped to fill are disappearing.” Score one for SEAS.



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Those planning to watch the NCAA Championship game tonight would be well advised to do so at Village Pourhouse. If you RSVP to,you’ll get access to an open bar for the first hour of the game. Bud Light, mixed drinks, and Monday-night drunkenness. Delightful. 

Your other non-Butler option tonight is the Not-for-Profits Employer Connection Night. The event starts at 7 PM and will take place on the lower level of EC. Mock interview and resume review fun awaits.

A weighty choice now lies before you: beer or employment?   

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College students have known for some time in the pit our of collective stomach that getting a job after graduation would be tough for the class of ’09. But today Time confirmed our fears with a comprehensive survey of hiring changes in many industries and, as the author puts it, it’s looking “grimmer than ever.”


According to the article, even grimmer than earlier this year; many companies surveyed reported a significant change in the number of hires now compared to October. But most just reported a plain, simple, and steep decline in the number of 2009 grads they would be hiring compared to last year.

Big surprise – the loss of 71% of the expected job openings in the finance is the highest of any industry. High losses were also found in “professional services,” including accounting and engineering. Shockingly, the government is hiring! And it’s pretty much the only employer with an increase in job openings from previous years.

Of course, schools are scrambling to find jobs for their graduates through alumni networking, widely seen as one of the only ways to beat the bear market. That’s two reasons to send your resume to Washington, kids. If you need a third, Time predicts that many seniors who don’t snag a job will end up working at Starbucks after graduation. People will always need caffeine.



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Two free food opportunities tonight, giving you the chance to both fill your stomach and get a job. In Earl Hall at 7, SGB, the Center for Career Education, and the Barnard Office of Career Development are hosting a “Civic Engagement Networking Night,” with free food for attendees. Confirmed employers include Habitat for Humanity, the New York Attorney General’s Office, and Teach for America, and Bwog’s been told that there’ll be alumni such as former CCSC and Dems head Seth Flaxman, CC ’07. And speaking of CCSC, the first of two final info sessions for potential candidates will be held at 8 in the Lerner 5th Floor Club Space.

For those with a different career path in mind, Club Zamana is hosting an “Alternative Career Fair” in the Satow Room, also at 7. Careers discussed include “Arts and Entertainment, Business Strategy and Development, Culinary Arts, and Advocacy and Non-Profit,” and, more importantly, “refreshments will be served.”

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