On College Walk: Outreach, Rain

If you’re wondering why you woke up today to Beyonce and LMFAO, it’s ’cause CCO was getting ready to fix New York City. They’re at it now!

Even rain cannot dampen the powerful thumping of Nicki Minaj

Early Birding

Before her official classes begin, Hawkmadinebwog editor Courtney Douds spends the morning with an informal assembly of birders in Central Park.

Every Tuesday morning in September and October this year Richard Lieberman will lead birders through the Ramble of Central Park for the Linnaean Society of New York in search of warblers, raptors, waders, thrushes, and the many other birds that can be found in Central Park during the fall migration. Putting in my newly acquired contacts was not quite the best part of waking up, and the extra time needed to put in my eyes made me late for the 7:30 meetup at 72nd Street and Central Park West. However, it was easy to find the group of mostly 60 and up folks bunched together, necks craned back, staring at the trees with binoculars. They had moved about 20 feet in the ten minutes I had missed, and had found the first bird of the day, a female ruby-throated hummingbird.

I caught a glimpse of a broad-winged bird flapping across the nearby water and in my wishful thinking announced that I had seen a raptor, probably a red-tail. Another member of the group thought it was a night heron, and as we rounded the corner to Willow Rock, my amateur status was confirmed as we saw a lovely immature black-crowned night heron perched in the eponymous willow.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

There’s nothing like a Saturday morning trad to get your weekend off right.  Wrap up in your comforter and scroll down for a smattering of cartoons from this week – Enjoy!


“I’m nothing, and yet I’m all I can think about.”

By William Hamilton from The New Yorker


Saturday Morning Cartoons

Another dreary Saturday morning in November brings you another cheerful edition of Saturday morning cartoons – this time in bigger and more legible font! Enjoy!



“I love just hanging out in my favorite chair.”

By Edward Koren from The New Yorker


Saturday Morning Cartoons

For some Sunday morning is a sacred time. For Columbia scholars, however, leisurely  brunches and other holier Sunday morning traditions are often sullied by Saturday night’s hangover and Monday’s looming deadlines.  But, remember it’s only Saturday and today must borrow nothing of tomorrow!

So this drizzly November morning, Bwog offers a spread of cartoons to give your day a sunnier start.  Everyone fondly remembers the matinal hours spent with the Animaniacs and Pepper Ann, and so does Bwog, but today we spotlight grown-up cartoons.  Today’s cartoons are inspired by the election and require a more liberal sense of humor – enjoy!


 “I know it’s just a political buzzword, but the idea of change really resonates with me.”

By Christopher Weyant from The New Yorker


Breakfast of Champions

Whether you plan on going to the Big Game or not, Bwog recommends taking advantage of the pre-homecoming breakfast taking place in the EC 2nd floor lounge this morning at 11:00.   

It’s free! School spirit not required.

Good Morning, Mr. President

Bwog staffer Alec Turnbull, like the rest of the media, got up way too early this morning.

The vans pulled up early, far before sunrise. By the time I’d made it out to Broadway at 6am, all the morning news stations had staked out a corner spot and were broadcasting. Their antennae interfered with doorway intercoms along Broadway, turning them into little radios playing the morning news. But the vans were otherwise unobtrusive, given how much hype has been built up around the event. I soon discovered why reporters decided to come later: there’s almost nowhere to get decent coffee before 7. The few interns I saw were at a loss. “It’s going to be a long day,” one said.

A few minutes later, walking through the gates on 116th, a campus security guard told me the same thing. When asked about getting onto campus later today, he seemed as out of the loop as anyone, and the details of how they’ll deal with crowds of people flashing CUIDs are unclear.

Amsterdam was surprisingly quiet, with the usual crowd of hospital workers and food-cart venders, and will probably be the best place to escape from today’s events. Meanwhile, Broadway is lined with barricades, and the numbers of media vans and police are only going to increase. But if you want to be on national news, swing by. Fox News was out before sunrise interviewing anyone they could find on the street and is sure to be there all day. They asked me, but I still hadn’t had my coffee.

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