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Maybe if they held the Forum on the lawn everyone would get along?

Maybe if they held the Forum on the lawn everyone would get along?

The University Senate will present their proposed revisions to the Rules of University Conduct, which govern free speech and protest on campus, in an Open Forum today from 4:00-6:00PM in Havemeyer 309. Today marks the last opportunity for members of the community to voice their concerns regarding the proposal before it is voted upon by the entire University Senate. Anyone with a CUID is welcome to attend and registration is not required.

Detailed below is an email from university senator Jared Odessky that includes highlights of the current draft’s proposed revisions, as well as a link to the Rules Committee’s full proposal:

For the first time in decades, the rules governing free speech and protest on campus are being revised by the University Senate. The Rules of University Conduct are designed to protect the rights of free expression while at the same time ensuring the continued functioning of the University and the protection of the rights of those who may be affected by such demonstrations.

The Rules Committee will present its proposal to the Columbia community at a University Forum TOMORROW, April 17 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Havemeyer Hall, Room 309. This is the last chance for public input about the Rules before the proposal moves to the full University Senate for a vote.

The current draft’s proposed revisions include:

  • A new procedure which replaces an external hearing judged by an independent arbiter with an internal University hearing.
  • Students accused of violating the Rules will be heard by the 5-person University Judicial Board (UJB) and appeals will be heard by a panel of three Deans.
  • When the UJB determines that a student has violated the Rules, sanctions will be issued by an administrative Sanctioning Officer appointed by the Provost.
  • Several additional potential sanctions have been added, including community service and revocation of degree.

The Rules Committee’s full proposal is available here.

We encourage you to voice your thoughts and concerns either by coming out to the town hall or by contacting us directly.

Get up-to-date with all things regarding the Rules of University Conduct here. For those unable to attend, follow along with us on Twitter as we live-tweet the Open Forum.



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to pass/fail or not to pass/fail

to pass/fail or not to pass/fail

If you didn’t do so hot on your midterm and are looking to not damage you GPA any further, think about taking the pass/fail option. Although, think about it fast because today is the deadline to declare P/D/F for CC, BC, GS, and SEAS! It might relieve some stress knowing an A and a C are considered the same…

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cu fight for 15Tonight on campus there will be a teach-in to get students to mobilize for the Fight for 15, a national movement of fast-food and other low-wage workers calling for their right to unionize and to earn $15/hour. The teach-in is in preparation for the planned National Day of Action on April 15th.

Tonight, Professor Matthew Vaz will be speaking, along with some adjunct professors and fast-food workers. The teach-in aims to raise awareness about the importance of this movement and to educate college students on why and how to get involved.

The teach-in is tonight from 7:30 to 8:30 at Room 136 in the Thompson Building at Teacher’s College. Pizza will be provided. You can check out the Facebook event here for more information.

Image via CU Fight for 15 Facebook page



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The snow is the cold death of overscheduling; the sun, the hope of dropping that last class

The snow is the cold death of over-scheduling; the sun, the hope of dropping that last class

Towards the end of the winter, the world looks bleak. The summer sun have been reduced to distant memory, there is no Christmas spirit left to sustain us, and even Valentine’s Day (definitely more of a mixed bag) has passed. In this context, that midterm failed seems an insurmountable obstacle, those essays looming a portent of doom.

Let Bwog offer a last little bit of hope to help bring you to the Spring. Drop that class, and today. For those of us in CC, Barnard, or GS, tomorrow, February 24th is your last opportunity to drop a class within the deadline. No more will one course define your life.

If you are interested in dropping, information is available depending on your school, whether it be CC, GS, or Barnard.

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Probably shouldn't choose an 8:40 class....

Probably shouldn’t choose an 8:40 class….

If you have spent the last two weeks shopping classes, today is the day to settle, and choose your official spring 2015 course load. Tomorrow, January 30th, is the last day to receive advisor approval on your program, for both Columbia and Barnard students. So, weigh the pros and cons of all your classes, and decide which ones are the keepers.




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Head over to Diana this afternoon

This afternoon President Spar will host Barnard College’s first community forum on the potential implementation of a transgender admission policy. In response to the call from students for a transgender policy, President Spar announced this past December a series of community forums to address the issue. The first forum will be held this afternoon at 4:15 pm in the Event Oval in the Diana Center (LL1). The forum is open only to current and former Barnard students as a BC ID is required for admission. President Spar also requested the event be closed to “press or external communities,” and recordings or photographs of the forum are prohibited.

In regards to the event being solely open to the Barnard community, Dean Avis Hinkson addressed the restriction in an email to Barnard students this morning, saying, “The forums are only open to members of the Barnard community because this is a pivotal moment in terms of how we define ourselves. We want to be sure that any policy decision is based on our collective voice.”

Several more forums will be held this semester to cater to different audiences beyond just students and alumni, including faculty, staff, and parents. The goal of the forums is to allow for members of the Barnard community to openly share their thoughts on the implementation of a transgender admission policy before any actual implementation takes place.  Admission for transgender students to the college is currently reviewed individually for each applicant, and this new policy would do away with admissions’ current approach.

In addition to the forums, Barnard also offers an online form for all members of the Columbia community to share their thoughts on the potential policy.

Read President Spar’s email about the forums here.



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Housing that doesn’t remind you of a prison!

Are you a freshman or sophomore who is into Jazz Music or sustainability (or some other “special interest”)? Want to live in the same dorm as Kerouac (or maybe just a nice brownstone)? Want to avoid the drama of the housing lottery and live with a bunch of other people who have similar passions as you do (and maybe find some sense of community at Columbia)? Applications to live in a Special Interest Community next year are due this Sunday, January 25th.

You can check out the different SICs here, and you can go here to look into the application process.



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SO many types of houses!

SO many types of houses!

Is your roommate messy/obnoxious/ inconsiderate/a serial killer? Well today might be your last chance to get the hell out of there make other living arrangements for next semester.  The priority deadline for SIC spring housing is today, so get those apps in!

Information about the applications can be found here; just don’t pay attention to the dates behind the curtain (or the dates on this page, for that matter).

Of course, if you love/can tolerate your roommate but still want to experience the SIC life next fall, you have until January 25 to apply.

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Much like your ID, but more helpful.

Much like your ID, but more helpful.

Stickers with phone numbers for the Rape Crisis Center and Psychological Services, intended for the back of CUIDs, will be available today in Lerner from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

These stickers are the result of efforts made by Lauren Cardenas, SEAS’16, and the SIC Community Health House. Realizing that mental health facilities and rape crisis resources were not included among the emergency information on the back of student IDs, Lauren has been working since this summer with the Community Health House to organize the order of stickers.

Fitting perfectly on the back of ID cards, there are plenty of stickers available; Res Life has funded the order for 8,000 stickers, which fit on the blank space on the back of the IDs.

Plans are in place to distribute the stickers through CPS, Kent, and Go Ask Alice!, but in the meantime they are available at the Community Health House and at events like today’s. Stickers were also distributed to RAs on Tuesday.

While currently available only to students with a CUID, the stickers should eventually be printed with Barnard numbers and for GS students. The ultimate goal of Lauren and the Community Health House is to have these numbers printed on the backs of IDs for future classes.



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EAAH's new flyer

EAAH’s new flyer

Come help kick off Everyone Allied Against Homophobia’s new flyering campaign! People will be meeting in the Stephen Donaldson Lounge (in the basement of Furnald) at 8 pm tonight, and from there they will be distributing flyers to every dorm room on campus.

According to the board of Everyone Allied Against Homophobia, the goal of the new campaign is to continue to challenge and push past barriers:

This year, we’ve thought a lot about what it means to declare that a space is a safe space as well as the kind of work that it takes to put up a little flyer in your window. As a result, we hope our flyer will be a little more challenging than in years past. Rather than ending with someone choosing to put up the flyer in their room or not, we hope to spark a conversation about whose concerns safe spaces address and whose they ignore. We hope people who see the flyer will think about how, at least, we can help each other be a little kinder, a little more thoughtful, if we can’t just solve oppression in one night.

You can also read more about the event here, and you can check out Everyone Allied Against Homophobia’s Facebook page here.

Image via EAAH’s Pink Flyering Campaign Facebook Event



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Much Blue, Such Barnard

In honor of Barnard’s 125th anniversary, the Empire State Building’s glowing color of choice this evening will be Barnard Blue. We anticipate students will be flocking to find a good view on a high floor of glassy NoCo, squinting really hard on the Amsterdam bridge to East Campus, or calling up their friend-of-a-friend that has an upscale apartment with roof access on the Upper East Side.

Sunset is at 6:30 pm, so secure your viewing spot and blow up social media with uploads and the corresponding #barnard125 hashtag. Happy quasquicentennial, Barnard – bets on if we’ll see a heroic King Kong-esque conquering of the Empire State by Millie the Dancing Bear?

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Please send help I am confused how my body ended up like this it is not natural

The Wellness House and Metta House are having an afternoon of free yoga and smoothies!! Come to Lerner C555 between 4:30 and 5:30 to get in shape and stay in shape with yummy smoothies and recipes for easy, quick DIY ones that are probably ten times better and less expensive than the ones at 212. Yogis of all levels are welcome.

Show up in your favorite yoga attire and make sure to bring your own mat. Supplies are limited.



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no flex zone!

The Reigning Champions

Interested in getting wet and wild with some frat boys? (#college) Listen up.

Tonight, Sunday Sep. 28th. 9:30PM–11:30PM. Uris Pool in Dodge. $5 admission.

Here’s a description from the Facebook event:

Come many, come all to Delta Gamma at Columbia University’s third annual ANCHOR SPLASH.

Watch as the gentlemen of your favorite fraternities duke it out for the title of Anchor Splash Champions. Witness our first ever CANNONBALL COMPETITION. Be there to see who will dominate the SWIM RACES. And get your cameras ready for the ever hilarious DANCE COMPETITION.

Thursday September 25 – Saturday September 27, 2:00-6:00PM: COIN WARS on Lerner Ramps… Add coins to your favorite team’s jars to give them points, add cash to their opponents to take away points!

Sunday September 28 – The Main Event!
Admissions = $5 at the door.
Sponsored by Insomnia Cookies, Mel’s Burger Bar, Joe Coffee, Toast, Dig Inn, and more.

All of the proceeds will benefit Service for Sight!! So, let’s get together, have some fun, and DO GOOD.

Photo courtesy of Anchor Splash 2K14 Facebook event.



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Time to get crafty

Time to get crafty

If you haven’t heard, Columbia has a new policy when it comes to getting locked out of your room. According to those Columbia emails that you don’t read, “residents are granted one complimentary key assist and one complimentary proxy escort per semester.”

A key assist is when a faculty worker comes to open your door, and a proxy escort occurs when you authorize housing (by emailing them from your Columbia email address) to let someone else into your room. As for key loans, “each resident is granted three complimentary key loans” for the semester.

After locking yourself out three times you will incur a $50 charge. Additional proxy escorts and key assists have a $20 charge. For other questions, read the Guide to Living.



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What it says on the tin. When you need that study break tonight, the Columbia University Marching Band’s got you covered, as they do every semester. Orgo Night, Butler 209, 11:59 pm. Go groan at the lame jokes and tweet the good ones so we don’t have to. Snag a spot early.

And as always, accompanying Orgo Night is Barnard’s Midnight Breakfast: Breakfast in Wonderland. The lineup goes like: BC First-Years @ 11pm; All of BC @ 11:30pm; CU @ 12am, and the whole shindig is in the LeFrak Gymnasium.

Go to one, go to the other, go to both. Take a break. Laugh a little/eat a little. You deserve it.

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