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High maintenance and high-key seductive

High maintenance and high-key seductive

We all know the real reason that Lerner has increased the price of key replacements to a whopping $50, but here’s the official statement from Jose Rosa, Director of Operations of the Transportation Office:

Prior to this increase, the key replacement fee had not changed for more than 10 years, during which time the actual cost to replace a lock and key began to far exceed the fee charged to students. The process to replace keys involves purchasing new keys and locks, and the labor to make and install them. The current key replacement fee of $50, while still below the actual replacement costs, was driven by these associated costs and is now in line with other University lost key fees.

While this all seems very rational and financially sensible, it’s still a fairly shocking jump in price point, so we suggest making copies of your key, sleeping with it around your neck, or throwing it in the trash just to make a statement about your abundance of disposable income/disdain for the administration (Could this be a new addition to the St. A’s initiation ceremony?). And considering the actual factors driving the price hike, you might want to get an off-campus P.O. box and protect your personal information.

And even if it does make sense from a fiscal point of view—it’s still true that the University might be planning to phase out mailboxes. So what’s the point, really, of this, or by extension, anything? And why is Bwog covering this so intensely?



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How can you say no to that face?

How can you say no to that face?

Performers, designers, type-A personalities, lend me your ears—because you just might be interested in the ongoing auditions for the Varsity Show. Whether you want to act, design costumes, or claim your rightful place as “snack captain”, there’s probably something that interests you, so get ready to dazzle the creative team with your joie de vivre, quick retorts, and surprisingly enough, real and tangible skill! The final two audition/interview dates will be:

Monday, November 23 (today!)
8 to 11 pm in Hamilton Hall

Tuesday, November 24
8 to 11 pm in Hamilton Hall

There is no designated room; signs in the lobby will guide any participants to a holding room before the actual audition or interview.

Actors who audition are expected to prepare 32 bars or a minute of a song in the style of musical theater, while interviewees will, kind of obviously, go through an interview. No one is expected to stay the length of the entire audition period, so this won’t interrupt your frantic study schedule for Gen Chem or that Tinder date you set up before you knew how momentous these nights would be. Basically, you have nothing to lose, and the opportunity to be “part of a truly unique, original process” (hmmm) so why not?

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Grab your friends and go to this event!

Grab your friends and Go to this event!

If you’re reading this, it’s too late… to attend the first session of Barnard Personal Librarians’ “Grab and Go” sessions in the Diana center. Thankfully, the amazing Barnlib queens will be available today (the 17th), tomorrow (the 18th), and Friday (the 20th) in the Diana Center Cafe (second floor) to answer any questions you may have about the library, its resources, or your final paper (you’ve started working on that, right?). These sessions will last from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

If you can’t make it to any of these time slots (we get it, you’re busy), never fear: the librarians will also be meeting in the Diana Center Lobby from 11:30 am to 1 pm, November 30 to December 4, to give out even more words of wisdom–and, if you’re lucky, some Barnlib merch! With a slice of pizza in one hand and your research papers in the other, you can conquer the world.

Cute Flyer via BLAIS



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With veiled contempt.

Still surprised they can do this.

Bwog has received tips from multiple RAs confirming updated RA procedures for investigating incidents of the use of marijuana in dorms:

  • If an RA smells marijuana from a dorm room, they will initially knock on the door and, if the resident answers, the RA will write up the incident as usual.
  • If nobody answers, however, the RA is now required to contact public safety as well as a Residential Life Associate Director.
  • Public safety will then enter your room and search the premises.

Although a similar policy seems to have been enacted in the past, the new procedures seem to cut out confirmation by a second RA and require the RA notify an Associate Director.

Although such procedures are not explicitly outlined in Housing Policies or Terms & Conditions, the Drug Policy Violations section of Housing’s Policies states:

Residential Life and Judicial Affairs works closely with Public Safety to ensure appropriate follow-up of campus incidents involving drugs.

Furthermore, under the Compliance section of Housing’s Policies such actions seem to be justified:

Students are required to comply with the legitimate request of a University official exercising his or her duty.

And, as always, the Inspection section of Housing’s Terms & Conditions states:

The University reserves the right to enter an assigned space for reasons of health, safety, or emergency with or without the occupant’s permission

So remember, kids, public safety can and will enter your room, prompting a search for illicit substances. Our advice from 2013 still rings true: hide yo’ bong, hide yo’ stash, ’cause they invadin’ everybody up in here.



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...pretty much.

…pretty much.

Barnard College’s plethora of unique traditions (who else stuffed themselves to the gills at Big Sub, be honest) are always something to look forward to. Even though the college is undergoing some huge changes right now (RIP BarnLib) and some less-huge changes (the Magnolia is only moving a 10-second walk away, you can relax), its famous and infamous rituals are going nowhere, thanks to the McIntosh Activities Council’s hard work.

All you hungry boys and girls need not worry–Barnard’s annual Midnight Breakfast, a finals- time tradition, will still go on though its former venue is now full of dust, books, and (hopefully not) small rodents. The new location of Midnight Breakfast is Barnard’s very own Lehman Hall, where students are invited to nosh on their favorite breakfast treats at midnight on Wednesday, December 16. We love you, McAC!

Get there early and steal all the good stuff. Ok, maybe leave us a pancake or two…

Real Photo Evidence Of Us Eating Pancakes via Shutterstock




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It truly is the writing on the wall...

It truly is the writing on the wall…

Do you like needles? How about not catching the flu? If one (or both) sound appealing to you, swing by the Broadway Room in Lerner any time from 12 to 4 pm TODAY for a flu shot. The best part? The stabbings are free of charge! Enjoy your new status as a flu-resistant superhero and save the 10 bucks for a Sweetgreen salad (we know you want to). Make sure to bring your University ID card!

If you can’t make it to Lerner today (like you have anything better to do, ha), schedule an appointment to get a shot with CU Medical Services online or call (212) 854-7426 ASAP.

Happy shots season, and as the CU medical center said re: the “Flu Shot Fair”: “help us spread the word, not the flu.” Deep.

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Hint: send one to Bwog, or we'll be blowing up your phone for days. You'll get tired of that hotline bling.

Hint: send one to Bwog, or we’ll be blowing up your phone for days. You’ll get tired of that hotline bling.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2013, you know Bwog has a special affinity for Aubrey Graham aka Drizzy aka Champagne Papi aka Drake. We relate to his vulnerability and stuff, but mostly we love dancing like fiends to his hot, hot beats.

As the superfans will tell you, this Saturday is a very special day: on October 24, Drake will turn 29. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the Bacchanal crew will be selling Drake Candy Grams on the Lerner Ramps. If you come through between October 20 and October 22, you can purchase grams (one for three dollars, four for ten dollars) that will then be delivered on the eve of Drizzy’s birthday (this Friday night). The grams are printed with a Drake lyric of your choice and come with a piece of candy–is there any better way to relieve mid-October blues?

Send one to your partner, your partner-in-crime, your dog, your academic advisor, your ex (no, don’t do that, please)… actually, forget all that and just send one to Bwog. We’ll be waiting.

If for some reason you don’t have any special someones to blow up your zone with Drake Grams, join us in spending the night crying into your McDonald’s (allegedly Drake’s favorite food according to dubious online sources) and watching the new Hotline Bling music video on loop. There are worse ways to spend a night…

Drake Collage via Bacchanal



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Conversations within conversations

Conversations within conversations

Hey, Barnard student! You’re invited to “Complexity of Gender: How does gender show up in the classroom?”, a student-led event (first in a series) meant to create dialogue between students and faculty on gender in our classrooms and learning spaces. The event will feature an introduction to relevant terminology, small group discussions between students and faculty, and a focus on intersectionality.

Whether you’re already a pro, eager to school your peers and professors, or a wide-eyed dilettante new to the world of gender/sex/sexuality, prepare yourself for (possibly) fruitful conversation and best of all, free dinner. The conversation will take place at the Diana Event Oval from 6:30 to 8:00 pm; it is not necessary to RSVP, although it will make it easier to order dinner.

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She gives up, and so can you!

She gives up, and so can you!

It’s here. Your academic advisor’s least favorite day of the year: the Drop Deadline. Today’s the hard deadline to drop a class, so start composing those frantic emails to your dean that will inevitably be met with a kind but firm reply of “No, sorry, you can’t drop all your classes except Strength Training and just be my personal slave for the semester to make up the credits. Nice try.”

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to be considered full-time (a must unless you have approval from your dean), so make sure your schedule measures up before you fill out that drop form (available at the Registrar’s office). Turn the form in to the Registrar today, and say buh-bye to Lecture From Hell or Too-Nutty Professor.

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As close to a rager as you'll get on a Monday night

As close to a rager as you’ll get on a Monday night

Clear your social calendars, because Barnard’s Library Paint Night is here! Channel your more foolhardy, artistic, and sensitive past self (pre-Columbia/Barnard) by picking up a brush and leaving your mark on campus. There will be three designated walls on the second floor of the library for you to explore your talents, so get ready and dress for the occasion (smocks, if you are the type of person who has one on hand). Expect snacks, hot beverages, and pretty cool iron-on patches (in exchange for a handwritten memory about the library), as well as a groovy time. The event lasts from 6 to 8 pm and will take place in Lehman Hall today.

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To dunk or not to dunk, tat is the question.

To dunk or not to dunk, that is the question.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–National Coffee Day! Whether you’re a bleary-eyed freshman pulling your first all-nighter to cram for this week’s Gen Chem exam or a longtime caffeine junkie hooked up to a constant IV of espresso, you can take advantage of CU Dining’s special event going on all day: with the purchase of any baked good at Uris, Carlton, Lenfest, Dodge, Butler, or Cafe 212, you’ll get a free (free!) drip coffee. Indulge in a muffin or cookie and pick up your free drink before the wild masses descend during prime studying hours.

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This could be you (if you're lucky)!

This could be you (if you’re lucky)!

Ever had the urge to mercilessly roast the Columbia community? Have big dreams of one day achieving a level of self-deprecating humor comparable to ours at Bwog? Did you read Aziz Ansari’s new book and think “psh. I can write better jokes than this clown” (keep dreaming, kiddo)? Swing by the 122nd Annual Varsity Show Creative Team interviews, held in Hamilton Hall September 28 to 30 from 8 to 11 pm each night.

The Varsity Show is a student-created musical that satirizes aspects of life at Columbia (in one year’s show, a Barnard student named Millie agonizes over crossing 110th street and breaking out of the Columbia bubble), and the team is looking for a director, choreographer, producers, and a host of other roles you can play if you’d prefer not to step into the limelight as an actor just yet.

Positions available include:

  • Director: In control of the overall creative vision of the show
  • Producer(s): Oversees the entire production, acts as liaisons to the University and the rest of the Varsity Show team, creates budget and handles all logistics and planning
  • Writer(s): Responsible for all the written scenes in the musical
  • Composer: Responsible for writing the music for the show, orchestrating the work for the pit musicians and possibly teaching the music and conducting the orchestra for the show.
  • Lyricist: Writes the words that accompany the music
  • Choreographer: Responsible for the direction of all the movement set to music
  • Art Director: Maintains the artistic vision of the show, leads the building of the set and acts as the head of the design team

If you like to make fun of everyone around you, you are probably a jerk. But, if you like to make fun of everyone around you and yourself, you are probably a good candidate for the V122 Creative Team (and ready to be compared to Aziz Ansari)!

Contact, check out the Varsity Show website, or this Facebook event for more information and make Aziz (and Momma Bwog) proud!

Director with amazing facial hair via Shutterstock



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Swipes addresses food insecurity.

Swipes addresses food insecurity

As part of an initiative to address food insecurity on campus, CCSC, administrators, FLIP, and other partners have worked together to launch Swipes, a mobile app meant to make meal-sharing easier. The app connects students who need to access dining halls with students who are nearby and can swipe them in, in a setup similar to Uber. You can currently download it for iOS and Android, or learn more about the program.

The other prongs of the initiative include an Emergency Meal Fund and revamped financial aid.

Fun n aesthetically pleasing graphic via Swipes Facebook Page



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While casually checking our courses on SSOL/my.barnard tonight, we came across a startling change to one of our courses this fall. The professor for the Freedom of Speech and Press course (famously taught each fall by PrezBo) has been changed to Anita Dwyer. To confirm, we also found that the CU Directory of Courses also lists Dwyer as the instructor for the course.


Where’d you go, PrezBo?!

PrezBo’s class routinely reaches capacity each fall with PoliSci majors and other Columbia students who just want to experience our fearless leader in the role of professor. However, we’re concerned why this instructor change has occurred. Students in the course have not been notified of any change of instructor. They have only received an email from the Political Science Department’s Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Howe announcing this Wednesday’s class is cancelled.

We have reached out for comment on the change in instructor for the course. However, if this change is true, we sure won’t be taking the class anymore if it means we won’t be able to see PrezBo twice a week.

Update, 9/8/15: We have received a response from Betty Howe confirming that PrezBo will be teaching the Freedom of Speech and Press course this semester. Anita Dwyer has been added as the professor for the course to avoid PrezBo getting copied on emails sent to students via Courseworks. So, rest assured—PrezBo will be teaching this semester.



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Maybe if they held the Forum on the lawn everyone would get along?

Maybe if they held the Forum on the lawn everyone would get along?

The University Senate will present their proposed revisions to the Rules of University Conduct, which govern free speech and protest on campus, in an Open Forum today from 4:00-6:00PM in Havemeyer 309. Today marks the last opportunity for members of the community to voice their concerns regarding the proposal before it is voted upon by the entire University Senate. Anyone with a CUID is welcome to attend and registration is not required.

Detailed below is an email from university senator Jared Odessky that includes highlights of the current draft’s proposed revisions, as well as a link to the Rules Committee’s full proposal:

For the first time in decades, the rules governing free speech and protest on campus are being revised by the University Senate. The Rules of University Conduct are designed to protect the rights of free expression while at the same time ensuring the continued functioning of the University and the protection of the rights of those who may be affected by such demonstrations.

The Rules Committee will present its proposal to the Columbia community at a University Forum TOMORROW, April 17 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Havemeyer Hall, Room 309. This is the last chance for public input about the Rules before the proposal moves to the full University Senate for a vote.

The current draft’s proposed revisions include:

  • A new procedure which replaces an external hearing judged by an independent arbiter with an internal University hearing.
  • Students accused of violating the Rules will be heard by the 5-person University Judicial Board (UJB) and appeals will be heard by a panel of three Deans.
  • When the UJB determines that a student has violated the Rules, sanctions will be issued by an administrative Sanctioning Officer appointed by the Provost.
  • Several additional potential sanctions have been added, including community service and revocation of degree.

The Rules Committee’s full proposal is available here.

We encourage you to voice your thoughts and concerns either by coming out to the town hall or by contacting us directly.

Get up-to-date with all things regarding the Rules of University Conduct here. For those unable to attend, follow along with us on Twitter as we live-tweet the Open Forum.

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