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img October 12, 20114:37 pmimg 1 Comments

FYI, October is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

In a reversal of yesterday’s free food deluge, pick up a free dessert and some hot chocolate first in the East Campus 2nd floor lounge from 5:00 to 6:00 pm, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (among other things).  Then, once you’ve filled up, head down to Times Square to participate in a special lighting ceremony at Duffy Square as part of the initiative to “Shine the Light on Domestic Violence in Times Square” at 6:45 pm.

Afterwards, if you’re craving something a little more substantive or if your thirst for change has yet to be quenched, today’s your lucky day! As part of Queer Awareness Month and Latino Heritage Month (what can we say, October’s a popular month), grab a free dinner in the basement of St. Paul’s chapel from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the QuAM+LHM Common Meal. Enjoy a complimentary meal while discussing hard hitting social issues including domestic violence within the Queer and Latino communities.

Hard hitting instrument of justice via Wikimedia Commons



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img September 28, 20119:30 amimg 1 Comments

Back in the day...

Technology ruined baseball.  And Times Square.  Or maybe that was Bloomberg and the throngs of tourists. Either way, Times Square is getting an overhaul to make it, if you can believe it, “minimalistic.” (NY Daily News)

In one of the most poorly kept secrets of all time, it’s official: Jay-Z and a small consortium of Russian billionaires are “moving the Nets to BK.” Same name, new stadium. (NYT)

Technology isn’t all that bad though; IBM and handful of other companies are planning on pumping $4 Billion research dollars into New York State. (CNET)

Your newly bought Macbook Pro is safe too! Three suspects have been arrested for snatching laptops after a joint operation with 26th Precinct and Columbia Public Safety, after thefts at Hartley, ADP, and Theta. (Spec)

Now you’ll finally be able to Tweet and update your status from the comfort of the 14th Street Subway Station with the arrival of AT&T and T-Mobile wireless. Don’t hold your breath on the remaining 271 stations; the rollout costs upwards of $200 million dollars and is expected to be completed in 2015. (Gothamist)

Retro Times Square via Wikimedia Commons



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img November 04, 20085:08 pmimg 12 Comments

Bwog received the following photos of CNN’s fancy Everyone-But-CC Party in Times Sq.  

Another shot from photojournalist Huei Ong after the jump.




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img October 29, 20081:38 pmimg 30 Comments

CNN has invited the Barnard Community to put on their most patriotic Barnard sweatshirts and join the cable station in Times Sq., as part of its Election Night Watch Party. CNN is offering the Barnard gals pretzels, (presumably non-alcoholic) warm beverages, heat lamps and topical political trivia! 

An email sent to Barnard students explains that “VIP guests will receive priority seating and be in the best spots to be panned by the camera or interviewed by a CNN anchor.  CNN asks that you wear Barnard sweatshirts, hats, and other paraphernalia so that you may be easily identified as a Barnard student.”

Plus, if these pretzels, heat lamps and shot at Eternal Television Glory are enticing to enough students, CNN will arrange for a van to collect the ladies of Barnard and deposit them at the Times Sq. location.

CNN has not invited Columbia students to the fancy outdoors bash! But you can read the full email after the jump.




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img November 06, 200712:02 pmimg 6 Comments

Bwog’s series of theological tales continues with Bwog newbie Lucy Sun’s ChurchHop of the Times Square Mega-Church.

Times Square Church holds its services in a straight-up Broadway theater—gilded, shiny, elaborate carpet and all. There is something soul-happy about a glitzy venue that flings its doors open wide to all comers. The congregation takes a loose interpretation of “Sunday best”—for some, it means ill-fitting suits, for others, cashmere sweaters. An older woman in the front row rocks an extravagant hat, while the girl in front of me wears jeans with bejeweled pockets.

As the service begins, an usher helps me to my seat while a full choir as diverse as a Columbia viewbook sings call-and-response gospel music, with a rollicking piano and drum set. The clapping of the congregation gets out of sync—some are clapping on the downbeats, some on the upbeats—some are dancing in place. A lot of people sit down before the music ends, just to chill out for a little while.

A pastor takes the pulpit, and his head is simulcast on a giant TV while he makes a bunch of announcements, which include a wedding to which the entire church is invited, and “Christmas caroling with the nursing home ministry.” As soon as those words escape the pastor’s giant simulcast mouth, it hits me—this is Organized Religion. This is what a megachurch looks like in New York City. (more…)



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img April 23, 20061:40 pmimg 2 Comments

Walking through Times Square the other day, Bwog happened upon a rather bizarre storefront: the Nicorette Stop Shop, a corporate-smelling endeavor to get 1,000,000 people to stop smoking. With gum. They’ll even pay you to do it.

Stop smoking! All the stuffed bananas and pineapples are doing it!

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