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Every August, Bwog takes a minute to reflect on the cool (and sometimes not-so-cool) places we’ve lived over the summer before we all return to Morningside Heights for the fall. Houses And Homes asks: where did you spend your time and what does home mean to you this summer? Idris O’Neill is kicking off this year’s series from the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix. If you want to showcase your own great views, send a picture and your five senses to

Where: Turtle Beach, Buck Island, off the coast of St. Croix (where I actually live)


Sound: Popcaan blasting from one of the boats, waves hitting shore, someone reminding us that we have to be offshore by 6 pm

Smell: A little bit like weed if we’re being honest and ocean, but that’s a given.

Taste: KFC I had half an hour before, Cheez-its a stranger offered to me, my first Corona (no lime), and rum of course



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lol never

In early June, the New York Times (NYT) published an article about McBain Hall’s safety violations. After citing historical failures in its building maintenance, the piece depicted Columbia as ignoring a “façade so decrepit that city inspectors have issued several violations for the risk it posed to the public.”

While this incident might initially seem aligned with Columbia’s well-publicized record of facility issues – particularly in regards to response times to residents’ most urgent needs – the situation, in reality, proves more complex. Rather than simply a willful ignorance on Columbia’s part, McBain’s current number of high-penalty violations ultimately arrived from fundamental disagreements between New York City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) and Columbia Facilities.

The DOB’s Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) is divided into five-year cycles, with each building inspected once every cycle. Cycle 7 ran from 2010-2015, while the current cycle, Cycle 8, began in 2015. During an inspection, a third-party engineer, hired by the building owner and licensed by the NYC government, classifies the building as either Safe, Safe With Repairs and Maintenance (SWARM), or Unsafe.

In Columbia’s case, the third-party engineer who inspected McBain was from FacadeMD Architects and Engineers, a firm with a record of projects including the Newark Museum to the 14th Street W and Ritz Carlton Hotels. During Cycle 7, the FacadeMD eRecngineer deemed McBain as SWARM, meaning that the façade had a few repairs that needed to be completed before Cycle 7 ended, but was otherwise safe.

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Add to the list: take a coordinated jumping photo on Low Steps

Hey, new first years! Yeah, you! In just a few weeks, you’re going to embark on one of the greatest, sweatiest, and cringiest experiences of your whole college career: NSOP. In order to make this experience the Best Ever, a few of us old timers here at Bwog have compiled an NSOP bucketlist (based on our own experiences) to make sure you get the most out of this wild week. 

  • Get a fake ID
  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge
  • Get into a bar with an ID that isn’t yours
  • Go to a Carman party
  • Go to the Museum of Sex
  • Do a photoshoot in your Carman room
  • Host a Carman party
  • Go to Coney Island!!
  • Smoke w**d in Riverside Park
  • Grab a friend, start walking in a random direction, and let yourself get super lost. Best way to explore the city.
  • Rush a Broadway show while you still have the energy to wake up super early for it
  • Go to Absolute Bagels
  • Go to Hungarian Bakery, but don’t bring a Tinder date there
  • Take advantage of your CUID and go to a museum for free
  • (Second the go to Hungarian)
  • Go to Suite
  • Get and get over a crush
  • Buy your own w**d for the first time
  • Go to 1020 using your fake ID (or get there before they start carding)
  • Ask a random person for a sign in to the dorm you’re trying to get into
  • Hang out on Low Steps
  • Buy alcohol at International
  • Hook up with someone from your sibling NSOP group
  • Hook up with someone from your own NSOP group
  • Sneak alcohol in your college-branded tote
  • Go to Smorgasburg before it closes!!
  • Try to push the tooth statue (officially known as three-way piece: points) near the International Affairs Building
  • Watch the sunset from the top floor of the International Affairs Building
  • Go to one of the “NYC Welcome Week” parties (I did this; I hated it, but it was definitely an experience)
  • Go to the 20th floor of EC and admire the view from the lounge before all the seniors move in and you feel awkward there

Note: Bwog does not condone the use of illegal substances.

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Hello, dear readers! We here at Bwog hope that your summer has been going spectacularly. Now that we have a month left until school, here’s a little update on what’s been happening in MoHi to wake you from your blissful oblivion.


  • Up Coffee closed, and Joe Coffee is replacing it.
  • There’s a plant in a Broadway Hall water fountain.
  • A professor at the Columbia Business School, Geert Bekaert, was found liable for retaliation in a sexual harassment case.
  • Hewitt Dining Hall has an A health rating now. Technically they only have one less violation point than before (they got a B with 14 points last October, and had 13 points on July 26, which gave them an A with the maximum number of points possible) but we’re still proud of her.
  • Columbia Dining is phasing out plastic straws, but they will still be available upon request for accessibility needs.
  • Alma Mater had her patina cleaned.
  • Columbia’s shuttle service has now fully switched over to electric buses. Columbia is the first university in NYC and the first Ivy League school to go electric, according to the Columbia University Twitter. However, the new buses are too small for the 50+ people who commute to/from the Lamont campus every day, who, ironically, are mostly environmental studies people.
  • Prezbo is standing by Columbia’s affirmative action policy.
  • Columbia Men’s Basketball lost Lukas Meisner (formerly CC ’19 and one of the team’s top players) to a professional German team.
  • A giant tree fell in Riverside Park, but Maggie Jr. is thriving.
  • There’s a new Chinese noodle place on 123rd. It’s got some good Yelp reviews.
  • A NYPL card will now get you into most museums that you couldn’t get into with a CUID for free.
  • The Milstein Center has books now! They were stored in offsite storage for the last two years. The center will be closed until classes start on Sept 4 but their staff will be available.

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A Joe Coming Soon sign with Butler in the reflection and the old green Up chairs behind the glass

Joe Coffee will replace Up Coffee and occupy the corner space between Pulitzer and Furnald. This will be the third Joe Coffee on campus, after their NoCo and Dodge (not the gym) locations.

It is unclear whether they will take dining dollars (their other two locations don’t, and Up didn’t), or when exactly they will open. This location is not listed on Joe Coffee’s website yet.

Joe Replacing Up via Levi Cohen

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