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Bwog is back and determined to turn all of your pregame situations into lituations. No matter how cheap your alcohol is, you’ll feel rich while listening to these tracks.

We even offer comments on a few of the songs!

  • Shots by LMFAO: This is a pregame playlist…need I say more?
  • Upgrade U by Beyoncé: Let college life “flip a new page/introduce you to some new things/and upgrade you.”
  • Whenever, Wherever by Shakira: As Columbia Housing puts it, make it your home! No matter where you end up after your pregame, and no matter when you end up there, know that you and Columbia are meant to be together. Just a gentle reminder to make it back to your dorm in one piece…without being CAVA’d, of course!
  • Busy Earnin’ by Jungle: As the year starts, you’ll be busy earning your street cred on campus. Remember to keep your tolerance level in check and not black out in a random Carman bathroom!
  • Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi: “Everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold,” but as long as you’re with your friends and having a good time, remember that the night is gold. Every moment is a treasure!
  • Green Light by Lorde: Consent is key, so make sure to get that green light, no matter how much you want “it.”
  • Happier by Marshmello: When the morning comes and you see what you’ve become, put the mistakes of last night behind you. It’s only NSOP, and there are more of those to come. Best of luck!




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Get outside today before the thunderstorm starts

It’s day six of NSOP, which means the wildest week of freshman year (for some of you) is winding down to a close. You’ve made new friends, have already switched majors (?), and are now almost ready to make the transition from prefrosh to official Columbia freshman. Congrats! Shockingly enough, you’ll actually be in classes soon! And while you might have made it through the majority of NSOP events, there’s still a few more…

Today’s Highlights:

  • Columbia Makerspace Tour (9-11AM): The Makerspace is a great resource, complete with fun gadgets like 3D printers and laser cutters. Its location? The 12th floor of Mudd. Its hours? They depend on when office hours are being held by superusers (students who volunteer their time to promote safe use of the space) and the lab manager. However, if you want 24/7 access, you can apply to be a superuser yourself!
  • Registration Help Session (9:30AM-2:30PM): Registration can be a confusing process (especially when you’re eyeing classes with 100+ person waitlists). Current students will be available to answer any questions (well, any questions regarding registration) from 9:30AM-2:30PM on the fifth floor of Lerner Hall.
  • Center for Career Education Info Session (10-11AM): Hoping to snag an internship? Interested in discovering career options for your major? Hoping to be employed after graduation? If any of these are true, the Center for Career Education (CCE) is for you. Career counselors will be giving a brief intro to the CCE in 309 Havemeyer from 10-11AM.
  • Study Abroad and Fellowships Information Session (11AM-12PM): Want to explore a new place, gain knowledge of other cultures, and study somewhere other than Butler? This is your chance! Columbia offers a variety of study abroad options in places like France, Italy, England, China, and Singapore. Take advantage! The event is in 555 Lerner Hall.
  • Financial Aid 101 (4-5PM): No one enjoys debt! Before you end up having to sell miscellaneous items to repay the bank, meet with the Office of Financial Aid & Educational Financing from 4-5PM in Havemeyer Hall.

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Go to a Columbia football game! Our team has been making a great comeback. Last year, the Homecoming game involved Columbia beating UPenn in overtime, a hundred students rushing the field, and Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” being blasted on repeat. While we finished second in the league (and were tied with Dartmouth), Columbia is always a winner in my heart, as it should be in yours.



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The Met, one of the museums you can get into for free with you CUID

Welcome to Columbia! Being here means being in a city home to some of the richest culture in the country. There’s no better way to explore the past, present, and future of that culture than visiting the many museums NYC has to offer. As a college student, many of these great museums’ admission fees can be pretty hefty. Columbia understands this and through the Arts Initiative, meant to foster the appreciation of the arts both on and off campus, has created a program called Passport to Museums. Passport to Museums allows students to visit over 30 museums across New York City for free with their CUID and semester validation sticker. Here, we’ll highlight some of the museums you probably didn’t know about, but you can find the whole list here.

The American Numismatic Society

  • Location: 75 Varick St, 11th Floor, Manhattan
  • What It’s About: The ANS contains the country’s largest collection of medals and currency from all over the world, past and present. With your CUID, not only can you view exhibitions for free, but you can also visit the collection, library, and archives without paying a cent.
  • Current Exhibitions: A History of American Currency; New York City, 1988; France: From the Franc to the Euro; Medieval Byzantine and Islamic Empires

Keep reading for more free museums!



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Soon, the only games you’l get into for free will be here instead.

Love it or hate it, it’s Day 5 of NSOP and that means the end is in sight. But you’ve still got some mandatory meetings to go to before you can fly free. Luckily, there’s also some fun in store after you make it through. 

Today’s Highlights:

  • Green Sale by EcoReps: Grab some cash and head on over to the Wein Lounge ASAP to buy LitHum books, hangers, and that mini-fridge that wouldn’t fit in your suitcase. Maybe bring The Iliad (or some other light reading) as well. You’re going to be in that line for a while.
  • Live Well, Learn Well: From 1:30 to 2:30 today, let Alice Health Peer Leaders guide you and your building-mates through about transitioning to life on campus, overcoming obstacles and making healthy choices during your time at Columbia. All incoming students have to go, but you can rest easy knowing it’s one of the last mandatory events of NSOP.
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Yankees vs Tigers: Whether you’re in love with “America’s pastime” or just ready to get away from 116th and Broadway, get a ticket to the baseball game from the Lerner Ramps any time before 5 pm and head on over to Yankee Stadium to enjoy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Get a New York Public Library card. Not only will you have access to a huge collection of materials, but as of this summer, it will also get you free access to the Guggenheim and a bunch of museums with their new Culture Pass.

From The Archives: You might have heard about the graduate worker strike last semester. One Bwogger was on the scene, though their passions weren’t entirely focused on workers’ rights.



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The cover of this year’s Disorientation Guide

It’s NSOP, which means new students are flocking to campus, eager to learn more about life at their new school. The 2018 Disorientation Guide is here to give them more information about the place they’ll be spending the next four years at.

The Disorientation Guide is a collaboration between the Barnard Zine Club and student activists, created with the intent of making new students more cognizant of Columbia’s history, what’s happening now, and how to get involved with campus activism. This year’s Disorientation Guide consists of several pages adapted from previous Disorientation Guides (see 2014, 2016, and 2017 Disorientation Guides for more), but it’s also been updated with new sections reflecting recent events on campus. It highlights divestment efforts, particularly the recent CUAD Referendum, includes a spread called “1968 and Its Afterlives,” and details efforts to get Columbia to bargain with the graduate student workers union.

The zine also includes pages for identity-based clubs on campus that students can join and information about resources available to them. It also offers some tips and advice on how to navigate your first year at Barnard and Columbia. You can read this year’s full Disorientation Guide here.



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Yesterday morning, an anonymous student at the Columbia School of General Studies filed a lawsuit against Columbia University and former GS Dean of Students Tom Harford. The anonymous plaintiff (Jane Doe) “alleges that Dean Harford engaged in inappropriate and manipulative sexual behavior with her,” according to a press release from the firm representing this student. Columbia University is also implicated in the suit for failing to follow Title IX and protect the student.

According to Wall Street Journal, the plaintiff “alleged that she was referred to School of General Studies Dean of Students Tom Harford by a campus crisis center after she reported being raped by an acquaintance, with the expectation that he could help find emergency housing and other assistance.” Harford allegedly took advantage of the student’s vulnerability by giving her money and subjecting her to unwanted sexual activity. He allegedly “told [the student] stories about his violent past to intimidate her, and used her need for scholarship funds as bait to keep her bound to him.”

Harford was removed from his position as Dean of General Studies last week. The email to GS students announcing this removal cited simply “unacceptable conduct.”

“Columbia pays lip service to the ideals of a safe campus, but it has a well-documented record of violating Title IX in preventing and responding to reports of sexual misconduct,” said David Sanford, one of the attorneys representing this case. Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP, has brought three cases on the grounds of sexual harassment and gender discrimination against Columbia in the past year, including a suit against Business School professor Geert Bekaert and a suit against history professor Dr. William Harris. Columbia was found liable for retaliation in the first of these cases, and Dr. Harris retired as part of the settlement of the second.

Update August 29th, 2018 12:13 pm: Columbia University’s statement about Harford is as follows:

Mr. Harford was promptly removed from his position as Dean of Students when we learned of behavior that was unacceptable in light of his responsibilities. While we cannot comment on the specifics of this litigation and will respond in the appropriate forum, we take these matters very seriously. Our priority is providing a safe and supportive learning environment that fosters the intellectual and personal fulfillment of our students.



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You at gLow Up. Carman parties could never.

It’s day 4 of NSOP, which means you’re probably getting used to the hustle and bustle of the orientation program that seems to never end. Although there are still plenty of required events in store for today, these will essentially force you to be more social, hopefully letting you make some new friends. Let the memories begin!

Today’s Highlights:

  • Yankees ticket distribution begins today! Tickets for the Yankees game on Thursday night will be available from 9 am to 5 pm today and tomorrow! CC and SEAS students can get their tickets on the 2nd floor ramp in Lerner, and Barnard students can get theirs outside the Barnard Gates. The tickets will have specific seats, so make sure you grab them with the people you want to sit with, and don’t forget your CUID!
  • Sibling Hangout, 7-8 pm: Hang out with your classmates from Barnard, CC, and SEAS as OL groups from Barnard and Columbia gather together to allow you to meet some cool new people and facilitate new friendships! The location will be determined by your OL, so stay tuned to figure out where to head.
  • gLow Up & Starlight Gamenight, 8-10 pm: Students from all four undergraduate schools are encouraged to gather together for gLow Up, which is exactly what it sounds like: a glow stick party on Low Plaza. For those not so interested in dancing with glow sticks, there will also be Starlight Gamenight on the Diana steps. There will be board games and snacks. Be sure to bring your own picnic blanket!

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Although Butler is beautiful and the new Milstein Center looks incredible, go out and try to find some study spaces off campus that you love! Whether it’s Central Park, the New York Public Library, or even the Hungarian Pastry Shop on 111th and Amsterdam, off-campus study spots make studying for midterms feel a lot less suffocating and are a good opportunity to really explore the city while not sacrificing any precious time. There are tons of places to choose from, suitable for all kinds of study environment preferences.

From The Archives: It’s no secret that Bwog Staff loves 1020, but not as much as Robert loves a girl he met there.

Image via Pixabay



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OLs were first years too, once.

Bwoggers are dynamic people. We’re involved with more on campus than just Bwog; we’re athletes (are we?), marching band-ers, student council representatives, and NSOP orientation leaders. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like during NSOP for an OL, you’re in luck, because we’ve got some insider info to share. 

6:30 am:  My alarm goes off. I have to be in Lerner by 7am to set up for the Columbia College assembly and First LitHum Class. By the time I arrive at 7:20ish, the chairs are all full of brand new Iliads. I go around to every single chair and lay out pins, pens, and fancy Class of 2022 bookmarks. I stuff a few pens and pins into my own bag because they’re pretty nice. Then a man from the Office of the Core (I think?) asks my opinion on whether or not they should keep giving out free copies of the Iliad. I tell him it’s stupid because everyone already has a copy by the time they arrive on campus. Maybe we should give out the Odyssey, he says. I don’t really care, I think to myself.

Noon: I finally have some free time to myself. I cook some veggies, mute my OL group chat, and settle in for a nap. Alexa, set a timer for three hours.

4pm ish: Fuck, I have to get up now. I’m meeting my students for dinner soon. By the time I meet my group near the giant John Jay dining tents, half of them have already eaten and keep asking me if they really have to stay for our ~loosely structured group chat time~. I tell them that yes, you have to stay, because this is NSOP and I’m wearing a yellow OL shirt and I said so. During our meal time we get to chatting about housing selection and the different dorm options and someone brings up EC. My students then begin swapping stories, based on either experience or urban legend, about the mysterious oasis known as East Campus. I chuckle to myself and think about how nasty and un-glamorous most EC parties are.

9pm: All of us OLs are lined up down Broadway awaiting the release of the first years for Through the Gates. Every person who gets off the subway at the 115th st and Broadway exit looks like they just walked up the stairs into some collegiate hellscape and quickly scurries away. By the time the first years actually begin their procession, our enthusiasm has died a little bit, but in true NSOP fashion, we #fakeittilwemakeit and put on some fake energy. Cue Roar Lion Roar for the umpteenth time.

Midnight: Me and my OL crew roll into Mel’s. As we’re chatting with other OLs and our upperclassmen friends, an orange wristband appears in my periphery. He walks up to me, interrupts our conversation, and asks me for my name. I see his orange wristband posse waiting and watching at the bar. I chuckle and turn to walk away in a way that’s half awkward & half rude. Sorry, pal. You must be this tall to ride.

1:30 am: Exhausted, we roll into Koronets. As I’m ordering a slice of pizza I look over and, lo and behold, it’s one of my first years. He starts to chat with me and I slowly back away in a sad attempt to hide. By the time I’m back at the table with my friends, he’s left without saying goodbye. I feel sorta bad. But not really.

Image via one of the many mysterious Bwog OLs



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Your OLs love you and want you to get lit!

Good morning, first years (and everyone else on campus)! Did you have fun last night? Did you attend your first Carman party, or perhaps get lit downtown on your RA night out? Regardless, we’re all in the same boat now, waking up for the first day of #required programming. So sit back, bask in your hangover, and get ready to pay attention to some important shit. 

Today’s highlights:

  • Today is move-in day for all you transferring, visiting, and combined-plan students! On behalf of Bwog, welcome to campus! We’re so excited to have you here. And remember: you can still join Bwog even if you’ll only be here for a semester. ;)
  • Under1Roof, Step Up & Get SAVI, Public Safety and Fire Safety: Not every OL group has all of these sessions today (some are today, some are tomorrow), but every new student will be attending at least one workshop today. Most of these sessions are long, and can have some serious energy lulls throughout, but they are required for a reason. These sessions ensure that every student who starts at Columbia is on the same page when it comes to our community of respect, activism, and justice. They are important, engaging, and interesting. (Oh, except for fire safety. That one is just boring.)
  • Academic Resources Fair, 3-5pm in Roone Auditorium: Go check out the resource fair to learn more about different departments here at Columbia! If you have an idea of what you want to study, go check out that booth and ones similar to it. If you have no idea of what you want to study, even better! Go walk up to random booths and see what they have to say!

One thing to do before graduating: Grab some friends (or go alone) and explore the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (located on 112th and Amsterdam). This beautiful cathedral is totally open to the public, and their vast gardens are fantastic. They even have real live peacocks walking around! Head on over and see if you can find them. It’s a super nice way to unwind and enjoy some quiet solace during such a hectic week.

From the archives: Looking for some inspo for your next Carman rager? Well look no further than the infamous Carman paint party of 2014. If you’re on a mission to rack up some university fines and probably also lose housing, then you’re in luck.


Image via me. 



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Riverside Park, down by the Hudson

New York City is the biggest city in the U.S. and one of the biggest cities in the world. While all the chaos of eight million people coexisting in only a couple hundred square miles is incredibly exciting, it’s easy to feel trapped – especially when it’s ninety degrees outside and you’re living in a double without A/C. When claustrophobia strikes, you can get a quick breath of fresh air by heading to a park. And luckily, there are several great ones within walking distance of Columbia’s campus. This guide will help you figure out which park to visit and how to get there.

Riverside Park:

  • Why go? This park is perfect for long walks, runs, or bike rides, because it connects into a network of parks along the Hudson River called the Hudson Greenway. You can start at Columbia and bike all the way to Battery Park without ever needing to ride on the street. Plus, Riverside has a dog park, making it your best place to spot good dogs near campus.
  • How do you get there? From anywhere on campus, go west. You’ll run into it. Then, you can go down into the middle level of the park at 116th, 108th, or 103rd Street, and down into the lower level (which runs directly along the Hudson River) at 96th Street.
  • What do you do there? Walk, run, bike, look for good dogs, find a nice bench and get ahead on some reading. Visit Ellington Bar’s park location before it closes for the fall. Riverside Park is also a common spot for another certain social lubricant – you can probably guess which one.

More parks after the jump!



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Students gearing up to hear another variation on Deantini’s Pantone 292 speech at convocation yesterday

Welcome to Columbia, class of 2022! By now, your boxes are unpacked, your parents are miles away, and your phones are already starting to fill with the numbers and Snapchat handles of potential new friends. It’s NSOP season here in sunny, humid Morningside Heights, and Bwog is here to help you get through the required events and the awkward icebreakers. If you see, hear, or do anything particularly wild this week, tell us about it at or through our anonymous form.

Today’s Highlights:

  • First LitHum class, 10-11:30 am: Welcome to the Core! Hopefully you’ve been reading your Homer and will be prepared to say something smart as Prof. Joanna Stalnaker, program chair of Literature Humanities, gives CC students your first lecture of the semester. No pressure, it’s just your entire class in Roone judging your comments.
  • #BarnardReads, 9:30-11 am or 11:15-12:45 pm: While Columbia students are getting a LitHum lecture, Barnard students will be discussing their own summer reading in small groups with faculty members. You’ll get a taste of what your first-year writing and first-year seminar classes will be like! (Hopefully with fewer of your classmates napping through the discussion.)
  • Through the Gates, 7-8:30 pm: Attending this event is probably the most school spirited you’ll feel in your entire four years at Columbia, unless you go to a winning Homecoming game. The marching band won’t be there this year to play Roar Lion Roar as you file out the gates (they were Not Invited to NSOP after some administrative disagreements over Orgo Night last semester), but your OLs will keep the energy going.

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Grab a couple of potential friends (and maybe a bottle of wine?) and spend an evening on Low Steps, watching the sun sink beneath the horizon. Appreciate the beauty of this brilliant, ridiculous university that decided, for some brilliant, ridiculous reason, to invite you inside its gates. And maybe ask the people next to you some questions that go beyond the usual “what’s your name” / “where are you from” / “what do you want to major in” tedium. (We suggest: “What’s the best thing you put in your mouth last summer?”)

From The Archives: Bwog’s comment section always has been and always will be iconic, but we’re pretty sure it reached its peak with The Great Horse Porn Comment of 2011.

“a beginner’s mind” via Bwog Staff



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Want to get an inside look into athentic Greek life? Our next Houses and Homes post comes to you from Athens, where Bwogger Danielle Mikaelian vacationed with some of her future floormates. If you want to join in on the scenery-sharing action, send your five senses and a photo (or two) to

Where: A second floor apartment in Athens (specifically Neos Kosmos) that my friend is renting for the summer!


A view straight out of a Percy Jackson book

Smell: Sweat (from the never-ending humidity) and faint traces of cigarette smoke.

Taste: The Armenian food I’ve grown up with…plus lots of feta cheese, olives, Souvlaki, Mousakka, and Butterbeer (there’s a Harry Potter cafe in Athens).

Sound: A car being washed by someone throwing water from their balcony. Strange bugs that you always hear…but never see, which create an endless cacophony of cricket-like sounds. Arctic Monkeys and Lorde being played on repeat. Laughter between friends.

Photo via Danielle



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Last night, our Managing Editor was wandering through the basement of her new dorm when she noticed something unusual.

Hello, Dinosaur.

Woodbridge Basement, 10:41 pm

This basement is definitely haunted. I’ve only been down here twice, first to start my load of laundry and then to move it to the dryer, but that’s enough for me to be sure. There is something about the exposed pipes and the peeling paint, the overturned desk chairs and the taped-up ovens. There is something ancient, something wild, something –

Hello, Dinosaur.

Where did you come from?

Why are you hanging from this beam in the basement? Who strung you up and left you out to dry?

I’m asking the wrong questions.

Dinosaur, my dear Dinosaur, what is your name? How do you count the passage of time? What can you see from your perch up there above the trash? Do you believe in God?

Closeup on Dinosaur

10:52 pm

The discovery of the Dinosaur is too great to be kept to one person. You deserve an epic poem, a series of paintings, or, at the very least, a Bwog post.

10:59 pm

Dinosaur. My dear Dinosaur. I have known you for barely half an hour, and yet I feel that your piercing, cartoon-red eye can split open my skin and pierce the lining of my heart.

Is this what my postmodernism professor meant when she lectured us about “the human connection?”

Imagine Youngweon as the devil on Betsy’s shoulder

11:15 pm

Pros of stealing Dinosaur: Freeing a beautiful beast with whom I have formed a powerful and inexplicable bond. Also, cool centerpiece at parties.

Cons of stealing Dinosaur: Possibly haunted.

11:18 pm

No, this Dinosaur will not haunt me. This Dinosaur is my friend.

11:23 pm

Photos via Betsy Ladyzhets



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According to an email sent to General Studies students this afternoon, Tom Harford, the GS Dean of Students, has been removed from his position.

Dean of General Studies Lisa Rosen-Metsch emailed students today to inform them of the sudden change. According to her statement, the decision to remove Harford was due to “unacceptable conduct” within the context of his role. No further reasons were given, although Rosen-Metsch wrote that Advising Deans would be available to address any questions or concerns.

Harford had occupied the role since 2012. His responsibilities included overseeing operations within the Dean of Students Office and working closely with the GS advisory team. Prior to his appointment, Harford occupied administrative positions at Columbia’s School of Continuing Education.

Former Senior Associate Dean of Students, Ivonne Rojas, GSAS ‘12, has been chosen as Acting Dean of Students in Harford’s absence.

Rosen-Metsch closed the email by reaffirming that General Studies holds “the intellectual accomplishment and personal fulfillment of [its] students [as its] foremost priority.”

Read Dean Rosen-Metsch’s full statement below



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Do you hear that? No, listen closer. No, even closer. It’s quiet. But it’s coming. It’s getting louder and louder. It’ll be here sooner than you think. It’s…the beautiful, violent sounds of hundreds of blue bins rolling across campus, carting the fresh IKEA bean bags and Urban Outfitters tapestries of hundreds of new students as they move in to their new dorms. That’s right, NSOP is just around the corner!

The 2018-2019 NSOP schedule was recently released via Guidebook, a handy app that will help all you newbies keep track of your strictly scheduled opportunities for learning and bonding. There’s one schedule on Guidebook for CC and SEAS students, one for Barnard students, and one for GS students – just search to find your school. The theme is “Find Your Groove”. So, get grooving kiddos.

nslop after the jump

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