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idk looks like a cult to me

Bwog found time to enjoy their last weekend before finals, and we hope you did too! Send in your stories to to be featured. 

(Disclaimer: Bwog does not condone underage drinking or illegal drug use.)

Bwog Is Happy And Fun

  • Went to the St. A’s formal and was surprised I didn’t see anyone do coke
  • Enjoyed some really fancy drinks instead of just chugging horrible vodka at the aforementioned party
  • Hosted a party in my uncle’s apartment; the party was then CRASHED by his middle-aged neighbors who did not realize we were children.
  • Got free drinks because the bartender thought I was hitting on him
  • Went to Chicanx Caucus’s Quinceañera event, and went searching for afterparty at Casa Latina, and in the process, ended up in Sig Nu for 5 minutes, and another crusty and smelly EC party after sneaking in to EC
  • Made a tall boy tell me I’m pretty.
  • Shoplifted from Sephora like an angsty middle schooler.
  • Saw my mentee for Young Storytellers see the play she wrote herself performed on stage and feel really happy
  • Worked at a book release party and did absolutely nothing and made 200$
  • Enjoyed myself at a college party for the first time!
  • Fell in love with the John Jay lounge Christmas tree.
  • Had a two hour deep, drunk conversation in said lounge.
  • wore a full suit + overcoat on the subway to flex on the Santacon Santas
  • Finally got around to watching Nathan For You and absolutely loved it. 10/10 recommend.
  • Made ~self-improvement~ plans for winter break. Looking forward to learning from this semester and growing.
  • Saw spring awakening for the first time
  • Went to an engineering party. Spilled a drink and left after a half an hour to go to drinking with Bwog instead
  • Made latkes and lit the menorah with my boyfriend on the seventh night of Hannukah.
  • Learned about what the past tense of “yeet” should be from a linguistic perspective (apparently it’s “yeeted”)

Bwog experiences pain after the jump



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getting sick of this shit!!!!

Happening in the World: Beyonce graced herself at the wedding of India’s richest man’s daughter’s wedding in Udaipur, India. Beyonce performed at the wedding ceremony of Isha Ambani, the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, who tied the knot with Anand Piramal, son of another Indian billionaire.

Happening in the US: Yet another snowstorm that has hit the United States has claimed the life of one person in North Carolina and threatened many other lives in the southeast. Thousands of flights have been canceled worldwide as well.

Happening in NYC: A troubling video shows police officers grabbing a 1-year-old baby from a mother’s arms in a video of the mother’s arrest for lying on the floor of The Human Resources Administration office for hours. The HRA called the police, citing disorderly conduct, but agreed that the treatment of her was disturbing.

Happening on Campus: There will be a study break in Low Lounge tomorrow from 11 AM to 3 PM for students to get snacks, play games, hear student performances, win raffle prizes, and just relax!

Song of the Day: To get you through finals~




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it’s frickin’ christmas

As the 2018 fall semester comes to an end and the threat of finals loom in the distance, Bwog still finds time to do fun things. Send in your weekend adventures to to be featured!

Bwog explores NYC

  • Went to the MoMA for a sociology project. Found out a year and a half too late that a Columbia ID gets you in there for free.
  • Bought a ticket to see The Favourite. Realized that I wasn’t going to make it to Cinépolis on time because the MTA is absolute balls. Didn’t see The Favourite.
  • Went to the holiday market at columbus circle and got my mom and my roommate each a present!
  • Had a super normal date at an Irish pub. it was refreshing.
  • Lots sprinting in riverside park to get out my angst
  • found an AMAZING brunch place called Big Daddy’s (2454 Broadway) which does cookie dough pancakes so would highhhhhhhly recommend
  • Went to Mass downtown and listened to I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning in its entirety on the way back. #justcatholicsoftboythings
  • spend Saturday afternoon in Bryant park w/ my friend :)
  • Went on a date on the UES Friday night. I regret everything…

Bwog loses sometimes…

  • Got turned away from Output after a bouncer laughed at how bad my fake is.
  • Got CAVA’d for the first time by my ex-boyfriend after literally only drinking WINE; kept trying to convince him to let me escape the hospital.
  • Got way too high on edibles after I thought the first dose wasn’t going to hit me. Argued with a MTA employee after I become convinced that the swipe thing charged me way too much money. (It didn’t.) Suffered a paranoia-induced panic attack while sitting in the back of an Uber. Became temporarily convinced that I was trapped in another dimension. Didn’t fully escape the high for eighteen hours.
  • Called in sick to work to stay in bed and sleep on a rainy morning.
  • Was supposed to go clubbing in Manhattan, attend a DSA holiday party, and see Mitski. Did none of those things.
  • Witnessed a lot of making out at an EC party and then went home and cooked a 3 course meal instead at 2 am
  • Babysat a lot (one night it was delightful and I got pastries/a trip to blick. other night was a fuckin’ nightmare).
  • Sent multiple booty calls from my hospital bed post-CAVA.
  • cried because my best best best friend was arrested in London and I’m really worried about her
  • nearly had a panic attack when I realized all I had to do to go to Athens next month ://///////
  • have consumed concerning amounts of coffee and functioned on far too little sleep

Bwog wins some after the jump



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I hope to be this smart one day

Need motivation to study for finals? Each year, Columbia College inducts 10 percent of the senior class to be inducted into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Society which celebrates those who excel in the liberal arts and sciences. Today, 24 students have been announced as inductees, with more students being inducted in the spring semester. Congratulations to the Fall 2018 inductees!

Class of 2019 Junior Phi Beta Kappa Inductees:

  • Sungmin An
  • Jessica Bai
  • Benjamin Bieser
  • Adam Block
  • Simon-Jimmy Broucke
  • Samantha Caveny
  • Margaret Corn
  • Margaret Cunliffe
  • Dean Deng
  • Rahul Gosain
  • Philip Grayson
  • Emily Gruber
  • Jacob Iglitzin
  • Francesca Jarrett
  • Linnie Jiang
  • Khrystofor Khokhlov
  • Sofia Martins
  • Benjamin Mazel
  • Kai Morsink
  • Sakila Nazia
  • Lauren Nguyen
  • Michael Quintero
  • Jaewook Ryu
  • Christopher Zheng



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we stan a queen

Happening in the World: After a dinner between President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires, the two leaders have announced a 90 day ceasefire over the trade dispute that has rattled economic growth. The truce buys time for both countries to decide on a verdict concerning Beijing’s aggressiveness on the U.S.’s technological dominance.

Happening in the US: The New York Time’s has written a lengthy exposé on the K-12 school in Louisiana called the T.M. Landry School that became viral last year for posting its highly emotional and enthusiastic videos of their predominantly African American students getting accepted to elite universities. The T.M. Landry school, which is not an accredited school and the owners are not currently certified teachers, has been exposed for abusing the students, not teaching them, and falsifying transcripts and scores.

Happening in NYC: New York City will be erecting a statue of the first black Congresswoman in the United States, Shirley Chisholm, in Prospect Park. Chisholm is also the first woman to receive the Democratic vote to run for President, and passed away in 2005 at age 80. The statue is a part of NYC’s goal to “toss out symbols of hate.”

Happening on Campus: There will be a film screening of “ReGeneration” followed by a discussion at 1201 International Affairs Building from 6 to 7 PM. The film follows ten “reconciliation ambassadors” as they view the past and their future with consideration to the Bosnia-Herzegovina genocide which took place almost 25 years ago. Additionally, producer Zana Marjanovic and director Emir Kapetanovic will be there to discuss the film afterwards.

Documentary of the Day: 120 Years (recommended by a fellow Bwogger). A film about Scott Lewis, a man who was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did commit. It chronicles him and his families’ tale as they try to put back together the last 20 years of Lewis’ time in prison and the way the judicial system affects peoples lives after



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Soulless eyes

Happening in the World: Ukraine is set to declare martial law against Russia after the Ukrainian naval ships were seized by Russia. Each country blames each other for the incident, in which many Ukrainian crew members were injured. (BBC)

Happening in the US: Over 1200 flights were canceled across the country post-Thanksgiving as a winter storm hits the Midwest, making for very dangerous flight conditions. (USA Today)

Happening in NYC: As Amazon plans to open its new headquarters to Long Island City, real estate in the area is already starting to boom. An influx of to-be residents are anticipating the increase of jobs as Amazon opens their new office, and young people are the bulk of these potential real-estate buyers. (CNBC)

Happening on Campus: Janet L. Miller, the Professor of English Education will be giving a lecture as a part of the Arts and Humanities Distinguished Speaker Series. She will be speaking on The Narrative Researcher/Writer: Discomforting Reflexivities and Impossible Composings.

Overheard: “I don’t think Columbia athletes give head” (via @overheard.columbiauniversity on Instagram)

Bezos via Wikimedia Commons



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Parks and Recs forever baby

Bwog has a wholesome yet fun final weekend before Thanksgiving break! Send your weekend experiences to to be featured. 

Bwog has a “Treats Yoself” Weekend

  • Baked a pie and carved a turkey (poorly).
  • Gained probably 5 pounds and it’s not even Thanksgiving on account of Mac n cheez
  • Rewatched American Horror Story: Apocalypse cause it might be the best season yet
  • Got a job offer!
  • Skipped a party to do my laundry.
  • Drank five cups of coffee and a macchiato in one day…still fell asleep at a reasonable hour and am not sure which whether my overconsumption is more concerning than my unreactive body
  • Depression napped and then went to JJ’s with some Bwoggers
  • Ate four packs of milk duds in one sitting
  • Auditioned for Riverdale, rolled my eyes on page one of the side
  • Networked with a film producer who I’m pretty sure was just hitting on me
  • Staffed a MUN conference for disadvantaged kids and felt like a good person :)

Bwog does fun things in NYC

  • Went out to dinner with my boyfriend and eavesdropped on the table next to us talking about their slutty college days and how they ~totally weren’t~ swingers.
  • Played with THREE (3) dogs at one party
  • Freaked out a Met guard by spending 10 minutes staring at a sarcophagus
  • Saw the Armenia! exhibit at the Met. It was very good, especially if you like illuminated manuscripts.
  • Watched Columbia win the last football game I’ll go to as an undergraduate!
  • Ran five miles for pie
  • Went out into the world, stumbled upon the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
  • Ate an amazing fish curry at a Sri Lankan restaurant that literally gave me dreams last night.
  • Treated myself to My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center
  • Toured the Egypt section of the Met with my class and got to geek out a lil bit
  • Went on a wholesome walk in Riverside Park with some Bwoggers
  • Successfully friend zoned one of my dates and saw a star is born w/ the other
  • Listened to some jazz musicians in Washington Square Park

Bwog hits the bars and other short stories

  • Was told by a creep at a Bushwick bar (coincidentally an NYU grad) that “your brain doesn’t stop developing until you’re 25.”
  • Drank 2.5 glasses of wine and argued with a middle-aged man i’d never met before about trans rights
  • Realized 1020 is a liminal space
  • Drunk cleaned my whole living room.
  • Recovered from an awful hangover; immediately started drinking beer.
  • Went to 1020 for the first time. Found it tragically heterosexual but otherwise had a pretty great time with my fellow Bwoggers!
  • Went on a wholesome tinder date
  • This guy from Yale I had sex with a month ago and never spoke to again randomly showed up and guess what… we hooked up again
  • Spent most of a party sober and comforting a sad first year about a shitty boy. Ended the night walking several others home after they projectile vomited
  • Listened to a drunk boy recite an entire Shakespearean soliloquy outside of 1020
  • Went to a staff party for that mun conference, and failed at the vodka pong (?) game

Bwoggers cuts their hair

  • Cut my hair … again
  • Almost dyed my hair but decided to cut off eight inches was enough of a change for now
  • Cut my boyfriend’s hair.
  • Dyed my hair blue



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Happening in the World: Pope Francis openly stated that there is a huge problem of the wealth inequality and treatment of migrants in the world. “Injustice is the perverse root of poverty,” Francis said at a Mass marking the Roman Catholic Church’s annual World Day of the Poor.

Happening in the US: The confirmed death count due to the California wildfires is at a record of 76. Strangely enough, there are over 1,000 people who have been reported as missing due to the wildfires. However, many reports have found that people who were not missing were on the list, so officials are going through the lists to determine who is and is not actually missing.

Happening in NYC: A conference held by the aptly-named “Reformbnb” will be held today by anti-Airbnb forces in order to discuss better ways to regulate house-sharing websites. The conference’s goal is “to hear from these leaders about how their cities are being impacted by Airbnb, what steps they’re taking toward regulation and enforcement, and to share best practices, the latest data, advocacy/organizing tools and build consensus toward a coordinated global effort for more proactive and data-driven enforcement and regulatory regimes.”

Happening on Campus: There will be a talk called “The Front Lines of Gender Justice: Criminalizing Pregnancy” at the Jerome Greene Hall on W 116th from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Nancy Rosenbloom, the Director of Legal Advocacy with National Advocates for Pregnant Women will be the guest speaker for this part of the event series talking about the criminalization of pregnancy amongst women.

Overseen: The big, beautiful dick drawn on the field in the snow accompanied on the other lawn by the message “SEND NUDES”.



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literally all of us right now

Bwog recounts their weekend after a short two-day post-fall break week. As you can predict, chaos ensued…

Bwog is Sick and Tired :'(

  • Slept all day Saturday. Like, all day.
  • Had over 13 hours of sleep and watched all of Orel Moral, highly recommend
  • Stayed in on Friday night to “catch up on sleep” but ended up on Netflix till 4am
  • Attended a med school biochemistry lecture and didn’t fall asleep, and also I think I learned something!
  • Didn’t really leave my room that much this entire weekend
  • Caught a cold :(
  • Cried for most of UPMUNC
  • Chugged Emergen-C during meeting and had an orange afterwards to prevent myself from being more sick :(
  • Got sick >:(
  • Got up at 3 PM
  • Depression napped all day Sunday despite my exam and lab on Monday and literally only got out of bed to go to meeting. :’)

Bwog gets drunk, Bwog falls in and out of love, you know the drill



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gotta check these like suburban mom’s check their children’s halloween candy

Happening in the World: A woman from Queensland, Australia was arrested for being connected to the strawberry needle scare that has been occurring over the last two months in Australia and New Zealand where people were finding needles in their store-bought fruit packages.

Happening in the USA: After 10 years of suspicion and a one-year investigation, residents from Denmark, South Carolina have found out that their water source has a substance that tries to regulate naturally occurring iron bacteria that can leave red stains or rust-like deposits in the water. The substance, known as HaloSan, was not approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency to disinfect drinking water.

Happening in NYC: Thousands of people gathered in New York City to honor those who served their country with the annual Veterans Day Parade this Sunday. This year’s parade also celebrated the centennial of the end of World War I.

Happening on Campus: There will be an “LGBTQ+ Rights in a Global Perspective” talk at the Jerome Greene Hall from 12:10 to 1:10 PM by Pepe Julian Onziema. Onziema is an LGBTQ+ and Human Rights Activist from Uganda who will be speaking on his experiences as an LGBTQ+ Rights Advocate in Uganda and will be joined in discussion by Professor Franke in considering LGBTQ+ Rights and Movements in a global context.

Post of the Day:



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what’s better than this? just guys… being dudes

Happening in the World: Two Australian police officers jumped into the ocean in order to save a drowning kangaroo. They pulled the unconscious animal from the sea and continued to perform chest compressions in order to revive it. One of the police officers, Kirby Tonkin, stated “every life is worth saving and we just did what we could.” The kangaroo is now recovering after the traumatic experience.

Happening in the US: The Boston Red Sox are currently only one win away from earning their ninth World Series title after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 9-6 in Game 4 of the best of seven contest. While Friday night’s tied game lasted more than seven hours by the time the Dodgers’ Max Muncy hit a walk-off home run in the 18th inning, Saturday night’s game took a turn for Boston in the top of the ninth inning.

Happening in NYC: Police have found and identified two women’s bodies floating in the Hudson River. The bodies are those of Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22, who are sisters from Fairfax, Virginia, are suspected to have been wanting to end their own lives by taping themselves together and jumping into the water.

Happening on Campus: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Columbia University’s Fall 2018 Blood Drive Campaign is dedicated to increasing awareness of the disease and providing support to cancer patients as well as others in need of donated blood. It will be taking place from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Columbia School of Nursing.

Overseen/Overheard: “A man in a pirate costume outside Butler waved to my friend and said ‘Ahoy, sexy!’”

the sox via NJ



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can’t believe such a beautiful stadium had to experience such a loss :'(

Last weekend: Homecoming. Parent’s Weekend. Bwog drank together. Yet another bar opened in Morningside Heights. Even though we may have lost the big game, mixing alcohol, sports, and families together created quite the weekend for Bwog. Send in your weekend shenanigans to to be featured!

Bwog is Wholesome/Spends Time with Family

  • Took my mom to eat at Ferris and she went on to gush about how amazing Columbia dining halls are
  • Hung out with my mom! twice! and taught her how to use venmo! demonstrated by venmoing myself money!!!
  • Called my mom a lyft because she insisted on getting here by herself and the 1 skipped 116th (so she says) and she didn’t get off until 137th and got very, very lost.
  • Had my parents bring me a space heater because I don’t trust CU Facilities to keep me warm.
  • Went to American Son with my mom and met Ava Duvernay there
  • Went to Mass at a nice little progressive parish near Union Square in order to clear my head and reconnect with my ~spiritual~ side; ended up crying on the way home bc I’m a big softie who can’t handle any kind of introspection
  • Hung out w the guy from the bumble article I wrote (haha wholesome)
  • For one brief, shining moment was the top of a 4-layer human pyramid.
  • Tried to plant SWS fliers on the chairs in the Diana event oval in order to propagandize to parents but got stopped by public safety before I could finish the deed
  • Finally finished all my midterms!!
  • Studied in Butler all day because I had a dream about it.
  • Found out that there are lights you can turn on in the stacks!!!
  • Got a new duvet cover that makes me feel like a princess
  • Watched like 20 episodes of crimmy minds
  • Went out for a birthday dinner w/ my sister…ended up covered in pop rocks

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imagine this happening at EC yikes

Happening in the World: A train in Taiwan derailed, injuring 187 and killing 18 passengers. It was traveling between Taipei and the eastern county of Taitung when it ran off course, affecting people most in the four cars that overturned more than 90 degrees.

Happening in the US: At Clemson University, a floor collapse at a frat party ended with over 30 people injured and hospitalized. “The beat was about to drop and literally the whole floor collapsed,” student Larissa Stone told Greenville News. “People are hurt. People are bleeding. I had blood on my sneakers. It was really bad.” Literally my worst nightmare.

Happening in NYC: NYPD has suspended a certain kind of body cameras for police members after one exploded on an officer. A police officer was wearing a Vievu model LE-5 body-worn camera on a “midnight tour” on Saturday night when he noticed that it was smoking and took it off. No one was harmed when this occurred.

Happening on Campus: There will be an event at the International Affairs Building Room 1501 from 6 to 8:15 PM called “Media in the Age of Trump: Panel Discussion.” The talk will host a panel of experts including John Avlon, a Senior Political Analyst at CNN, and Jim Rutenberg, a Media Columnist at New York Times. They will be discussing the power of the press during Trump’s presidency, including issues of fake news and the effect of social media on information.

Song of the Day: Khalid stays blessing our ears on his new album.



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This weekend, Bwog discovered that love is fake and what was the automatic response? Drink away their sorrows. Email us at if you want to share your fun or crazy stories!

the only love I can believe in right now

Bwog Is Drunk As Usual

  • Bought a bunch of nice groceries to cook for dinner. Went to Mel’s instead.
  • Was cut off by my aunt at a family dinner after 3 glasses of wine.
  • Stayed at 1020 until closing time for the first time. Pounded back seven drinks and only paid for three.
  • Was the only sober person on a bus full of drunks.
  • Got drunk and sobered up on Saturday morning, got drunk and sobered up again on Saturday evening, and went to bed before midnight.
  • Drank more Pabst Blue Ribbon than one person should in a weekend.
  • Realized I’m neck-deep in unrequited love.
  • Went to see A Star Is Born on a date but she left 15 minutes before the end, leaving me sobbing alone in the theatre.
  • Crashed a Model UN party and funneled their full vodka/chaser supply into red solo cups for betchy solo use.
  • Went to Jungsik for dinner and drinks. Created an elaborate fake backstory about us being grad students who are researching “the sociology of food and drink” when my friend accidentally let something slip to the bartender about us being students at Columbia.
  • Went to my first ever frat party and realized it was not the hype I was expecting.
  • Went to my first Carman “party” with a group of fellow WOC and the people at the party were SHOOK as if they hadn’t seen WOC before.
  • Hung out at 1020 and went to Mel’s after and there was a grand total of 3 people there.
  • Got drunk and hooked up with a sweet 29-year-old German tourist, who’s now back in Germany :(
  • Took care of a drunk friend on a bus coming back from Philadelphia full with fellow drunk bandies.
  • Watched the new episode of American horror story high and believed I was a warlock.

Bwog and Love

  • Shot my shot and failed, and learned that “love” is fake.
  • Went for a romantic walk in Central Park with my girlfriend.
  • Got to spend a lot of time with someone who means a lot to me after weeks of bad scheduling.
  • Found out that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have split. Romance is dead indeed. True love isn’t real.
  • Made amends with 2 friends!!!
  • Facetimed my dad to talk to my dog.
  • Took a walk around the city to appreciate the daily miracles of life.
  • Hit up old friends and asked how they were doing.
  • Realize my mans who is not my mans lied about the college he goes to.
  • My man followed me back on Instagram. see u single whores never.

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I knew it was too good to be true rip

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to accurately reflect Alqesem’s status. Her deportation has been suspended and her appeal will be heard by the Israeli Supreme Court this week. 

Happening in the World: American Lara Alqesem, 22, was barred from entering Israel for being a president of a small chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Florida. The Tel Aviv district court rejected her initial appeal, but Israel’s Supreme Court has suspended her deportation and will hear her case this week.

Happening in the US: Whirlwind romance between comedian Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande came to an end this weekend, as the couple broke off their engagement with both parties acknowledging that it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off. Sources said the two still have love for each other, but things are over romantically.

Happening in NYC: Violence erupted at a male-only far-right event for the Proud Boys at the Metropolitan Republican Club. After a speech by Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, someone began committing vandalism with swords. Three white supremacists were arrested for the crime, including founder McInnes himself. https:

Happening on Campus: There will be a Walk-to-Wellness event at Low Library from 1 to 2 PM, where participants will engage in a free, instructor-led walking program to help them incorporate more physical activity into their workday. Join your colleagues for kick-off walks featuring a group walk, dynamic stretches, and wellness swag!

Overseen/Overheard: “How is the food? Did everything come out instagramable?”


yet another example of failed love via Billboard

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