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what UP

Happening Around the World: Currently without power, a failing dam threatens Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. (BBC)

Happening in the US: A 71-year-old man with a raccoon-hunting headlamp was arrested after police discovered 1,700 marijuana plants on his property. (USA Today)

Happening in NYC: The MTA started a program that allows those who are pregnant or disabled to wear a button asking for a seat. It has had some success, but riders for the most part just don’t know about it. (NY Times)

Happening on Campus: The first event for the Andrew W. Mellon Sawyer Seminar in Global Language Justice is tonight from 6pm-9pm. Call the ICLS for more details: 212-854-4541.

Overheard: “I’m going to name my daughter McChicken”



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Neon ceramic and roses

Because Morningside Heights is always busting with cool art events, we often forget that we live in a city that busts even further with art. Just a couple blocks north is the Studio Museum in Harlem, where new Bwogger Zoë and not-new bwogger Amara headed on Thursday night.

While most students make the rounds at the Met or the MoMA for ArtHum or to class up their Instagrams, the Studio Museum of Harlem gets a little less student attention. The museum is free for Columbia students, and also stays open a lot later than other museums – you can check it out until 9 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. And it’s on 125th, which is totally walkable from campus (or only a $3 UberPool, which is what we opted for). The current exhibitions are worth seeing, especially Their Own Harlems. A celebration of the centennial of Jacob Lawrence’s birth, the exhibit explores the impact of Harlem on a variety of artists. Some of the art, like Lawrence’s own tempera paintings, date back to the 1950s, but other pieces were created as recently as 2010. All of it drives home a central point too often neglected by Columbia students: that Harlem has long been and continues to be a source of artistic inspiration and cultural resources.
We came to see Their Own Harlems, but ended up checking out the rest of the museum as well.

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I created a secret food Instagram a while back to keep track of the best places to eat in NYC, and also to just feast my eyes on different angles of mac n’ cheese when bored in recitations. After several months of following, realized that a Barnard student was running one of my favorite accounts, @tooomuchfoood. We met up in Diana a few days ago to talk about food, fame, and photography. 

A: Can you tell me about too much food? How did it get started?

M: I created the account itself in 11th grade, but I have always taken a natural interest in photography (I literally take photos of everything). I had a bunch of food pictures and thought, why not just make a food account?

A: You were in high school! That’s pretty cool. Did you eat out a lot?

M: Actually not really. I mean, I’m from New York City, which helped, but I still had like, a curfew, and an allowance, so I couldn’t go out all the time. Probably like once a week. Most of the pictures I took were random things I’d get from like cafes or coffee shops and stuff.

Click this to find a some delicious cheesy goodness



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If you go to this school and identify with this, you should also listen up too

Earthlings! Today is the last day for you to add courses to your schedule. So if you’re taking six and *really* want to just get murked by this institution even more, make sure you add Freedom of Speech and the Press before the day ends. When you later realize seven classes is more than even Alma would condone, you’ll have until October 10 to drop them.



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Fa la la la la

Good, bad, weird, The New York– we all have our preferred times, and which ever one is yours says something about you. While usually we’d go through each one and provide an analysis based on your favorite kind of time, we’re going to cut right to it: good times = free friends, food, fun = Sundays at 9pm = being a daily editor or staff writer for Bwog. We’ve got a strong concentration of humanities majors in our group so the math may not be exact, but so far our calculations have not been wrong. If you like writing about Columbia in any way other than boring, we would love for you to join our geese flock. We need writers and editors; if either of these positions sound delicious to you, send in an application to (follow the position’s respective link to its application). We also are looking for social media and video chickens, as well as cool fancy publishers and techies. Our carriage turns back into a pumpkin at 11:59pm tonight, so make sure your app is in our inboxes before then!

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Not an elbow…

The Office of Government and Community Affairs is putting on a Bone Marrow Drive today to bring awareness to as well as register donors for stem cell donations. Happening on both the Morningside and Medical campuses, students and community members can walk in to either location, fill out a form, swab their cheek, and that’s it! Their marrow-type will remain in a database until a match is found, and from that point the donation process will begin (note that this will not occur today, but later in the future). Anyone in good health between 18 and 44 years old can join the registry. If you have the time and are able to, stop by and swab your cheek! You could really save someone’s life. The drive is happening Today, from 11am-5pm, in the Broadway Room of Lerner (2nd floor) and in the Milstein Lobby, first floor, at the CU Medical Center (177 Fort Washington Avenue). 




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You, a cool cat, after a Bwog meeting filled with grapes and fun

Howdy. Are you interested in GS politics? Do you like student news? Can you fit five grapes in your mouth at once? If you answered yes to one or three of these questions, you should definitely, 100%, without a doubt, join Bwog. We’re looking for a cool cat to cover the weekly GSSC meetings that take place every Tuesday evening. You’ll quickly learn about the college’s interesting history and know what’s up, all the time. You’ll also be in Bwog, which means free food, free friends, and a good time. Come to our first meeting on Sunday, September 10th at 9pm in Lerner 510. See you!!

Neko AtLOVE ME via LadyDeVeyre



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Burgers go to bed at 1am for the Nard :(

Beginning this school year, Columbia changed its dining hours to provide students on meal plans with 24 hour access to campus dining halls. This created a wave of excitement to students across all four colleges, but Barnard’s complicated bureaucracy has brought limitations to students’ access. We began to hear about Barnard students who attempted to eat JJ’s after 11 pm, but were told that they did not have access. After reaching out to media affairs, we were informed a compromise has just been made to allow students into JJ’s until 1am. A statement has been sent to students clarifying the policy; you can read it below.

Dear Students,

In response to some concerns from your classmates, I want to update you on the status of using your meal plan swipe access at JJ’s Place between 11 p.m.-1 a.m. Each year, Barnard (through our agreement with Aramark) and Columbia both make updates to meal programs, largely based on student feedback. Last year, Barnard added JJ’s Place at Columbia as a swipe location, in addition to opening The Diana Center Student Dining Room for dinner swipes.

This year, the College added guest swipes onto meal plans and Columbia decided to make JJ’s Place a 24-hour location. Based on this change, and in order to be consistent with our dining hall’s late night options, access for Barnard students to J.J.’s Place was planned to end at 11 p.m., when The Diana Center’s late night service ends.

However, based on student feedback, we have worked with Columbia to allow swipes to continue to 1 a.m., as they were last year. We continue to welcome your feedback, and encourage you to reach out to your SGA Food Advisory Board representative at so that we can continue to evaluate changes to the meal plan, based on your needs.

We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused, and do feel free to reach out with any questions.


Gail A. Beltrone
Vice President for Campus Services




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75 has us like

For the first time in at least two years, the annual CU Activities Fair will be taking place on a day that isn’t hot and stanky. Today’s high is 75 with clear skies, which means there is no excuse for why we shouldn’t see you all out there! We’ll be sharing a table with our sibling publication The Blue and White, so look out for our banners and come drop your uni. The fair will take place from 12-4pm on College Walk. Seriously, you won’t be able to miss it.

So damn icy via Janet



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When you no longer have a premium-level stock photo account and have to use a free “angry banana” photo

Happening Around the World:  A deadly mag. 8.2 earthquake struck Mexico around 11:50pm local time. Officials issued and later revoked a tsunami warning. (BBC)

Happening in the nation: Betsy DeVos announced at George Mason University yesterday that she is rolling back former President Obama’s rules on title IX and investigating campus sexual assault cases, as it was “unfair to students.” (USA Today)

Happening in NYC: Our sweet precious baby Rafael Nadal will hopefully take all tonight at tonight’s U.S. Open Championship. The match starts in Queens at 5:30; hopefully someone at Mel’s will find it in their heart to put it on for us. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Today is club fair! Come out to college walk, find our table, and sign up to join Bwog.

Overseen: On day three of school, Ferris was out of bananas. Hmm.





Bananas for Ferris via Public Domain



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From one bagel to another <3

Yes this is literally the entire post via Google Maps



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Our thoughts are with Shariq and his family

Last week on June 5, rising second-year student Shariq Jumani was hit by a car as he crossed Riverside Drive and 115th. After being rushed to St. Luke’s, he has had open-brain surgery, abdominal surgery, and orthopedic surgery for the broken bones in both of his legs. Jumani will undergo many operations and a year of rehab, but doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

However, this tragedy will leave him and his family with a high stack of medical bills. To offset the costs, his friends created a Gofundme today, encouraging his other friends, peers, and generous strangers to contribute. Jumani is described as an excellent scholar, kind community member, and “full of joy.” We encourage you to visit the page, where you can read more about him and contribute to his cause.



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I’ve probably spent more of my life in Blue Java than I have in my own suite kitchen, so I’ve wasted a great deal of time staring at and connecting with the little cards stuck in the pastries. But I assume (hope) most of you guys have lives and haven’t really noticed how ridiculous some of them are. Here are some of my favorite ones, enjoy.



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straight up to my face

Ever since the ban/relocation of the Columbia University Marching Band’s Orgo Night, there has been a series of mishaps and miscommunication on the part of the Columbia administration. Bwogger Amara Banks calls them out on their fake love. 

Since last semester, a collection of frustrated Columbia University Marching Band alumni has penned a total of 10 defenses of Orgo Night. Created in the style of pamphlets, the group desired to express their disagreement and frustration with the tradition’s cancellation.

After its 10th publication on March 26th, a letter addressed to President Bollinger (and emailed to several other campus administrators, including Ann Thronton and Deantini) essentially asked, “What’s the deal?” Their letter opens with a summary of the group’s communications with the university—emails and letter sent to him, Thornton and Valentini. According to Hamiltonius, the administration’s response has consistently been: “The University administration knows best and that no action will be taken in response to alumni concerns.”

The group began drafting and publishing pamphlets in another attempt to start conversation with the administration, sending the essays both via email and snail. The letter included a summary of the conflict and their frustration before ultimately calling for a response:

“Where do we go from here? We are alumni who love Columbia, who actively participate in alumni events and reunions, who return to Columbia for homecoming and Days on Campus, who interview high school students for the Admissions Office, and who attend athletic events to cheer on our Lions… What do we want? We want you and Dean Valentini to stop ignoring us and putting us off with platitudes and form letters.”

Nice turkey where’s the beef



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No guarantees MoHi spicy tuna rolls actually look like this

Like off-brand toilet paper and the John Jay rice bowls, spicy tuna rolls are really hit or miss. If you get one from the right place, they can serve as a perfect deli lunch, but if you hit up the wrong joint, they can also serve as a perfect disappointment. Bwog Bagel Amara presents you with a guide to MoHi deli tuna rolls. 

I’ve been you before. Your class releases at 2:25 but your recitation starts at 3, which is just not enough time for a sit-down lunch. You want to grab a quick sushi roll but you don’t want it to be nasty… where should you go?

1. Milano (<$8): Milano has very fresh ingredients and makes their rolls fresh throughout the afternoon. This means the rice will be pretty soft (not like refrigerator crunchy), and the spicy mayo they put on top has little red flakes in it. They don’t make the sushi extra spicy or anything, but they look hardcore.

2. Appletree (<$7): I honestly want to give Appletree the award for best deli in Morningside. Even though it’s a few blocks deep, their ingredients are really fresh and tasty. At first, I thought only their sandwiches were good, but then I learned their spicy tuna rolls are super good too! The rice is a little harder because they leave it in the fridge for longer, but it’s still super good. Definitely worth the hike; also pick up a cantaloupe cup (they sell one of the best in MoHi as well).

3. Morton Williams (<$8) (but only before 6pm): I know what you’re thinking– can Morton Williams do anything right, other than being overpriced and open 24 hours? Yes. When the sushi chef is there, the rolls are actually pretty quality. The tuna is a little spicier than the others, so if you’re looking for a kick, head to 116th!

spicy tuna rollage via stu_spivack on Flickr

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