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As we prepare to say goodbye to the dorms that so lovingly housed us in 2015-16, emotions flare up. Bwogger Youngweon Lee tells her emotions in this Ode to Carman Hall.

Tell me, Columbia Housing, is there a dorm on campus
Quite as disgusting as Carman Hall?
What other dorm has bathroom air vents smelling of cannabis
and do such ugly cinder blocks make up any other wall?

Tell me, in what other Columbia dorm can I hear
sex noises from all directions, at all hours?
What other dorm has such smelly elevators
and disgusting stairwells as ours?

No other dorm is nearer to Ferris Booth
or to Beta house’s colorful gate of Hell;
if, as a freshman, you chose Carman as your abode
I can tell you confidently that you have chosen well.

Floor activities include…



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Who will lead GSSC next? The suspense is killing us

The list of GSSC candidates are here! Who will bring puppies and lit galas to GS next year? Who will fight ESC to gain access to Columbia undergrad dorms? Here are the people that you can vote for to make things happen in GSSC:

Student Body President

  • Dennis Zhao
  • Samantha Demezieux

Vice President of Policy

  • Raisa Flor
  • Yona Kornsgold

Vice President of Finance

  • Eren Villa
  • Daniel Gromis
  • Tanvir Hossain
  • Chris Jackson
  • Vance Hu

Vice President of Communications

  • Nicole Rodgers
  • Piragathesh Subramanian
  • Vladyslav Bobrovnyk

Senior Class President

  • Roya Hegdahl
  • Jonathan Harper

Veteran Students Representative

  • Joseph Jackson
  • Louie Terrazas
  • Jenna Znak

JTS Students Representative

  • Hannah Weiss
  • Kayla Pollak

International Students Representative

  • Georgi Beradze
  • Sophie Neilson

Voting will begin on Monday and continue through Wednesday at 5pm.



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Happening in the world: Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, the senior U.S. commander in Iraq, said that a US airstrike probably caused the collapse of a building in Mosul that killed a number of civilians. He indicated that an investigation will also examine if the attack set off more explosives set by militants in or near the building. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: A basketball has apparently been sitting on the uptown 1 train track at the 18th St. Station for about three weeks. Thanks to its convenient location away from the entranceway, it avoided getting run over some 4,300 times. This incident is raising bigger questions of the ever-deteriorating MTA service, and about debris on the tracks that cause delays. (NYT)

Happening on campus: Columbia China Law and Business Association and Multicultural Business Association are hosting a panel about recruiting for international students. Two upperclassmen and an alumnus in different fields will speak about their experiences as international students navigating the job recruitment process. The panel will be in Lerner 569 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm today.

Overheard: 90 seconds of intense, vicious barking, snarling, and whining at around 9 pm near Broadway and 116th

An old celeb tweet:

How’s that health care bill?



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Happening in the world: North Korea tried to launch a missile…and failed. A North Korean missile fired on Wednesday morning (local time) exploded seconds after the launch. With North Korea having made clear its ambitions to develop missiles that can reach the US mainland, this (frankly unsurprising) failure is a reassuring result for South Korea, US, and allies. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: New York state Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou is petitioning for the “Fearless Girl” statue, intended as a temporary installation for International Women’s Day, to be a permanent feature. This statue of a girl staring down the iconic “Charging Bull” statue on Wall Street has quickly gained a lot of fame since its installation in early March. Niou said that the request to keep the statue there is under review by the city. (NBC)

Happening on campus: Maggie Nelson is coming to Columbia! She will be delivering a lecture today at 7pm in the Davis Auditorium.

Overheard: “Nussbaum is my Judaism, Kimoji is my sexuality.”

An old celeb tweet: 




Rihanna’s Exorcism via Twitter



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Goodbye, Beta house.

So Furnald. Honestly, it’s the ideal dorm. It has AC, per-floor kitchens, mostly singles, a pretty lounge, and a good location, right next to Lerner and Pulitzer. It’s quiet and clean. Why is it branded as such a shit dorm? It has such a connotation. “I live in Furnald.” “Oh, do you not like having friends?”

Honestly, I had so much trouble with housing for next year (three different people confirmed as my roommate then dipped) that I really seriously considered a Furnald single for my sophomore year. An upperclassman who has lived in a Furnald single his sophomore year even recommended it to me a while back.  His logic was that by your sophomore year, you have your group of friends and you don’t need to make friends with people in your own building.

I can’t imagine living in an antisocial building, personally, because even though my Carman floor isn’t necessarily a “friend group,” we’re pretty close. In fact, I’m writing this very article in a floormate’s room at 2am on the Friday before spring break. (I’m leaving campus at 6:45am and I still haven’t packed and none of us are sober but that’s a different story.) I know I will miss this floor very much, and I can’t imagine getting off the elevator without someone being there in the shabby excuse of a floor lounge, grinning and asking me what’s up.

But maybe as a sophomore, I will appreciate the antisocial vibe. Maybe I will have so many classes and responsibilities that I won’t have time to grab a beer or two with my floormates on a Monday night during finals week (true story) next year. Maybe I’ll be annoyed when someone on my floor invites me to a floor party and blasts loud music until 4am on a Thursday night because of said floor party. Maybe I’ll just want my personal space, a quiet place to come back to after a long day. Maybe I’ll even cook something for myself in the floor kitchen. Enjoy the air conditioning if it’s early fall or late spring.

If you need that kind of private space, I respect it. Honestly, Furnald sounds like a great place to live. If the cutoff lottery number for a Furnald single last year wasn’t 170 for sophomores, I might have tried to get a Furnald single instead of looking for a roommate. But the fact is, Furnald, despite its lack of socializing and its negative connotations, a very nice dorm that is very hard to get as a sophomore. Essentially, I’ll just have to wish for a decent lottery number as a rising sophomore to get Nussbaum and not even hope for a Furnald single. All the freshmen living in Furnald singles, whom your friend question if you actually have friends, be proud. You almost certainly won’t get a dorm that nice next year.

To my Carman comrades: with the year officially 75% over, with the midterms having been finished, I will miss you. I will miss the puke and mysterious liquids in the elevators, the used condoms in the stairs, the punched-out, broken ceiling tiles, the perpetual smell of weed, the view of the Lerner wall, the proximity to Ferris, the view of Beta house from my window, the alcohol, the people, and everything else. Whether I live in Nussbaum or McBain or whatever other dorm next year, the Carman experience will be unforgettable.



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All these saved, empty seats

You did everything right to mark your territory and make sure you have a reserved space in the always-full ButRef (a.k.a. Butler 301, The Reference Room, or “the big room on the third floor”), but some self-righteous selfish asshole one-upped your own self righteous selfish assholery, moved your things to the side, and took your seat. Even though it says all over Butler that you should not mark your territory as you did, and you probably really should not leave your stuff for more than 2 hours to reserve your spot, you are still enraged at this person’s audacity. So we present you with a guide on how to get your seat back, depending on who took your precious ButRef seat.

  1. Anyone with a pile of books including the Iliad, Aeneid, Don Quixote, Inferno, etc.: This person is obviously a freshman or the occasional transfer sophomore in LitHum. Hold out a scary, advanced-looking, big, thick textbook that asserts your upperclassman status (if you are also a freshman, do this regardless to pretend you are an upperclassman) and nicely but firmly ask for your seat back. If you can intimidate them while being polite enough, they will probably give you back your seat. If they don’t leave, tell them there’s a party at Beta right now and they should go check it out.
  2. The obviously tired and hassled engineer: You honestly can’t help but feel bad for them. They probably have multiple problem sets, calculator(s), and formula sheets in front of them. Offer them a coffee or a Red Bull and a cookie, and nicely ask for your seat back.
  3. The English major with a pile of James Joyce-related books: Look up their books. Find out they’re overdue. Report them to the circulation desk (which just so happens to be right next to the Ref Room for your convenience) and get them kicked out.
  4. The Philosophy major with Sartre/Kant/Mill-related books: Wait until they leave for a smoke, and reclaim your seat. Your wait time will be inversely proportionate with the size of the stack of books, and with the number of Sartre-related titles.
  5. Person on social media: Politely tell them that you could make much better use of that seat than them. Overwhelm them with the guilt of procrastination and lack of productivity. Point out your pile of books and papers that scream “WORK! ACADEMICS! PRODUCTIVITY!” until they leave.
  6. Obvious grad student who looks like they are at least 26 and only go to Arts and Crafts because they’re too good for every other MoHi bar: Start by politely asking for your seat back. If they point out that you left your stuff there for 6 hours, start talking more and more loudly until they decide they’re too old and mature to be arguing with some undergrad about a stupid seat in Butler and leave.
  7. Person who is sleeping: They’ll be disoriented when they first wake up, so take advantage of that. Wake them up and tell them it’s current-time-plus-five-hours-o’clock, and add that this is your seat. Create an atmosphere of distracting disorder, as you flit around the person and pack and unpack your own things. This will prompt them to subconsciously gather their own things and leave.
  8. Someone with a Canada Goose/Moncler/similarly expensive coat: Grab their coat and run. They’ll chase after you. Drop their coat in a place that’s far enough that they can’t outrun you back to ButRef, run back faster than them, and reclaim your seat.
  9. Yellow Sweatshirt Butler Guy (his name is actually Daniel): He lives in Ref. You can’t get your seat back.

Many empty, claimed seats via Youngweon Lee



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The Barnard SGA Campus Life Committee and Barnard McAC are hosting a farewell event for the late Maggie the Magnolia today from 11am to 3pm outside of Liz’s Place. There will be pink candles, buttons, and a magnolia-themed photobooth. The event is also meant to honor Maggie’s long legacy at the school on International Women’s Day. Come out and say goodbye to Maggie before she leaves campus!


Rip Maggie via Barnard Campus Life Committee



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Happening in the world: Poachers killed a beloved 4-year-old male white rhino, Vince, who was kept in the Thoiry Zoological Park in France. There is a very high demand for rhino horns especially in southeast Asia and China, where they are considered status symbols, an aphrodisiac, and a miracle drug. (Chicago Tribune)

Happening in NYC: NYC Public Advocate Letitia James proposed a plan that would ban companies involved with Trump’s southern border wall construction from doing business with NYC. James also said that she would request the city’s employee pension board to look at the possibility of divesting from firms participating in the project. (Newsday)

Happening on campus: Columbia is working on expanding resources for mental health and suicide prevention, but students remain mostly unsatisfied, because many students, including University Senator Sean Ryan, think that Columbia’s efforts and proposals are not enough. (Gothamist)


A sad, abandoned crutch outside of Hamilton










An old celeb tweet: 

me too



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Everyone loves hugs. That’s a fact. If you think you don’t love hugs, you’re wrong. You probably just don’t like hugs from strangers or something. Or people around you just don’t know how to give good, proper hugs.

I saw the perfect hug outside of Butler 209 the other day. It made me feel happy for a straight week afterwards from just witnessing it, it was that good of a hug. A girl who was slightly taller than me (she looked to be about 5’6″) and a guy who was a full head taller than her were hugging each other, and the guy was leaning into her, putting his entire body weight on her. Their arms were tightly wrapped around each other: a real intimate hug, not a formality hug. The serene, happy expression on his face gave me the feeling I get when I eat a big bowl of really good pasta. Although I had hundreds of pages of reading to do, and it was fairly late at night in Butler, I was perfectly joyous from just looking at that goddamn hug and I couldn’t stop smiling like a fool! Now imagine; if that hug had that kind of effect on me, a mere bystander, no more than a longing witness, how happy would the actual participants have been?

Further analysis after the jump



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Call it VaJJ now

Well, folks, here it is, the much-anticipated announcement for the winner of the Name A Dining Hall Contest! A round of applause for the winning name, “VaJJ”!  Whoever submitted this moniker for the John-JJ’s hybrid dining hall can come to our meeting this Sunday at 7pm in Lerner 505 to claim the prize, a swipe to this very dining hall. Congratulations!



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Youngweon Lee, Daily Editor and self-described “Carman hall coffee fairy” brought her coffee machine to Butler 209 last weekend. Here’s what happened.

We’ve all been there. We all knows what it feels like to know damn well at midnight that you’re not leaving Butler until 9am. You’re feeling kind of fresh now, out of desperation and procrastination, but you only have 2 more hours until the Butler Café closes, and you know you’re going to want to die around 4 or 5am without some form of caffeine. If you’re a normal person and don’t have caffeine pills or something, and just want plain old coffee, you might be in an annoying, coffee-less conundrum.

I have a very simple solution for you; bring your coffee machine to Butler. Trust me, I’ve done it. I know what your immediate reaction is; you’re probably wondering if I’m crazy, who I am, why I’m writing for Bwog, why Bwog lets me write for them, who runs Bwog these days, etc. I will explain what happened, but I first want to say that I can’t actually find a rule that says you can’t bring a coffee machine to the library. I mean, maybe it’s one of those common sense things, or maybe I’m just bad at looking through the website, but I can’t find it written anywhere that you can’t have a coffee machine in Butler, like it’s written all over the dorms. It says at the entrance of Butler that you can’t bring food in the building, but people do it all the time anyway. It doesn’t even say there not to bring coffee machines, but no one does it.

Deets about coffee machines and Butler after the jump



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GSSC is back with Romane Thomas! They covered the integration of Dual BAers, CUFSN, GS week, and more during this week’s meeting. 

Last night GSSC gave us co-sponsorships and promises meditation sessions and insomnia cookies.

President Larosa started off the meeting by reminding the council that election season was starting today with the information session in Hamilton 401 at 8pm. The positions available for elections are President, VP of Policy, VP of Finance, VP of Campus Life, VP of Communications, International Students Representatives, Veterans Representatives and Family & Working Students Representative.

The VP of Policy announced their progress on intergrating Dual BAers in the GS community. They are currently working on a Facebook group to spread information about events. Raisa Flor also stated that the sign-up form for the Dual BA Focus groups have been circulating but she still hopes that more City U Joint Degree students will sign up. Only 20 responses have been received so far.

CUFSN, funds, and more after the jump



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Lee Jae-Yong crying hypothetical tears

Happening in the world: Lee Jae-Yong, the de facto leader of the Samsung conglomerate, one of the largest corporations in the world, was indicted of bribery and embezzlement charges. This is part of the whirlwind of a political drama that has swept the country for the past year or so, and part of an effort to end ties between the government and chaebols that dominate and control the South Korean economy. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: New York’s tourism marketing agency, NYC & Company, forecasts that the number of international tourists visiting the city will decrease for the first time in seven years. The agency’s chief executive, Fred Dixon, said that after Trump was elected as president, ideas about American hospitality changed negatively because of his statements and actions. New York is expected to draw 300,000 less tourists than last year, resulting in a loss of at least $600 million in sales for New York businesses. (NYT)

Happening on campus: Columbia Multicultural Business Association is hosting a panel discussion with BNY Mellon, an investment company today at 8pm in Lerner 569. Current and former participants of the company’s Summer Analyst Company will participate in the panel, and there will be a networking session afterwards. Pizza and soda will be provided.

Overseen: Both Carman elevators are finally functional, after more or less a full month of there being either zero or one working elevator. Yay!

Old celeb tweet:

No, Shaq, you are beautiful!







Lee Jae-Yong via Wikimedia



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We love NYU, and we think they’re great, but sometimes our NYU friends like to remind us that we live in an area of town where you can find half of the school’s population in exactly 2 bars on a Saturday night, while they’re downtown roaming around Greenwich Village. (At least my NYU friends do. Is this just a me phenomenon?) I was curious to see if NYU students really have more fun than us, so I asked a few real-life NYU students what they do on a typical Saturday night, and actually spent last Saturday night with a few of them.

First, here’s how last Saturday night went. I took an Uber to West Village with my friend, got my left frontal helix pierced at a tattoo shop on Bleecker Street, and sat in a dorm room in University Hall drinking beer, gin, and tequila and watching basketball with a few boys. Then we met up with their friends and PAID to get into Bar 13 ($5 for girls, $10 for boys: sexism at work?), and left almost immediately because it was very unlit. We stopped by Duane Reade to get a 12-pack of beer, then finished them off on our walk to The Jane. There was a line around the corner, and the NYU friends told my friend and me that it would be worth it, but I was skeptical. When we finally made it to the front, our fakes got denied, and we were asked to leave the building. We Ubered back to West Village? Greenwich Village? and went to some sweaty bar called Pourhouse, which was pretty much exactly like an EC party except bigger than an EC suite, and you had to pay (a lot) for drinks. I lost everyone when I went to the bathroom, so I walked to my friend’s dorm and crashed there.

Read first-hand NYU accounts of downtown nightlife



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Lily Donaldson strutting the streets of Paris in mom jeans with slightly less tapered, straighter legs

The year is 2017. Skinny, low/mid-rise jeans are fuckin’ dead as disco. Mom jeans are coming back in a big fuckin’ way. Reminiscent of the 80’s and 90’s, mom jeans are characterized by their high waistlines, butt-hugging behinds, and tapered-but-not-tight legs. Usually (but not always) seen in a lighter wash, mom jeans accentuate your butt and thighs, elongate your crotch, and cinch your waist, for a weirdly very flattering fit. I personally prefer mom jeans that don’t have stretch, because high-waisted jeans that are too stretchy don’t give me a sense of sturdy security that stiff denim gives me.

You can find good, stiff, light-wash, tapered mom jeans at thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange or L Train Vintage for relatively cheap. I own two pairs, both of which I bought from an admittedly (sometimes) overpriced thrift shopping app called Depop. One is a pair of silver-tab Levi’s jeans that are a little looser at the thigh and therefore have have more of that carrot shape. The other is a pair of Calvin Klein jeans that are a little tighter at the thighs and (I think) flatter my legs better.

Kendall Jenner in mom jeans with a slimmer silhouette

My Calvin Klein jeans are my favorite jeans ever, although I also love my Levi’s. The CK ones are buttery soft but perfectly sturdy (although one time when things were heating up with a boy he managed to tear off a belt loop and I had to sew it on when I got back to my room at 4am) and perfectly worn in. They were rather long on me when I bought them in their original state, so I cut the legs a bit to fit me better because I don’t have a sewing machine and am too lazy to take them to a tailor.

More about the intricate art of mom jeans

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