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We found this pic of Tom’s outdoor seating from God knows when

This is not a drill. Tom’s Diner takes cards now. We are not kidding. Betsy’s friend is paying with a debit card right now. Idris has been paying with card since a few weeks ago. First Koronet’s, and now Tom’s. Will Hungarian be next?

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Classical Whines is back for whines about the classics and a wine rec. This time, it’s about Ovid’s Metamorphoses; a work that was once on the LitHum syllabus but has since been eviscerated from the Core. As a disclaimer, we are aware that LitHum syllabi may differ slightly between sections, but for our intents and purposes, this article will discuss the standard syllabus from the Core website. Also, Bwog does not endorse underage drinking; the wine recommendation is only for readers who are of legal drinking age.

Dr. Lake, who was my Latin teacher in high school, once said that Ovid’s Metamorphoses is the second most influential piece of literature for western art, after the Bible. I haven’t taken Art Hum yet, so I can’t vouch for this myself, but Dr. Lake said it, so it must be true. But you don’t even need to take Art Hum to see the range of influence that Ovid had on western art. If you’ve ever seen any of the paintings in the gallery below, you have Ovid to thank for the inspiration. (Botticelli’s Birth of Venus isn’t a story that is actually in the Metamorphoses, but this article from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence cites the work as an inspiration for the theme.)

Why is the Metamorphoses so important?



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A late night diary entry. A stream of consciousness musing at 5 am. 

Dear Bwog,

It’s been another long week and a short weekend. Saturday’s gone, and Sunday’s sunrise is near us. I meant to go to bed a lot earlier tonight, but that didn’t happen. I slept 14 hours last Saturday; I wish I could do that every week. I physically can’t keep up with that “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude, because I’m not functional without 8 full hours of sleep and a cup of coffee. My class schedule will be more lax next semester, though, so hopefully, I’ll get more sleep. Even 10:10 classes are too early for me, honestly. I wish I could be a morning person but I’m so much more productive and alert at night. Is that so wrong? Why does our society covet morning people so much? What about us night owls?

I was at 1020 earlier, as expected. I saw a lot of friends, some enemies, people I wanted to see, and people I didn’t want to see. Typical of 1020, you know. The person I most wanted to see wasn’t there, though. It’s okay, I still had fun. Before that, I was at a random EC party that Idris brought me to. I haven’t gone to one of those in a while, and I forgot how stuffy and smelly they get. I didn’t enjoy it much at all. We left almost immediately after we entered, even though we walked many blocks to get there.

More after the jump yadi yada



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Bwog’s resident housing expert/complainer Youngweon explains why she thinks Woodbridge was chosen so quickly during the housing lottery this year.

According to our housing coverage liveblog from this year, the cutoff for Woodbridge this year was 20/911. In other words, all Woodbridge suites, even the low-demand ones, were completely gone by the first week of housing selection. This is the fastest that Woodbridge has been snatched up for as far as our records go (2014). Here is the cutoff history for Woodbridge (all of Woodbridge, so these numbers are for low-demand suites) for the last few years:

2017-2018: 20/2820 (First year of standardized upperclassmen housing prices)

2016-2017: 20/2507

2015-2016: 20/1607

A worried 20/807

2014-2015: 20/2198

Never in recent memory has Woodbridge had a cutoff of lower than 20/mid-1000s. Last year, when upperclassmen housing prices were standardized, the cutoff was 20/2820, meaning that any junior duo who wanted a Woodbridge suite probably got it. Even in the years before, if you were a junior duo with a lottery number any less shitty than mine (20/2868), you could get it. This year, however, even juniors with lottery numbers in the 800s were worried, and rightly so, with the low-demand cutoff turning out to be 20/911.

So, why did this happen?



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Thanks to that torrential downpour earlier this morning, some stations may be flooded, like 145th St. We hope your commute is safe. 

1: Downtown (South Ferry-bound) 1 trains are skipping all stops between 86th and 50th at night from 9:45 pm to 5 am, Monday through Friday.

2: No planned services changes this week.

3: There will be 3 trains only between 148th and 34th at night from 11:45 pm to 5 am, Monday through Friday.

A: 110th St Station is closed until September 2018. Downtown (Ozone Park/Far Rockaway-bound) A trains are skipping all stops between 116th and 72nd from 10 pm to 5 am Monday through Friday.

B: 110th St Station is closed until September 2018. B train service will end early at 9 pm from Monday to Thursday.

C: 110th St Station is closed until September 2018. Downtown (Euclid Ave-bound) C trains will skip every stop from 116th to 72nd in the evenings between 9:45 pm to 10:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.

D: No planned service changes around MoHi this week.

Subway via Bwog Archives



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A common subject of complaint among Columbia students is the Advising Center (along with CPS, housing, dining, and everything else at this school, apparently). I personally cannot relate, because my advisor is great, but for those of you who are not as fortunate, we found out how you can switch advisors.

There is no big, complicated process. All you have to do is make an appointment to speak with Andrew Plaa, Dean of Advising, and either ask for a certain advisor if you have one in mind, or tell him about your concerns with your current advisor and he’ll find you a new one. You can make the appointment via the advising portal as you would when you’re scheduling any other advising appointment. His email address is You’re welcome!

Good gradez via Bwog archives



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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I know it’s definitely not my train!

The weekend is here and brought some warmth and sun with it! How will the MTA ruin your good mood this weekend? Let’s find out! 

1: No planned service changes this weekend.

2: No planned service changes around MoHi this weekend.

3: No planned service changes this weekend.

Note: I must point out that the downtown 2 and 3 are FINALLY running express to Times Square through the weekend. This hasn’t been the case for as long as I can remember. In addition, it seems like they will also be stopping at Fulton Street, which isn’t near MoHi by any means but it’s still pretty huge if you’re trying to go to Brooklyn and do a transfer to the ABC or JMZ.

A: 110th St Station is closed until September 2018. Downtown (Ozone Park/Far Rockaway-bound) A trains will skip every stop between 116th and 72nd at night from 10 pm to 5 am from Friday to Monday.

B: 110th St Station is closed until September 2018. Service will end early at 9 pm tonight (Friday night).

C: 110th St Station is closed until September 2018. Downtown (Euclid Ave-bound) C trains will skip every stop between 116th and 72nd on Friday evening from 9:45 pm to 10:30 pm.

D: No planned service changes around MoHi this weekend.

2 and 3 are back from war via Bwog Archives



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The election results are out for CCSC and ESC Executive Boards, At-Large Representatives, University Senators, and 2019, 2020, 2021 Class Councils.


  • Senate: Danielle Resheff, Toqa Badran, Alfredo Dominguez
  • Executive Board:
    • President: Jordan Singer (CU Roar)
    • VP of Policy: Elise Fuller (CU Roar)
    • VP of Finance: Adam Resheff (CU Roar)
    • VP of Communications: Isabelle Lajara (CU Roar)
    • VP of Campus Life: Sim Mander (CU Roar)
  • At-Large Representatives:
    • Academic Affairs: Zachary Kimmel
    • Alumni Affairs: Joyce Tan
    • Disability Services: Aaron Liberman
    • Financial Security and First Generation: Luke Aron Ebora
    • Gender and Sexuality: Sabina Jones
    • International Students: Nikola Danev
    • Pre-Professional: Stephen Cushner
    • Race and Ethnicity: Heven Haile
    • Student Services: Monique Harmon, Henry Feldman
  • Class Councils:
    • 2019: Mina Mahmood (President), David Kaminsky (VP), Tarek Deida (Rep), George Jiang (Rep), Elisa Kong (Rep)
    • 2020: James Ritchie (President), Kai Feliciano (VP), Madison Harden (Rep), Ben Kaplan (Rep), Patricia Granda (Rep)
    • 2021: Prem Thakkar (President), Skye Bork (VP), Aja Johnson (Rep), Sarah Radway (Rep), Ramsay Eyre (Rep)
  • Columbia College Referendum – “Columbia should commit to 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality (net zero carbon emissions) by 2030.”
    • Yes


  • Senate: Zoha Qamar
  • Executive Board:
    • President: Ria Garg (FUll House)
    • VP of Policy: Adekunle Balogun (FUll House)
    • VP of Finance: Anya Di Salvo (FUll House)
    • VP of Communications: Asher Goldfinger (FUll House)
    • VP of Campus Life: Richa Gode (FUll House)
  • At-Large Representatives:
    • Academic Affairs: James Wu
    • Campus Affairs: Jordynn Lurie
    • Combined Plan 3-2: Tracy Paltoo
    • Professional Development and Alumni Affairs: Dean Kieserman
    • First Generation and Low Income: Jennifer Martinez
    • International Students: Katherine Liu
    • Sustainability: Amar Bhardwaj
    • Student Groups: Sambhav Jain
    • Technology: Tanmay Chopra
  • Class Councils:
    • 2019: Izzet Kebudi (President), Camila Solis-Camara (VP), Shivani Dharmadhikary (Rep), Steven Hyland (Rep)
    • 2020: Joanna Paik (President), Abhishek Chakraborty (VP), Marisa Ngbemeneh (Rep), Ayesha Chhugani (Rep)
    • 2021: Alina Ying (President), Adheli Gonzales (VP), Nicolas Acosta (Rep), Joe Hier (Rep)

Campaign desperation via Bwog Archives



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Social Media Editor Youngweon Lee, lottery number 20/2868, rants about housing.

Why does housing have to be so hard? Every step of the process of attaining a place to live on this campus is so damn complicated. First, you have to form a housing group, during which you will lose all your friends and realize that you never had any real friends to begin with. If you’re in a group by yourself, you’ll be secluded in Broadway or something, probably. Then, your housing group analyzes the list of dorms available to your averaged point number based on the number of people in your group and pray for a decent lottery number. Then, this happens:




…and all your plans are blasted out the window.

So then you regroup (figuratively, not literally). You’re a group of two with a point value of 20, trying to live in Woodbridge. The cutoff for last year was 20/2820; you have hope. You line up a few backup options: Watt, Symposium, that one brownstone on 115th, Nussbaum, River, Harmony. You discuss whether you really want a true double. You pray that fewer people will want Woodbridge this year.

Will the protagonist of our tragedy get a Woodbridge suite? Find out after the jump



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Hey man, rush Bwog

Dear reader, you might think that this is just any old dumb LNB, but it’s not. It’s a very special LNB. It’s not because Youngweon is writing this instead of a CC paper due tomorrow; it’s because it’s her 100th Bwog post. 

Technically, this isn’t my 100th post. That happened a few weeks ago, probably, because there are about a dozen or so posts out there under Bwog Staff that I wrote anonymously. This isn’t even my 100th public post, because there are two posts that are under my name but unpublished. So this is my (approximately) 113th public post and 99th public post under my name, but if you log into the Bwog WordPress and look under my author tag, there are 99 posts before this one including unpublished drafts, and this is the 100th one, so we’ll call this my 100th post.

Now, dear reader, you might be wondering why the hell I chose to write about Beta Theta Pi for my 100th post. The reason is twofold: first, it’s just funny. Frats are fun to pick on. Second, it’s a sort-of tribute to Andrew Finn Klauber a.k.a. Finn or Andrew or Finneas or what-have-you, our former Internal Editor and my Bwog Big as well as the person I go to for all my Classics Department-related questions. I joined Bwog four semesters ago as a new freshman because he wrote some articles roasting the living hell out of me for some things I said in a GroupMe as a prospie. Enraged, when I came to campus, I came to Bwog’s first open meeting in September 2016, and the rest is history. Therefore, I will make my 100th post an article picking on his fraternity.

A List Of Things Beta Theta Pi Could Put On Their Door Instead Of Their Current Quote (“Lasciate ogne speranza voi ch’intrate”):








Bwog via Youngweon Lee, Finneas via Anonymous



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A 30-year-old Hispanic man was stabbed outside of Suite on 109th and Amsterdam last night around 1 am (early morning April 10th).

The victim was standing on the corner when three unknown men approached him, according to an NYPD spokesperson. One of the three men stabbed him, and all three fled the scene.

The NYPD stated that the victim sustained several stab wounds to the torso and was “not cooperative with investigators.” He was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and will likely survive his injuries. The suspects have not been caught and no arrests have been made at this time. It is unclear if the victim is a Columbia student or not.

Amsterdam Ave via Bwog Archives




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Hope y’all didn’t get CAVA’d this weekend! Here’s how the subway is doing.

1: No planned service changes this week.

2: There will be no 2 trains between 96th and 149th at night between 11:30 pm to 5 am from Monday to Friday.

3: There will be no 3 trains at night between 10:30 pm and 5 am from Monday to Friday.

A: The 110th station is closed until this September.

B:  The 110th station is closed until this September. B train service will end early at 9 pm from Monday to Thursday.

C:  The 110th station is closed until this September. Uptown (168th-bound) C trains will skip every stop from 72nd to 116th.

D: No planned service changes around MoHi this week.

Subway via Bwog Archives



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McBain is the definitively the worst dorm on campus. Don’t live here. If you are a rising sophomore whose lottery number isn’t good enough for Nuss, just go to Schapiro. 

Location: 113th and Broadway. 

  • Nearby dorms: Watt, Nussbaum, Frat Row, Carman
  • Stores and restaurants: Milano’s, Junzi, Community, Nussbaum, Panda Express, Morton Williams, Westside, Duane Reade, International, Chase ATM, etc. – pretty much anything near campus on Broadway
    Cost: The cost for upperclassman dorms is standard: $9,538.


  • Bathrooms: Each floor has seven disgusting single-stall bathrooms. People don’t know how to flush or aim. It’s the worst.
  • AC/Heating: Every room has a radiator that may or may not work, depending on what side of the building you’re on. Shaft rooms (true shaft of the building shaft rooms, not the pseudo-shaft between buildings) have AC units, but the rest don’t. It can get really hot in the fall and spring months.
  • Lounge: There is a building lounge on the first floor, and each floor has its own floor lounge. They’re fairly big, but can still get crowded. Floor lounges have AC.
  • Kitchen: Each floor shares a kitchen that’s part of the lounge. The kitchens are pretty spacious if you’re cooking alone, but it gets crowded and annoying to cook around other people. They also get really disgusting because people are horrible and don’t know how to clean up after themselves.
  • Laundry: On the first floor. It doesn’t get horribly busy except when rude inconsiderate people forget to take their laundry out of their machines. It can get disgusting pretty often, which is a running theme in this building.
  • Fire escapes: Haha. No.
  • Bike storage: Nope.
  • Computers/printers: In the first-floor lobby.
  • Gym: A small fitness room (treadmill and ellyptical) on the fourth floor.
  • Intra-transportation: Two smelly, disgusting, slow, unreliably elevators.
  • Hardwood/carpet: Rooms have hardwood, hallways have carpet.

More about McNasty after the jump.



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Not sure why you’d go downtown this weekend, since tomorrow is Bacchanal and Sunday will be recovery-from-Bacchanal Day, but here are the planned subway service changes around MoHi this weekend. Happy travels! 

1: No planned service changes this weekend.

2: No planned service changes around MoHi this weekend.

3: No planned service changes this weekend.

A: Uptown (Inwood-bound) A trains will skip every stop from 72nd to 116th at night from 11 pm to 5 am this Friday through Monday.

B: Service will end early at 8:45 pm on Friday.

C: Uptown (168th-bound) C trains will skip every stop from 72nd to 116th on Friday evening from 9:45 pm to 11:15 pm.

D: No planned service changes around MoHi this weekend.

MTA via Bwog Archives



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This map doesn’t even show MoHi

Things are looking better this week for the MTA, but the bad weather will probably cause delays. The lack of planned changes also seems too good to be true, so expect a lot of delays and mishaps.

1: No planned service changes.

2: No planned service changes.

3: No planned service changes. (Is this real life? The 1/2/3 has returned from war?)

A: Uptown (Inwood-bound) A trains will skip all stops between 72nd and 116th at nights from 11 pm to 5 am this Monday through Friday.

B: Service will end early at 8:45 pm from Monday to Thursday.

C: Uptown (168th-bound) C trains will skip all stops between 72nd and 116th in evenings from 9:45 pm to 11:15 pm from Monday to Thursday.

D: No planned service changes around Morningside Heights.

Not MoHi via Bwog Archives

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