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omg no so gross

It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Ah, Halloweekend, that magical time when you smear makeup with glee, get punny, and make out with a banana. It’s a memorable weekend for all, even more so when it morphs into “fall break” and everybody creeps away into their caves–whether staycationing or retreating back home. To commemorate Halloweekend 2013, we bring you field notes.

One for the ages

On actual Halloween, both EC elevators were out of order, forcing residents and partygoers to tramp up and down the 20 flights. Reports say:

  • “Currently sitting on the 10th floor landing taking a breather. FUCK.THIS.SHIT”
  • “…and now I begin my 14 flight trek.”
  • “Hello from floor 10. Parties are emerging in the stairwells”
  • “People gave me so much encouragement when I thought I was about to pass out and/or vomit around floor 9″
  • “Ok there was something pretty fun about the community building on the stairs though”

Bar hopping

Last Wednesday night, with seniors in full force at Havanaween, a Bwogger happened upon a guy at Mel’s with an ice cube tray taped to his stomach.  When asked what he was, he replied “I’m Ice Cube’s mother.” The Bwogger was mildly amused.

Speaking of Mel’s, it appears as if upperclassmen are coming back around to this haven, having taken some time away in respect to the seriously, seriously missed Bigga. This weekend, Mel’s was fuller than usual with upperclassmen, apparently tired of always landing back at 1020.

Bwog’s editor and her cohorts got second place at 1020 trivia last night. Just saying.

In other bar news, The Abbey is temporarily shut down, for the 15 of you who this affects.

Costumery, fall break, and a story after the jump



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Bwog's second home

Happy kinda birthday, baby

…but that doesn’t mean they’re doing anything in particular about it. A brief call with the bar tonight found a cheery bartender laughing at the concept of a 10/20 celebration.  On asking if they were doing anything special tonight, he responded:

“You know, we’re not! It’s just a regular night at 1020. You’re about the 10th person to ask me that. It just completely skipped my mind—my boss’s too. We didn’t even realize the date. I think I lost track of the days…it’s October now, right…? Anyways, we’re not doing anything special over here tonight, but you can always come and drink!”

Well you heard the man—screw midterms, it’s 10/20!



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Bodega cat we love you

This fine Monday, we want to remind you of the glory that was the weekend.  We now present to you a new series: Field Notes, where we round up the drunk late night tips we received during the weekend.  Be sure to send in what you’re seeing this upcoming weekend to tips@bwog.com, or use our anonymous tip form.

Last week’s Senior Night was once again held at the Village Pourhouse instead of its regular Havana Central.  Revelers unanimously agreed that it was a “really weird scene.”  Something about moving a few blocks and an avenue changed something.  According to tipster, 1:43 am–“Just as awkward as at Havana, but somehow..;worse.”

Of course night life doesn’t just include bars.  Thursday, at 12:03 am, a tipster reported that a “guy across from me in Butler just pulled out a PBR…”

Then there’s the more abstract.  At 12:15 am on Friday, an anonymous tipster requested we start a new series where we “go to Greek life parties thrown to support a charity, and then ask the brothers at the party what charity they’re supporting. See how many of them actually know what it is.”  It should also be noted that on Thursday night, AEPi was having a “Rave Against Cancer” at Domain.

On Friday night, Bwog editors and Bwog tech discovered that we are not good at pool.  However Ding Dong Lounge was still, as always, gloriously uncrowded and filled with randos.

At 1:14 am on Saturday, a cat was found in a bodega on 107th and Amsterdam, pictured right.

More stories, the Wall of Shame, and your anonymous-tip-form story of the weekend



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This line is a good representation of 1020's, except a little too short

This is a good representation of 1020’s line, except a little too short

If your goal is to actually get into 1020 (sorry, anonymous Bwog staffer, “1,020” is never gonna happen), The Line is pretty indefensible. The only thing worse than freezing one’s ass off on a cold November night is counting the drunk people walking out the door, hoping there’s finally enough room for you and your friends to squeeze into a hot, sweaty, standing-room-only bar. I’ve never hated fire safety standards more than when I’m wasting a half an hour of my precious Saturday night shivering on Amsterdam Avenue.

But the beauty of the 1020 line are the hard questions it forces its members to ask. Questions like: just what the hell am I waiting for, anyway? What on the other side of that door is more appealing than a dorm party and/or downtown (LOL, just kidding) and/or my bed? Is anything on the other side of that door going to make awkward small talk with my friends while we both constantly check our phones worth it?

The answer, respectively, is “an overcrowded rectangle with a pool table,” “probably nothing, except anything is better than an EC party,” and “nope.” 1020 without the line is, needless to say, a perfectly acceptable option among the slim pickings collectively known as Columbia nightlife. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a booth with some friends to kill a few hours, particularly on Trivia Night. But 1020 with a line? It’s a healthy dose of perspective, not to mention the perfect catalyst to spending the rest of one’s night in a place where it’s actually possible to have an audible conversation.

Rounding the corner only to find a mob of thirty or so outside Morningside’s most decent-ish watering hole will always be a disappointment. What follows, however, usually isn’t—and that’s the point. There’s no shame in making an impromptu Westside run (drunk salads!!!) or smoking in a friend’s Plimpton suite (best paired with Avatar: The Last Airbender) or just plain falling asleep slightly earlier than planned. Just what would have happened if you’d made it into 1020, anyway? Bar drinks are overpriced, and meeting new people is overrated. #nonewfriends

The 1020 line can be a crucial turning point in any given weekend night, and whether it makes or breaks your evening is entirely up to you. Think of it this way: at its best, The Line saves us from another tragically predictable Columbia night and forces us to get creative. At worst, it makes you wait a little longer for your whiskey sour. If the absolute worst a line can do is slightly delay the inevitable, what’s the point in hating?

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ya dum dums

From 1020

As Bwog reported nearly a week ago, 1020 has raised its prices by a staggering 100 percents. Yes, that means no more $2 Yuenglings and Rolling Rocks.  Between this and the new bathroom changes, it’s almost like 1020 is becoming a legitimate bar for grown-up human beings, and not just for thousands of college seniors flaunting their privilege and complaining about the glory days when there was no line.

Bwog took a minute out of our midday intoxication to talk to Tim about why this change needed to happen:

“Look, I don’t have much time. Things are starting to get busy here. We still have the best prices in New York City. It’s only a dollar more. Cost of rent goes up you know, and we just can’t survive on $2 beer. But I don’t see why that’s any business of anyone at the Daily Spectator.”

Bwog was confused, but humored. After finishing our drink we continued on our way. Now thoroughly drunk, it was time to start that problem set!



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In honor of Saturday night, we’d like to help you plot your disillusionment with Columbia/NYC/being sociable. Bwog’s Lovely L’Artiste Lauren Beltrone brought this to fruition.



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ya dum dums

From 1020

Multiple Bwoggers and tipsters reported that various establishments about Morningside Heights were in frustrating condition last night, disrupting the revelry of the last real night before classes start.  The reports:

EC: EC was a mess.  Multiple frats and groups of friends were having parties in the suites and townhouses, bringing hordes of humans to the dorm.  It started simply enough, with a crowd of people in front of the door waiting to be signed in.

At 11:30 pm it was reported that a Public Safety officer was outside monitoring those who didn’t have someone to immediately sign them in.  “Actually New York’s hottest club.”

By 2:30 am, though, things had turned into madness.  By one tip, “guards at the sign in were insane–screaming at people to leave the lobby and physically making barriers and grabbing people and pushing them out.  People were chanting ‘EC is Cuba’–it was ridiculous.”  People were stuck waiting upwards of half an hour to be signed in or out.

Mel’s: By 1:15 am, there were reports that two policemen were standing outside, staring at it.  No word if anything actually happened though.  Ominous.

1020: 1020 had a similarly disgruntled night.  By 1 am, according to Alejandro, last night’s bouncer, there was a line 3-4 people deep stretching past Insomnia, estimating around 80 people.  This isn’t good for the bar–dozens of people standing outside created a lot of noise, leading to several noise complaints from neighbors.

Finally everybody standing outside was instructed to leave and effectively shooed away.  “Lots of people bailed on 1020 for The Heights.”  Only those standing in the smoker’s pen and with stamps were allowed inside.  Groups of seniors, locked out of a favorite hangout, gathered together in solidarity at this outrage and yelled about senior privilege.  At 2 am 1020 started letting people back in again, and those first in were rewarded with a gloriously uncrowded bar.

Amigos: Per one Bwogger, 1 am: “So Amigos is like a legitamite ish bar and kinda cool, whoa culture”

Meanwhile: Apparently Columbia Makeout is back.



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Bwog still fondly remembers repeatedly smacking our friend under the booth table as an older patron waxed poetic on the time he agreed to a deal to go down on a man to have sex with his lady friend, all in the 1020 bathroom.  It would appear, however, that this time of glory is officially over.  Say goodbye, too, to the immediate closeness of the boys’ bathroom, which now has stalls:



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David Fine

Here we have one of Bwog’s favorite green sock wearers: David Fine.

Name, Hometown, School: David Fine, Dallas, TX, CC

Claim to fame? Editor of The Current, wearer of green socks, SGB chair.

Where are you going? Working in New York, occasionally reliving the glory days with fellow CU alumni on Low Steps heckling current students.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Everyone talks about a triangle with work, sleep, and socializing at each corner, saying you need to pick two points to succeed. That is the biggest load of codswallop you’ll hear here (and there’s certainly a lot of codswallop floating around, least of which is my own). Don’t make charts for how you should live your life. Instead, figure out what balance works for you and stick with it. When it stops working for you, change it—even in the same day, even in the same hour! The stuff that we call socializing here should enhance every other aspect of your time at Columbia, especially academics. In sum: fret less about how you should do Columbia, and just do it.
  2. All is fair in love and war (with administrators) and finding open booths at 1020. It’s the last that you truly must perfect if you’re to have any success at all. Here’s a good story that explains all three. I love Barnard, I think it’s the best. When last semester Barnard Student Life imposed a pre-approval on student fliers, as SGB chair I knew it was my job to help fix something I love. I sat down with a Barnard administrator for over an hour trying to explain that this policy was bad and that they wouldn’t win a fight with SGB or other student groups over this. As the meeting was winding down, the administrator sincerely looked me in the eye and pleaded, “I hope I could’ve said something in this meeting that would avoid you opposing us on this.” I said something like, “suspend the policy immediately and work with us on creating a new one.” The administrator deadpanned, “we won’t do that.” We both looked at each other and kind of shrugged, shook hands, and went our separate ways. It was basically a declaration of war. Less than a week after that meeting Barnard had repealed the policy. So, if you’re keeping track, I’ve got love (for Barnard) and war (with administrators), what does this have to do with 1020 booths? The first rule of securing 1020 booths is that when you jump into a just emptied booth, you must stare down any would-be booth thieves without blinking. You must be vigilant and you must be steadfast in your commitment to the booth. I applied the same principles when faced with obstinate administrators, broken bureaucracy, and intransigent interests at Columbia. Everything I learned worth knowing, I learned at 1020. (more…)



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What makes you happy?

It’s not unusual to wake up after a night at 1020 with some unexpected texts on your phone. In Bwog’s case, we woke up to find an interview in voice memo form. On Tuesday, two adventurous seniors, Anna and Diana (anonymity requested), CC and SEAS’13, decided to stay in 1020 from opening to closing. At 2:20 am, 10 hours and 20 minutes into their stay, Bwog sat down at the front table to check in with them.

Bwog: How long have you been at 1020? 

Diana: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2…10 hours!

Anna: 10 hours and 20 minutes.  Since 4 o’clock, opening time.

Bwog: And how long are you going to be here till?

Anna and Diana: Until it closes! [agonized shouts]

Anna: I thought it was gonna be 3, but considering the crowd that’s come out, I think it’s gonna be more like 4:30. I think last call will be 3:50 and everyone will be gone by 4:30.

Diana: Are we gonna be the last people here?

Anna: I think so, yeah.

Diana: I assumed we would.

Anna: It’s all a work in progress.

Bwog: When did you come up with this idea?

Anna: Two nights ago!

Diana: We wanted to do it for a long time, and then we just were like “fuuuuck, let’s do it.”




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Illustration by Alejandra OlivaAfter a police sting involving a 19-year-old who looks 30, 1020 might lose its liquor license.  In honor of all those late nights spent hunched over sticky booths—whether there’re to be more of them or not—Bwog Editor Alexandra Svokos writes about the 1020 murals in this month’s issue of The Blue and White.

“Why, yes, I know the story well: the paintings are post-WWII constructions—”

“You’re a post-WWII construction. Be more specific.”

“It’s post-WWII, that’s all I know! They were made to represent the struggle of America to come back from war and rebuild their lives from the dust of inhumanity.”

“You’re pulling this out of your ass, aren’t you?”

Of course he’s pulling this out of his ass; no one knows what 1020’s twin murals mean or where they came from. Indeed, few of 1020’s patrons even notice the paintings.

On the left is a propeller plane that looms over the viewer; on the right stands a cavernous train station. In dark shades of brown and beige, they are indistinct from the bar’s wood paneling. Although they cover a huge amount of wall space and must have taken some time and effort to bring to life, they do not beg for attention. But the incisive, if temporarily clouded, minds of Columbia are eager to analyze it.

Analyze it!



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In happier times

In case you missed it while you were out last night, Spec posted a late-night story about 1020 getting fined for serving an underage, undercover police recruit.  The underage recruit stopped by around 7 pm yesterday and cops came by later to serve the charge.  A little after opening today, Bwog stopped by 1020 to talk to bartender Tim–who is understandably pissed as shit.

It was a manipulative sting operation that Tim finds despicable and, to him, pointed out “everything that’s bad about cops.”  The police recruit they sent in, as noted in the Spec article, was six and a half feet tall with a beard.  Moreover, he was a big, intimidating looking guy that you wouldn’t want to offend.  “He looked like he was thirty-five,” Tim shook his head.

When told there was a Spectator article about the incident, he stormed out to get a copy at V&T’s, where he told the story to the hosts.  They asked if there was a bouncer out, but it was too early in the evening.  Back at the bar, Tim read through the article several times on a phone–the story didn’t make it to print today–and pounded his fist.  1020 was fined $1,500, but they intend to fight it.  When NYPD came back last night, Tim asked if they had seen the recruit.  He said he would take the case to court and specifically request the man be present as evidence of how ridiculous the situation was.

This isn’t the first time 1020 has run into trouble.  In March 2009, they were hit by another sting operation and in April 2011 a bunch of students were caught with fakes in several bars in the area.  Seems like this even-numbered bar has a problem with odd-numbered years.  We can only wish them the best.



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Are you surrounded by roses and condoms and candy today and itching for some love to go along with it? See if one of our fine young eligibles strikes your fancy on this Valentine’s Day — nothing says “spontaneity” like asking one of them out via personals@bwog.com very late tonight. Meet Christopher Vela and Shelley Farmer.

Name, Year, School, Major: Chris “TOPHER” Vela, Junior, CC, Stats and CSER

Preference: Guy for Woman

Hometown: Edinburg, TX

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Brews and hating on Taylor Swift +1020

What redeem you as a human being? I just chill and enjoy the little things in life.

Obsessive book series of choice: As cliché and lame as it is I would say Harry Potter. Totally want a Death Eater tattoo on my arm.

Library room of choice: 4th floor. Aka the place where one loses his/her soul.

What you think the sexiest animal is: Cougars.

Guilty pleasure song: Any Marvin Gaye song cause obviously that guy was BO$$.

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? Hate on Girls as much as you want, if Judd Apatow is the executive producer then they must be doing something right. I’ll leave it at that.

Historical hottie: Jackie Kennedy.

Read on for Shelley’s personal.



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Here is the dénouement to Robert and Kristine’s 1020 story. He’s currently waiting on the Steps.


Curious onlookers are currently there waiting for something to happen. Go there or read our tweets to find out what happens.

UPDATE: She never showed up and he left after a few minutes. He tore up the rose and left the petals at the base of Alma Mater.



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1020 on a Saturday night

This evening, Bwog received a tip that is unusual both for its length (long) and its topic (love).

In it, Robert (not his real name) goes to 1020, meets two girls named Kristine and Kristine (not their real names) and falls in love with one of them. Upon her leaving, he asks her to meet him at Alma at dawn, where he’ll be waiting. She does not show. It is a hard read, no matter which way you approach it. But for the names, which have been changed, the tip is unedited.

Read on for social anxiety, a booth, coconut water, David Foster Wallace, and a very long night.

To: tips@bwog.com
From: robert@gmail.com
Subject: (minor edit, read this one) I need your guys’ help in trying to find the girl I fell in love with (last night at 1020)

Dear Bwog,

I need your guys’ help in trying to find the girl I fell in love with (last night at 1020)

Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I said love. I also know that you laughed at the (last night at 1020) bit in the subject, but I can tell you with all my heart, that doesn’t matter. You can’t control where it happens.

I swear to God, all of this happened.

All I know about her is that her name is Kristine.

If you want to see why you should help me let me tell you the story:

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