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Drop that class!

Drop that class!

The school year is drawing to a close, and Bureau Chief Joseph Milholland is back to bring you news on the latest resolutions from General Studies Student Council.

The General Studies Student Council gave updates on two resolutions on Tuesday night. Comptroller (and the next VP of Finance) Dalitso Nkhoma had the council approve some changes to the Bacchanal resolution, which puts the committee’s financial decisions in the hands of the four undergrad VPs of finance. The changes ensure that students will not be charged for tickets to Bacchanal and that students will be informed of ticket sales at least a month before the sales begin. Student councils will continue to work on this resolution.

VP of Policy Elizabeth Heyman also had updates on the add/drop resolution, which proposes pushing back the add/drop date to the fifth week of classes for GSSC students. Dean Awn is trying to join the resolution with CCSC’s resolution for changes in the add/drop date. Deans from Columbia College want their academic calender to match GS’s academic calender, so they are pressuring CCSC to merge their resolution with GSSC’s resolution. Becasue GS students pay by credit, they want to move their change of program date from two weeks into the semester to five weeks. If the resolution goes forward along with the CCSC resolution, the last date to withdraw from classes for GS students would also likely be pushed back; however, GSSC is still waiting on what the CC deans have to say about this.


  • GSSC President Peter Nason said that Lerner admins were “receptive” to the council’s input on changes to the first-floor computer lab from last week.
  • According to Usenator Katherin Celentano, some people have signed up to do research on gyms at peer instiutions for the current project to do renovations and improvements at Dodge Gym.
  • VP of Communications Donna Askari hopes to have GSSC’s new website finished this week.

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old computer

Out with the computer lab, in with a study lounge!

Bureau chief and campus politics connoisseur Joseph Milholland is back again this week to bring you the latest from last night’s General Studies Student Council meeting.

The administrators who run Lerner Hall want to turn the computer lab on the first floor (near TIC) into a study lounge, according to General Studies Student Council president Peter Nason, who asked his council for input at the Tuesday night general body meeting. The lab, which receives less computer use than Lerner’s 3rd floor lounge, would still have its printers, but its Macs would be taken away.

The idea received a mixed reception from the council members. Several council members commented on the difficulties of using a print station without Columbia computers nearby and asked for some computers to remain, but Nason seemed skeptical the administration would want to keep some computers.

Usenator Katherine Celentano and others mentioned seeing the lab crowded in the past. In response, Nason said that CUIT had accumulated data that showed both Lerner computer labs were being under-used. The data also showed that the first floor lab was being used to print, whereas the third floor lab was being used for longer work.

Nason meets with the Lerner Advisory Committee on Friday, where this issue will be discussed more.

Celentano also gave several University Senate updates, particularly the senate’s work on the Dodge Gym and family policy. While mentioning that the “supporter list keeps growing” for the gym changes, Celentano mentioned that she needs research on functional fitness equipment and gyms at peer institutions. As for family policy, Celentano is looking for a research over the summer. While not a formal internship, Celentano said she was happy to give out a title and letter of recommendation for the job.

Other Updates:

  • VP of Policy Elizabeth Heyman is looking into whether shuttling undergrads to JFK during finals would be a good idea. The buses can hold 38 people, and at $20 per person, they break even. The buses would be open to all four undergrad schools; however, GSSC is still trying to assess the demand for it.
  • Lerner Hall is also going to renovate the Cafe 212 area to make it “more of a student center,” according to Nason.
  • VP of Finance Ian Hewitt had a F@CU pre-meeting in order to, in Hewitt’s words, “brace for impact when it happens.”

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We need teamwork, people

GSSC is joining the group

At their Tuesday night general body meeting, the General Studies Student Council debated ABC’s proposal to turn the Bacchanal Committee into a group under the auspices of the VPs of Finance from the four undergraduate student councils, the same proposal that was debated last week at CCSC. GSSC President Peter Nason said that the proposal made the Bacchanal a “de-facto seventh line-item” in governing board allocations. Neither ESC nor SGA voted on this proposal this week.

Nason justified the proposal by saying that the Bacchanal Committee had been a “headache” before, so it was right to reform it. He also suggested that if the proposal didn’t work next year, the Bacchanal Committee could be run completely under the student councils, like Glass House Rocks.

The council approved the proposal with three changes. First, the Bacchanal Committee has to get 3/4ths approval of the four VPs (CCSC made the same revision). Second, the VPs of Finance have 48 hours to approve expenditure requests or significant changes by the Bacchanal Committee (CCSC voted for a 24 hour limit, and Nason suggested this discrepancy could be worked out at a later date).

The third alteration was to make it explicit in the proposal that the Bacchanal Committee had to get approval for decisions on “revenue sources and ticketing.” The council debated this change for a while, with Usenator Katherine Sotano arguing that language that was too broad in the proposal could cause the Bacchanal Committee to make ticketing changes that would hurt GSSC, and Nason arguing that changing the proposal too much could make ABC or the Bacchanal Committee to pull out. However, most of this argument dealt with adding a possible fifth bullet point on the list of the Bacchanal Committee’s duties, and an alteration instead of the first bullet point seemed to satisfy both council members.

The proposal will be negotiated further among the four councils, although they want to have a finished proposal before F@CU (the end-of-year allocations to the six governing boards).


  • GS won money for its student council because of its high participation in the Quality of Life Survey. If GSSC can get the money this semester, they are considering using it to fund snack attacks and using the money saved on snack attacks to fund a Shabbat dinner in the GS lounge.
  • Sotano’s initiative to improve the Dodge Gym is trying to get functional fitness equipment (a type of fitness equipment, not merely ones that work).
  • VP of Policy Elizabeth Heyman is making a survey to find out when it is best to have shuttles to JFK during finals.



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~In list format~

~In list format~

This week, seasoned student politics report Joseph Milholland brings you a few quick updates from last night’s GSSC meeting.

The General Studies Student Council didn’t tackle any big topic in their general body meetings (although they did have their usual, behind-closed-doors executive session), so this GSSC news for this week is just a bunch of updates. Here they are:

  • Usenator Katherine Sotano is trying to collect supporters of renovations to the Dodge Gym.
  • VP of Finance Ian Hewitt is preparing for F@CU and making a finance spreadsheet.
  • VP of Policy Elizabeth Heyman is meeting with the Office of Disability Service (ODS) later in the week.
  • GSSC President Peter Nason has some updates on proposals recently passed. The proposal to extend the add/drop period to the fifth week of school is in the hands of Dean Hartford, who is reaching out to other departments. The Service Corp proposal (a special recognition at graduation for veterans of the military) is in the hands of Dean Uiloa. The increase in student life fee proposal is also with GS deans.
  • The council voted to spend up to $1,600 on the senior class gifts, business card holders.
  • The council also voted to spend $3,000 on a first-year class reunion at BoSchwo.
  • Alumni Affairs Rep Erin Giventer is working to bring together the alumni groups from GS and the School of the Arts. Both GS and SoA have many students involved in the arts.

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Bwog, and a line of genial business people, welcome you GSSC!

Bwog, and a line of genial business people, welcome you GSSC!

In a week of momentous political decisions, we here at Bwog would like to announce one of our own. Columbia political animal and our special correspondent Joe Milholland proudly presents our first in what will be continuing coverage of GSSC. 

On Tuesday night at the General Studies Student Council meeting, Gilbert Garisco, a member of the Spectator editorial board, came to the council to ask for help in finding General Studies students for a conversation about the school. Garisco wants GS students from as many backgrounds as possible – he mentioned veterans, students with families, and LGBTQ students – to talk about their GS experience.

Garisco said he is “interested in the silent majority” of GS students who don’t usually have their voice heard. Garisco believes there is a common thread of opinion among GS students that isn’t r typically expressed. Although he is a member of Spec, Garisco’s goal is “not an expose,” and he said the end result “could be a general observation.”

After Garisco spoke, VP of Finance Ian Hewitt went over GSSC’s current budget situation. The council has spent about 98% of its revenue and has $7,163 left. However, Hewitt noted that there are some sources of revenue coming up this semester ($28,000 from TIC for Gala, $6,000 from Senior Cruise, and at least $5,000 from the first year dance). Hewitt also predicts that the further expenses for Gala will cost $34,970 and that they council will spend $9,000 for finals snack attack this semester.

The council also voted in a support of the resolution to extend GS’s add-drop period to the fifth week of the semester. The resolution will be presented at the next E-board-deans meeting.

Other Updates:

  • GSSC was not looped into the sophomore formal this year because of the “Debaclennal” (GSSC President Peter Nason’s term for the Bacchanal controversy). However, GSSC does want to tackle more 4-council, class-specific events.
  • Mike Small, who taught English to orphans in Syria recently, wants GSSC (and the rest of the undergrad councils) to make care packages for the children he taught.
  • The council is looking for entertainment acts for the Gala.
  • The council increased the budget for a Passover event on April 8 by $150, although they debated whether the GS lounge would be the best place for it. The council also declined to fund $75 of $100 to an event with Bill Nye and an expected audience of 800 people since funding it would only have given recognition to the council at the event rather than making the event possible.

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With Ted Cruz’s confirmation that he’s running in 2016, it’s clear that elections are on the brain. Columbia is clearly following the Texas Senator’s lead with the release of the official candidate list for CCSC, ESC, and GSSC elections.

View the list below to see who’s running.



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Enjoy the view from your intern laptop.

Enjoy the view from your intern laptop.

Are you enjoying your summer job? A Columbia student is working as mermaid-stripper called Naiad at an undercover strip club in New York. (NYT)

A U.S. Army Captain stationed in Afghanistan made a surprise appearance at his daughter’s class day. Make sure you grab a Kleenex before you watch. (NY Daily News)

Morton B. Friedman, beloved long-time professor of civil engineering, has died at age 86. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. (Columbia)

Havana Central is reportedly closed. (Yelp)

GSSC has filled its last E-board position and has appointed Oraia Reid as VP of Campus Life.

Tipped: “Yay Strauss Fest!!!

The group Columbia Alumni Allied Against Sexual Assault held a forum during Columbia’s reunion weekend to discuss reforms and respond to rape culture on campus.

De Blasio and Cuomo might want the Obama presidential library, but where would we put it? (Sun-Times)

Columbia Health services is now providing free emergency contraception during walk-in hours, no appointment necessary. (Coalition Against Sexual Violence).

Check out this Project Not Asking For It video made by Columbians:

And finally, a note from EIC Sarah Faith Thompson:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve chosen to have the humorous and witty Maud Rozee join me as an editor in chief of Bwog next semester. We look forward to making Bwog better than ever, together. Two is better than one.



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Wondering what’s been going down with GSSC this last week of school? We sent smashing Satow Room Bureau Chief Joe Milholland to get you up on the fly.

In case you didn’t know, not all GSSC seats had candidates this year. Accordingly, GSSC has nominated Ian Elliot, the current GSSC comptroller, as Vice President of Finance, and Donna Askari as Vice President of Communications. Both Ian and Donna accepted their positions.

Other GSSC Updates:

  • At the April 8, 2014 meeting, VP of Policy Gardo Martinez spoke about grievances from the body regarding inappropriate behavior by GSSC members and controversy over who was credited with the creation of Night Owl. Martinez said that “immediate action was taken” on the issue, and, according to Martinez, “it was not the case” that there was “threatening, bullying, [and] harassment” from council members. Martinez said the council should have given more credit to the person who came up with Night Owl, but “an impeachable offense didn’t occur.”

More news from GSSC/free Dino BBQ after the jump!



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the debates earlier this week, kinda

After a fierce few days of campaigning, riveting debates, and more Facebook notifications than you’d like, student government elections results are in, courtesy of the Columbia Elections Board.

Here’s the link to the full elections results with percentages of the vote included. We’ve pasted the winners below.

Most notably, TAP won most of the CCSC E-Board, Wadood and Ross will enter the University Senate, and the LCUI and sandwich ambassador ballot initiatives passed.

Voter turnout increased 25% from last year, and the candidate turnout increased by 35%. However, the ESC’s voter turnout percentages were much lower than last year, presumably because the E-Board went uncontested. For all you haters out there, elections results may be contested for the next 24 hours.


CCSC Executive Board President & VP Policy

  • Peter Bailinson and Sejal Singh (TAP)

CCSC Executive Board VP Finance

  • Michael Li (Insight)

CCSC Executive Board VP Communications

  • Abby Porter (TAP)

CCSC Executive Board VP Campus Life

  • Andrew Ren (TAP)

CCSC University Senator

  • Ramis Wadood

CCSC Academic Affairs Representative

  • Grayson Warrick

More CCSC, ESC, and GSSC below the jump.



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Columbia Elections Board just released the official candidates for CCSC, ESC, and GSSC. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

Despite the changes to E-Board elections, only one person is not running in a full party for the CCSC Executive Board. Joseph faces two complete parties, whereas the ESC E-Board is uncontested. 2017, understandably, has the most candidates, whereas many positions in GSSC are uncontested or left without candidates. As for University Senate, CCSC has 6 candidates, ESC has 3, and GSSC has 6 as well.

Our favorite party name officially goes to “Wolf Pack.”

Yesterday's CCSC E-Board candidates photoshoot

Yesterday’s CCSC E-Board candidates photoshoot

CCSC Executive Board


  • Loxley Bennett, President
  • Mandeep Singh, VP Policy
  • Michael Li, VP Finance
  • Sheila Alexander, VP Communications
  • Sarah Yee, VP Campus Life


  • Peter Bailinson, President
  • Sejal Singh, VP Policy
  • Liam Bland, VP Finance
  • Abby Porter, VP Communications
  • Andrew Ren, VP Campus Life

No party affiliation

  • Mary Joseph, VP Campus Life

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We love a good bagpipe band.

We love a good bagpipe band.

Bwog was fortunate enough to land two tickets to the 4th Annual Military Ball last weekend, attended by our nation’s finest. With increased respect for the work they do also came some interesting stories.

“And then I punched a car window back when I was on leave in California and I was bleeding and everything. And then I had to run like 13 miles, drinking from sprinklers on the way. Yeah, that was wild.”

We stood in silence. That was definitely not what we were expecting when we asked him for a story.

“You must be very fit,” one of us said finally. He looked pleased with this reaction. We awkwardly wandered away.

To be honest, our initial reason for going to the 4th Annual Veteran’s Ball revolved largely around two things: the venue (the fabulous Gotham Hall, which would definitely be someplace the Joker would target) and the open bar. We weren’t disappointed with either; after checking our coats, we were treated to a glass of wine, a panoramic view of the majestic ballroom, and the best dressed collection of people we had seen since senior prom.

Feeling a little out of place.



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so many activities

Barnard SGA Activities

Your student council presidents want to say hello!  Read on:

Maddy Popkin, SGA President

Hey First Years!

Welcome to Barnard. Whether the college application process was the most stressful few months of your life, or you’re the first one in your family to go to college, or you’re just returning from a year away from academics, we’re psyched to have you. And congratulations on getting here! Seriously.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about Barnard is that this place is what you make it.

Starting college is an incredible opportunity to be who you want to be, to study what makes you excited to get out of bed for an 8 a.m. class, to surround yourself with people who are positive and constructive presences in your life.

For me, that has meant finding intentional communities to be a part of. Joining and taking on a leadership role in Q, our queer group, being a peer educator for Well-Woman, our health and wellness office, and choosing to study what makes me feel fulfilled, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

The most challenging and recent experience that this lesson has led me to is my role as the President of the Student Government Association. As an organization that advocates for student needs and facilitates communication between the student body and the administration, joining SGA is a great place to start creating your Barnard experience.

I haven’t been involved in student government since the 5th grade, and as a first year I NEVER thought I would be taking this on. But I have already found it to be an incredible platform for collaboration, active engagement with my community, and impactful change.

So! Even if SGA may not have been what you would’ve joined in high school–or if you were your high school’s student body president–stop by and see us at any one of our NSOP events to learn more about what we do, or just to get to know some friendly faces around campus.

Good luck, you’ll be great, don’t be afraid to reach out for support when you need it, and enjoy!!

ESC, CCSC, and GSC after the jump



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Jennifer Wisdom

No, that’s not a typo.  On the eve of her graduation we have GSSC Student Body President Jennifer Wisdom, who gave us one of the best headlines ever.

Name, Hometown, School: Jennifer Wisdom, Dallas, Texas. GS

Claim to fame? Outside Columbia: CEO of my event planning company that creates custom full-cast murder mystery dinners and brings them to your door. My favorite event thrown in the city so far was a star trek whodunnit for an 70 year old trekkie woman, who spoke few words that evening but could still throw a mean vulcan salute. Inside Columbia: Student Body President for the General Studies Student Council, officer of the Political Science Students Association, Orientation Leader, Junior Marshall. I’m also the one who organizes all those themed scavenger hunts during GS orientations and is the one most likely to be seen busting out some sweet robot dance moves during Gala. Oh yes, and my candidacy gave Bwog the headline, Wisdom Outlasts Bacon.

Where are you going? I am getting married to my best friend of seven years in June, then we are spending some time in Europe. Then it’s back to NYC, where I will develop the Manhattan branch of my company and hopefully apply to SIPA for my MIA next year.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Allow yourself to change. The words of former GSSC President Jacqueline Thong have stuck with me since my first day of orientation. “Columbia is like a giant monster that sucks you up and spits you out a different person – likely, a better person.” What I took from her words is that yes, we are all badasses of the highest caliber, or we wouldn’t be here. But if we allow ourselves to be broken down, challenged, and even offended by our professors and our peers, we will emerge a better person. The “real world” needs better people, so don’t let your pride get in the way of your personal development.
  2. Break out of the GS bubble. To those reading this that are in GS – make some friends that aren’t GS. Until you do this, stop complaining that we are treated differently. You perpetuate the stereotype by being so incestuous. To those in CC, SEAS and Barnard – make a constant effort to collect more than just your one token GS friend. You have more in common with one another than you think, and we can all teach each other a thing or two about breaking down stereotypes and uniting as one university. The greatest weapon we posses as students is our collective voice – this trend of solidarity has seen some great strides in undergraduate collaboration this year.
  3. If at first you don’t succeed…go to someone else. Columbia is a bureaucracy and most likely you will be speaking to a lower rung on the chain of command when you have an issue – be it housing, financial aid, a low grade on a paper, or even lobbying for more nutella in the campus eateries. Be respectful, but also do your research to find out who else you can talk to if you don’t like the answer you are given. It has been my experience at Columbia that as long as you are resilient and respectful, you can make just about anything happen.

Back in my day… Orientation was not the pageantry it is today. GS didn’t have nearly as much of the core. Different deans roamed the halls of Lewisohn. Councils kept to themselves for the most part. Oh, and I had to walk uphill – both ways – with my Columbia housing…no joke.




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cute skirt on the right

Bwog is pleased to announce the results of the GS Student Council election for 2013-2014. Although the list of winners we received this morning featured many more percentages than Bwog is used to dealing with on Friday mornings, from what we understood, the runner-up in the four VP races automatically becomes the chief representative for that category. The full list of results appears below:


Student Body President

Hannah Germond


Vice President of Policy

Edgardo Martinez


Vice President of Finance

Austin Taylor


Vice President of Communications

Cole Cademartori


Vice President of Student Events

Jason Pettigrew (more…)



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None of that "perpetual dictator" hocus-pocus

None of that “perpetual dictator” hocus-pocus

A few days ago we posted about the ESC elections, but now here are your candidates for CCSC and GSSC! Although there’s quite a lack of competition on the CCSC side, all positions on the executive board of GSSC are contested. Let the dirty politics valiant battles begin. Online voting for GSSC is from April 8-11 online, or in-person in the GS Lounge from 10-4 pm on the 9th and 10th. Online voting for CCSC runs from April 8-10.

CCSC Candidattes

Class of 2016 Council

Richin Kabra – Representative

The Corps

Ramis Wadood – President
Grayson Warrick – Vice President
Benjamin Kornick – Representative
Anne Scotti – Representative
Jonah Belser – Representative

Class of 2015 Council

The Clique

Michael Li – President
Uchechi Iteogu – Vice President
Liam Bland – Representative
Kareem Carryl – Representative
Jackson Tse – Representative

Class of 2014 Council

Kiwi Krew

Conan Cassidy – President
Joanna Kelly – Vice President
Sarita Patankar – Representative
Ben Xue – Representative
Zach Vargas-Sullivan – Representative

Executive Board

It’s Always Sunny At Columbia

Daphne Chen – President
Bob Sun – VP Policy
Peter Bailinson – VP Communications Noah Swartz – VP Finance
Briana Saddler – VP Campus Life

The rest of CCSC and then GSSC after the jump!

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