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img March 12, 201111:35 amimg 30 Comments

At 11:10 this morning, 5 Guys finally opened their doors. A handful of eager things-between-buns enthusiasts were waiting to be let in, while the owner apparently dealt with last minute issues with his landlord. In any event, the place looks, well, fine. It’s spacious and airy, but the decor is pretty minimal and inexpensive. Let’s just say they’re not really looking to compete with Mel’s in terms of atmosphere. The highlight is definitely the completely exposed kitchen, where you can see your meal being prepared in various oily ways. The menu is pretty simple: burgers with the option of cheese and/or bacon plus free toppings, and three iterations of a veggie/cheese sandwich. The meat is fresh and can only be ordered well-done. We’ll be posting an in-depth comparative review of the two joints, once our Beef Patty Bureau Chiefs return from their well-earned vacations (though we did wave hi to the Spectrum editor and he said the fries were gross). In the meantime, enjoy these photos and let us know what you think for yourself!

Warning! Don’t go near this place if you have peanut allergies



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img February 18, 20112:43 pmimg 15 Comments

Last night a tipster reported a lot of police officers milling around outside Mel’s during last night. Apparently there’s such a thing as too Eurotrashed? The following Facebook message was sent to attendees of the party:

Hey guys,
I just wanted to explain to everyone what happened last night. Mel’s
neighbors called in a noise complaint pretty early on. It was a combination of the music inside (which we will do a better job of controlling next week) and the fun going on in the line outside (which was awesome). We’re coming back next week with a $2 show featuring Simon Hertzog followed by 2 DJs. Sorry again about last night, we’re gonna work to do our best to never let that happen again.

Frat DJs



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img November 05, 201012:39 pmimg 9 Comments

Burger things are happening in your neighborhood!

Mel’s Burger Bar now officially takes Flex, and the Space Formerly Known As Song’s Stationery (112th and BWay) is now affixed with a “Five Guys: Coming Soon” sign!

It’s all happening!



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img September 18, 201012:30 pmimg 1 Comments

Baker Blast is upon us–the first football game of the season begins today at 12:30 p.m.!  The Lions take on the Fordham Rams at the Baker Athletics Complex. Mel’s Burger Bar is sponsoring the tailgate area. The first 500 students to attend get a free tee-shirt and Student Rewards Program credit.  Go Lions!

Photo via Columbia University Athletics



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img September 09, 20103:08 pmimg 8 Comments

Photo courtesy of Mel's Burger Bar

ZagatBuzz is giving away an $100 gift certificate for Mel’s to the first person who guesses the number of lightbulbs in the sign. Just email with “Mel’s Bar and Burger” in the subject line, along with your guess.

Start counting!!



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img August 25, 201010:56 amimg 28 Comments

Photo courtesy Mel's Burger Bar

Morningside has food niches vacated and sort-of filled every few years. AmCaf, beloved steak sandwich locale in the early aughts, became a fancy tapas bar that no one you know eats at. The fabled West End became mediocre Havana Central, a shadow of its former Kerouac-hosting, drunk-makeout-and-beer-pong-haven self. You could get full and drunk for less than $20, and sometimes much less, and that’s all we really ask for (until Mom and Dad visit– then it’s beet bowls for everyone!)

Bwog ate dinner at Mel’s Burger Bar last night, and we’re delighted to report that you can indeed get full from good food and drunk on good beer for not very much money.

Mel’s looks great. The floors are black-and-white marbled, there’s lots of wood paneling, hanging lamps, red booths, exposed brick, huge chalkboards with beer, food and dessert menus, and six flat-screen TVs showing the Yankee game. The hostess and server were friendly, and the bathrooms spacious and unisex– ooh la! There are 140 seats, with 18 chairs on an outdoor patio.

Bwog and our dining companion sampled two of Mel’s punches ($8-9): the Hook, which was a not-too-sweet alcoholic orange juice, and the Haymaker, which was Grey Goose, Bacardi, and some other stuff that got us properly tipsy. There’s also a promising-looking “unusual lemonade” with homemade lemonade, Jim Beam, and mint for $8, and a slew of other mixed drinks that aren’t as embarassing to order as a vodka cranberry.

There are 18 beers on tap ($4-8), 5 cans from PBR ($4) to 21st Amendment Back in Black ($8), and 10 bottles ($5-10). The Southampton White Beer is delicious. The fancy drinks are expensive-ish but strong, the regular beers are roughly 1020-priced. A good way to get a lot of beer: order a 32 oz. or 64 oz. (!) growler to go, from $7-30. There are also stacks of burgers and wings to go.

After the jump, we eat!



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img August 06, 201010:00 amimg 30 Comments

Mel’s Burger Bar is coming along quite nicely.

And more Morningside dining news: Kuti’s, a new takeout store on 116th between Morningside and Manhattan Avenues, just got a good review from the Times. Bwog sampled the shrimp piri-piri and it is delicious, and just $7 for a plate of shrimp and two sides. Most dishes are between $5-7.



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img June 29, 201010:00 amimg 14 Comments


Bwog got the inside scoop on Mel’s today from a former CC student working for the Mel’s Team. It will be open in late July (that’s soon!), they’ll hopefully be accepting Flex, and the food and beer selection will be “extremely high quality” (Dogfish Head and Kobe beef, riiiite?) and reasonably priced. Knees bent for this to go VIRAL: Mel’s has a Twitter and Facebook, and there will be special promotions for “early adopters” i.e people who follow and like (respectively) Mel’s on the Internet.

Mel’s still doesn’t have a website, but we learned that its owner is Nick Tsoulos, who also owns Goodburger, Patsy’s and Angelo’s. These are fine eateries, and we look forward to welcoming Mel’s to the hood. Last time we visited Tomo it was kind of a bummer, anyway.



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img April 20, 20108:35 pmimg 10 Comments

But what is Mel’s Burger Bar? It’s not even on teh Googles! Bwog hopes they have burgers like this. We’ll keep you posted on when Mel will officially open when we get word. Thanks to Mariela Quintana for the bovine-tip.

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