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Been there, done that

Been there, done that

Though the Students of AMF and Postcrypt blackboards outside Butler will be there until April 29th, we decided to share with you some of our favorites from today. Today’s “Before I Die” awards go to…

Most Practical: “Pay off student loans”

Most Anti-PETA: “Eat a penguin”

Most Game of Thrones: “Be Lord of Winterfell”

Most Politically-Conscious: “See real democracy in Egypt”

Most I-Ate-A-Carton-Of-Ben-And-Jerry’s-Last-Night : “Love again”

Most Ahh!: “Go cliff diving”

Most Impractical-But-We-Still-Encourage-You-To-Follow-Your-Dreams: “Visit the Horsehead Nebula”

Most Annoying Friends: “Call (617)-880-****”

Most Horny: “Fuck Anthony”



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Clio Maudlin, connoisseur of fine arts and supporter of using 4 in place of “for,” has an announcement to make about a good cause, so listen(read?) up!

Art 4 Art’s Sake

This month, Postcrypt will be hosting a public event at St. Anthony’s Hall that will not only be an exciting opportunity for art creators and enthusiasts, but will also be making a positive change for visiting children at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Organized by Clémence White, Gabby Barsocchini, Mausi Goess, and Marianne Barthélemy (representatives from Postcrypt and St. A’s) and in collaboration with RxArt, “Arts for Art’s Sake,” presents an exciting and social art experience. The event will be an auction of not just student work, but also pieces made by alumni and working artists who have generously donated their art to be auctioned off to whomever bids at the event. Not only will students be able to feature their own creations and have them seen by other members of the artist community, but many generally unaffordable pieces will be available for auction at college-student-budget costs.  The proceeds will go to help fund an interactive art installation by Rob Pruitt in the children’s wing at St. Luke’s hospital, which will allow kids to entertain themselves by drawing on the wall rather than anxiously waiting around.

For those of us who want our work shown outside of our dorm room walls, this is a great opportunity to present and network your skills to other passionate artists. Or, if you aren’t a creator and are more of a collector (or even just want something to put on your walls besides some cute party pics), this is a fantastic chance to get your hands on some fabulous art at an affordable price. Not to mention all the proceeds are going to help Pruitt’s large scale dry erase board be installed at St. Luke’s, which can really help make the St. Luke’s environment (which let’s be honest, is nothing to look forward to) a little bit better.

The event is being held at St. Anthony’s Hall on April 19th from 7 pm – 10 pm and tickets are currently on sale ($10 for students, $20 for non-students). Until April 8th Postcrypt is still looking for submissions! So if you have some awesome artwork you want to be seen/sold, and would also like to get into the event for ~*~*free*~*~, e-mail And for those of us just looking for a Friday night activity, come enjoy some art, perhaps pick up a couple pieces for yourself, dip into some finger food and mingle with on and off campus artists. But if that isn’t enough to convince you to attend, there will also be a raffle on the most prominent piece AND live music!  (band is TBD). The event in sponsored by Veev, as well as Skate’s Art Market Research, which has generously donated books to be sold at the auction.

Tickets can be bought at

Submit your work to

For more information/announcements check out the event Facebook page at



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Swooning: "Wow Bwog, thanks for these events!"

Swooning: “Wow Bwog, thanks for these events!”

Just thinking about all of the cultural activities around campus and in the city makes Bwog swoon, so we’d like to share what we’ve found with you. Arts Editor Kyra Bloom delivers the scoop on your talented peers and discounted tickets. Send your event to

On Campus:

  • CUPAL’s Special Project this semester is a combination of six diverse opera scenes directed and performed by Columbia students.  Opera Untapped is playing in the Lerner Black Box, Thursday at 7 and Friday at 7 and 9.  Tickets are $5 and are available at the TIC. 
  • Latenite is back in action, but in a different time and place due to a slight scuffle involving the Lerner building staff and illicit alcohol last semester.  Tickets are free as always, available at the TIC.  Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, all at 9 pm.
  • The Barnard-Columbia Ancient Drama Group (who knew?) is performing Seneca’s Thyestes. It will be performed in Latin with English subtitles in the Minor Latham Playhouse on Thursday and Friday at 8 and Saturday at 2 and 8.  Tickets also $5, available at the TIC and online.
  • Postcrypt presents Abject Beauty in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel.  Curators say the exhibit is one of “happiness, hatred, and the space we inhabit between the two.” The opening reception is on Friday at 7 pm, and we hope there will be free food.
  • There will be a piano recital featuring pieces by Schumann, Ravel, Berg, and Beethoven performed by Prof. Michael Skelly on Saturday at 7:30. The event hopes to fundraise for a music scholarship begun in memory of Ana Marquez-Greene—one of the Newtown victims, whose father is a musician and professor. Music inspired by children begins and closes out the program.  The recital will be in the Milbank Chapel at Teacher’s College on 120th, and there is a $5 suggested donation for students.
  • Beyond the Bars: Moving Forward is this weekend, the third annual Conference on Criminal Justice at the Columbia School of Social Work.  The conference begins with speakers Angela Davis, Marc Lamont Hill, and Soffiyah Elijah with special guest performers throughout the evening.  Registration necessary, and more information about conferences and events is available here.

Around Town after the jump.



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Trading vaulted ceilings for the great outdoors

UPDATE: The Dino BBQ is all gone, but there will still be free food! Starting at 6:30 pm at the Vam Am quad, Postcrypt will be giving away free pizza!

Seize the rare opportunity this afternoon to experience Postcrypt above ground! From 3 to 9 pm today on Van Am Quad, enjoy music, Dinosaur BBQ, and other refreshments as part of their fourth annual Folk Fest. Full description and lineup below:

Postcrypt Coffeehouse, an acoustic folk music venue at Columbia University is hosting its 4th annual Folk Festival on Sunday, April 15, 2012 from 3:00-9:00 PM in Van Am Quad. There will be free food catered by Dinosaur BBQ and free refreshments throughout the day. Van Am Quad is located next to Hartley Hall at Columbia University (enter campus at 116th and Amsterdam or Broadway). The line-up for the festival is below:

3 PM – Laura Dunn and the Ghosts of Christmas Past
4 PM – The Sea, The Sea
5 PM – Spuyten Duyvil
6 PM – Chris Faroe
7 PM – Bird Courage
8 PM – Sam Reider and the Tres Amigos Band
9 PM – ADC and the Rival Party Band

The festival is free, all ages, and open to the public.

Postcrypt is a student-run music venue established in 1964 that brings musicians from all over New York City to the Postcrypt stage in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel on campus. There are concerts every Friday and Saturday night with three hour-long sets each night at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30. The shows are always free, all ages, and open to the public.

Medieval architecture via Flickr Commons.



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artsy fartsy


Today marks the start of Symposium: A Weeklong Music Festival.  Or, as we like to refer to it, Symposium: A Weeklong Concert with Tons of Free Food—we hope it catches on.  A joint effort between Live at Lerner, Bacchanal, and Postcrypt Coffeehouse, the Symposium will feature concerts in Lerner Piano Lounge with fully catered free lunches Monday through Friday, Baccha90s on Saturday on the Low Steps, and the Postcrypt Folk Fest on Sunday on the Van Am Quad with free Dinosaur BBQ.

Check out a sample of the upcoming music, drool over the lineup listed below, and dig out those running shoes so you can work off all the free food in time for beach weather.  Symposium starts today at noon in the Lerner Piano Lounge.

The menu for today:

  • naan bread
  • tomato rice
  • spicy squash
  • eggplant lentil soup
  • chickpea salad
  • chicken tikka masala
  • mango lassi
  • Arnold Palmers

Listings after the jump



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Hope you brought your ArtHum skills

Last night, in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel, Postcrypt Art Gallery held an exhibition simply titled ABACUS. It was curated by Ema O’Connor, CC ’14, and featured artists Kaela Chambers and Leah Wolff examining how scientific knowledge and imagination develop through life. Avid Art Historian Conor Skelding walked downstairs.

Gallery goers came and went, and the population held steady at around twenty. Following the guidelines for art show practice, attendees pleasantly traded relevant cultural references and played with the art over wine, cheese, and guacamole. The crowd was mostly Columbia College students (who wore lots of leather, denim, and patterned tops, and who cuffed their jeans), but there were a few adults (more staidly dressed), among them Leah Wolff’s dad, who was very friendly.

ABACUS set out to examine “the notions of art, science, philosophy, and childhood,” and how they change as one grows up. Accordingly, the exhibit began with Chambers’ “Poster Triptych,” three highly abstract, imaginative, colorful pieces intended to convey the wonder children bring to the world. Next were a series of ink-on-paper pieces which, according to Ema, signified primary education and its mixing of superstition and learning. Chambers’ pieces were pleasing to the eye, and although here form was abstract, her themes of were clearly delineated.




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Get the folk over there!

There is currently a veritable feast of free treats in the Wien lounge for the Postcrypt Coffeehouse Folktober Fest Open Mic going on tonight from 7pm to 10 pm. Among the snacks are apple pie, pumpkin pie, and 4local’s banana cupcakes with nutella frosting.

Grand old time via wikimedia.



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Not this kind of photography

Show your appreciation of your friends’ fancy cameras in real life! Postcrypt Art Gallery (in the basement of St. Paul’s chapel) is celebrating the opening of their first show of the year, “Summer Photography,” at 7:30 this evening. It may not be Chelsea, but they do have snacks and beverages. The thing runs until 10, so it’s likely that they’re well-stocked with provisions.

Amateur via Wikimedia




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Fruit Paunch costume

Hello, Bwog reader. Welcome to Where Art Thou?, Bwog’s Wednesday feature that tells you about all the super fun artsy things you can do in the Morningside Heights area and beyond. Do not let this week’s list of events fool you—Columbia is quite the hip, artsy community. Just not so much this weekend. Does your event demonstrate just how funny and artsy and cool Columbia is? Then tell us about it at


  • SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY7:30pm – 10:00pm in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel. Stop by the Chapel Friday night for for the opening reception of Postcrypt Art Gallery’s first show of the year, SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY, featuring over 20 artists and over 100 works. There will be free snacks.
  • Afropolitan Journey to Africa: Culture and Dance Show, 8pm in Roone. Afropolitan is a cultural show that ASA puts on every year depicting important aspects of African Culture. The show deals with current events on the continent, and includes a fashion show, dances, comedic skits, and an educational portion. Tickets are $10 at the TIC.


  • Fruit Paunch Presents: Joketober!, 8pm – 9pm in Furnald Lounge. Fruit Paunch is Columbia’s oldest improv group. If you’re looking for an improv fix, stop by Furnald on Saturday to see Fruit Paunch’s fall show! Free.



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Maybe the Folk Fest will look like this.

Sometimes, the email (with a few friendly edits) pretty much says it all:

Folksters young and old, fat and slim, tall and short, hobos and tramps, musically inclined and tone deaf alike!!!!!!!

FOLK FEST IS TODAY from 4-9 pm!!! Come to Wien Courtyard to hear TEN freakin’ mind-blowing performances by some of our very most favorite folksters!!!! There will be free food provided by Dinosaur BBQ and our very own Feel Good Grilled Cheese!!!

ALSO, we have rain accommodations, so if it’s yucky out you should still come and get your daily dose of VITAMIN D with folk music, high in ALL VITAMINS!!!!

Though the prospect of today’s rainy weather forced Holi to reschedule, a poster on the Facebook event claims that Postcrypt has no such fears: “THE RAIN PLAN IS TO KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON ETCETERA ET AL.”

Sounds like fun to us!

Update (5:36) – The music is canceled due to rain. The following e-mail was sent out about half an hour ago:

Hi folksters

To those of you who made it out to our family band bbq earlier. Were sorry to inform you that the acts scheduled for tonight are cancelled. :-( a million apologies, next year we will have a better rain plan :-)

If you’re still looking for free foods, word is there’s lots of leftover pasta in 465 Schermerhorn, leftover from the Black Radicalism conference.

Unlikely Depiction of the Folk Fest via Wikimedia Commons




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Ever the underdog, Postcrypt seems to bear the brunt of the War on Fun. It all started with an anonymous Bwog comment alleging the coffeehouse was serving alcohol to minors. Then came an emergency meeting with the administration, and $400 mandated alcohol proctors, who made it financially impossible for Postcrypt to keep serving drinks. Soon after, fire code violations forced Postcrypters to unplug their coffee maker—a coffeehouse without brewed coffee! As if it couldn’t get any worse, Postcrypt was suspended for the first month of this semester for a booking error. So the ‘crypt family headed downtown, waiting patiently until they could return to their prized St. Paul’s Chapel basement.

But now the time has come! Postcrypt returns, and they’ll no longer be forced to shell out thousands of dollars for University security “babysitters.” Adorable Facebook homecoming message after the jump:




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It's time to take responsibility.

New York schools are increasingly suspending students for even minor rule violations. Just ask Postcrypt. (NYT, Spec)

Columbia econ celeb, Joseph Stiglitz, criticizes Obama’s economic policies while talking to media at Davos. Why does that sound so familiar? (Bloomberg)

Criminal Sexting! Barnard TA, Igor Sorkin (of no relation to Aaron), was charged with texting naked pictures to a police officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. (Spec)

Rachel Sterne, a 27-year old adjunct professor at the B-School, is now New York City’s first Chief Digital Officer. Bwog hopes she’ll let us add Bloomberg on Facebook. (Capital)

Columbia has started administering OWL tests to some grad students. Next, there will be magical duels on the Steps. (PRLog)

Another one of the countless reasons to deactivate Facebook: it will suck your soul dry… science proved it! (Slate)

Columbia students get good grades! Keep studying, kids! (Spec)

Image from Wikimedia Commons



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Look for the new issue of The Blue and White on campus soon.  In the meantime, we’ll be posting all the articles from the magazine on Bwog. Today, Adam Kuerbitz investigates Postcrypt’s fight to stay underground.

“I joined at the beginning of freshman year. I came because I thought it was the art gallery,” chuckles Galen Boone, BC’12, head manager of Postcrypt, “but I haven’t left.” Decorated in tiny electric candles and strands of holiday lights, a storage room in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel becomes a cozy warren for folk musicians and fans, like Boone, who seek a few hours of musical and artistic escape. The audience sits at small round tables in front of the plywood stage and latecomers stand at the bar or sit cross-legged on the floor. With people old enough to receive senior discounts nibbling on oatmeal-raisin cookies sold at the bar and students pretending to enjoy coffee The New York Times once dubbed “so awful, they should refund your dollar if you finish it,” the space remains free of ostentation.

Although some Postcrypt legends—like Ani DeFranco and Jeff Buckley—don’t stop by the chapel anymore, “We’ve got people who have been playing every year since they graduated in the ’80s,” says Boone. “We do have a stable of regular musicians who we really like and love seeing.” Musicians like Suzanne Vega, who plays a surprise show every year with no advance notice, finish their set and plop down next to someone in the audience. It’s the kind of thing you heard went on a long time ago in Greenwich Village and always hoped still existed.

In 1964, Reverend John D. Cannon and faculty member Dotty Sutherland cleaned out a storage space under the stairs in the Chapel basement and turned it over to about 100 student volunteers who ran the coffee house three nights a week. A 1965 New York Times article about nonprofit coffee houses on college campuses across the country quoted Revered Cannon saying, “The purpose is simply to provide a place for students to have informal conversation under the stimulation of various art forms. There aren’t many places in the city where students can go just to sit and appreciate things.” Reverend Cannon was deliberate in pointing out that there were no religious intentions behind the program saying, “There’s no hidden agenda. We’re here to serve the student body, not to preach.” The one exception to Postcrypt’s secularity is the brightly colored mosaic counter, secured to a closet doorway with two vises, which he and Ms. Sutherland painted and donated to the program. The program still uses the same counter, which features an image of the Last Supper and religious symbols of life and death.




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Postcrypt Artsfest 2010 begins now in the Van Am Quad and ends with an open mic at 11 p.m. Live music will be performed all day. Stop by for free FeelGood grilled cheeses and an art sale! Rumor has it that there is also a catharsis tent.  Come support Columbia’s undergraduate artists!



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Though Postcrypt opens its first show of the semester this weekend, the coffeehouse continues to struggle to stay up and running in the face an endless stream of administrative hurdles.

After meeting with Columbia administrators on Tuesday, Postcrypt members inform us that they will not be serving alcohol this or next weekend, since they failed to meet the Liquor Authority’s shorter and stricter application deadline. While dry, the coffeehouse will not be required to staff an alcohol proctor, though it will still be required to staff a security guard, following a decision made by the Chaplain to have a security guard at all evening events in St. Paul’s Chapel – an additional cost which would drain both Postcrypt and Security Fund resources. Once Postcrypt does start serving alcohol again, they will need to have two proctors – one to give wristbands and monitor the bar and another to watch the rest of the tiny area. (more…)

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