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Whether it’s Coney Island or Low Beach, take some time in the sun.

Bwogline: Ukraine has halted its cooperation with Robert Mueller’s investigation. The investigation in Ukraine focused on Paul Manafort’s financial fraud; Ukraine is dependent on the U.S. for military aid, aka big anti-tank missiles, and is scared of upsetting the Trump administration by cooperating. (New York Times)

Study Tip: Self-care, y’all! Which doesn’t mean just doing a face mask or watching Grey’s Anatomy. Actual productive self-care means eating three healthy meals a day and getting enough sleep that you’re not a zombie. Take some time for yourself everyday and your studying will be more productive.

Procrastination Tip: Instead of studying for your LitHum exam, read about what should be in the LitHum syllabus instead.

Music:  Cute, upbeat bop!

Overheard: “I’m taking a mental health trip to the beach. Well, I’m still bringing my homework. So not really a mental health trip.”

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summer! so close but so far

Spunky young GSSC Bureau Chief Zoe Sottile brings you the latest and greatest from General Studies Student Council. As always, GSSC meets at 8:15 pm on Tuesday nights in the Satow Room.

This was the last GSSC General Body of the year! Lots of updates, lots of co-sponsorship requests, so little time. And, as usual, there was food.

Dean Rosen-Metsch

New GS Dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch made it a goal to attend GSSC once a month; last night’s meeting marked her fourth such visit. She gave shout-outs to GSSC’s success with the gala and encouraged students to take the Student Well-Being Survey.

Dean Rosen-Metsch spoke mostly about her efforts to improve GS’s financial aid and food security last night. She described financial aid as her “highest budget priority” and mentioned the setting aside of a budget next year specifically dedicated to alleviating student food insecurity. When a student asked what her highest priority was for improving student aid, she named GS’s endowment. She stated a desire to “ensure the financial viability of GS going forward” as well as ultimately “meet the full financial need of students”. GS is unique among the undergraduate colleges in that it doesn’t need to hire its own professors. Thus, essentially all of the profits of the endowment go towards increasing financial aid.

Dean Rosen-Metsch also mentioned her dedication to social justice issues, specifically naming the college’s partnership with the Center for Justice. The center is looking to create more educational opportunities for people who were formerly incarcerated; several GS deans are teaching or working at the center on that project and others.




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GSSC had cookies, guys. And they gave me one.

Newly crowned GSSC Bureau Chief Zöe Sottile swung by the Satow Room to cover this week’s meeting of General Studies Student Council. If you want to watch the drama and discourse yourself, check out GSSC at 8 pm on Tuesday nights. 

General! Studies! Student! Council! This is the week of elections, so get out there and rock the vote. Voting closes on Thursday; election results should be out by 5 pm then, with the exception of Senate elections which take longer because they require the input of the Premedical Association. Democracy makes the dream happen.

VP Campus Life: The Fun Stuff

GS Gala is this week! They still need volunteers to help set up the decor – GS students should’ve gotten an email soliciting volunteers, so respond if you want to help make Gala as beautiful as possible.

Campus Life moved to allocate $1,546.30 from the Campus Life Budget to the Senior Gift, since the senior class is larger than expected, requiring additional funding. The motion was approved.

Aaaaand there’s an upcoming event co-hosted by Barnard called We’d Like To Hang Again on April 20th (blaze it) from 1 to 5 pm. Campus Life moved to allocate $300 from its own budget for the event, so that they can rent tables and chairs in case it rains and people don’t want to sit on the wet grass. How considerate, Campus Life.

Keep reading and there’ll be a fight



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According to my psych class, rats feel and demonstrate empathy for each other.

What’s Happening In The World: C.I.A. director and maybe-future-secretary-of-state Mike Pompeo reportedly met in secret in recent weeks with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea. This White House has relied on intelligence channels, rather than diplomatic means, to communicate with the nation. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The Country: Barbara Bush, wife of the 41st president and mother of the 43rd, passed away last night at the age of 92 at her home in Houston. The elder Bushes were married for 73 years, making them the longest-married couple in presidential history. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The City: Our beautiful city has launched a campaign to suffocate rats using dry ice in its ten most-infested New York City Housing Authority developments. If only we could get rid of the rats in the government! Hahahaha. (New York Daily News)

What’s Happening On Campus: SGA elections close! Barnard students, get your voice out there and vote. Also, it’s Palestinian Cultural Night in Roone at 8 pm.

Tinder Pickup Line Of The Day: “wanna make out? + home cooked dinner / Miyazaki movie?”

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don’t worry, this image also triggers high school flashbacks of wearing business casual and shouting at other sweaty sixteen-year old virgins

It’s election season, and intrepid young GS bureau chief Zoe Sottile is bringing you the latest and greatest from GSSC’s candidates debate last night.

First of all, GSSC both had pizza and saved me a seat for the debates. Y’all, GSSC is truly the best. Each candidate had two minute to present their platform and then five minutes to respond to questions from the full and lively audience or the livestream.

VP Communications

We first heard from the three candidates for VP Communications, Karl Sully Guerrier GS ’20, Sitara Herur-Halbert GS ’19, and Biao Huan Foo GS ’20. Nicole Rogers, the current VP Comms, asked what the candidates’ plans were to actually engage students over the school year and if they had any previous website or coding experience. None of the candidates had any tech experience, which may present a problem for the Communications committee going forward. Guerrier focused in his responses on reaching out to students who feel “out of the loop”, suggesting that he set up tables in the lounge to reach out to students. In one of the spicier moments of the debate, Herur-Halbert, the current GSSC Social Media Representative, called Guerrier out for not reading her platform and made her own suggestions for having club events displayed on the TV in the GS lounge, as well as making display boards in the lounge and Lewisohn. She also proposed expanding the tech team that supports Communications as well as starting two weekly video series called Weekly Skim and Dear PrezBo. Foo discussed the possibility of a design competition for online visuals to get students more involved. When questioned about past difficulties in recruiting students to provide tech support for GSSC, Foo suggested that recruitment go beyond GS and include students from other schools.




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big nerd

What’s Happening In The World: Twenty were killed yesterday after an attempted mass escape led by gunmen at a prison in northern Brazil led to a gun battle with the police. Nineteen of the deceased have been identified as prisoners or their supporters. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The Country: Yesterday, sweet baby Mark Zuckerberg sat in his adult booster seat and testified before senators on Facebook’s mishandling of user data. Sucks to Zuck, am I right guys. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The City: A woman’s butchered torso was found in a park in Brooklyn. The victim has not yet been identified. (New York Daily News).

What’s Happening On Campus: As part of Day 3 of Academic Freedom Week, three scholars are talking about academic antifascism in Pupin 301 at 7:10. Alternately, Columbia Economics Society is hosting a presentation from Citibank’s Sales and Trading Division department in Schermerhorn 614 at 8. Pick your poison!

Tinder Pickup Line Of The Day: “what drugs are you trying to buy”

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Unfortunately for Andrew on Tinder, I don’t eat meat.

What’s Happening In The World: In Kenya, LGBT rights groups have petitioned a court in Nairobi to abolish legal provisions that outlaw gay sex. Their case, if successful, would mark a legal landmark in Africa and might spark change across nations with similar laws. (Washington Post)

What’s Happening In The Country: Yesterday afternoon, three people were injured, one critically, by a shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. The shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound; President Trump, per usual, has tweeted his “thoughts and prayers”. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The City: A year from now, the L train is shutting down for repairs following damage from Hurricane Sandy. How will we post snap stories from thrift stores or indie pop concerts in Brooklyn? It remains unclear. (New York Times)

What’s Happening On Campus: From 4 to 7 pm, Columbia University Liberty in North Korea (CU LiNK) is transforming Low Plaza into an art exhibition showcasing Instagram posts that highlight the lives of women and children in North Korea. Check it out.

Tinder Pickup Line of the Day: “what are your thoughts on red lobster?”

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These could be yours at the first-year GS end of year celebration.

Bwog is back with weekly GSSC coverage! Staff writer Zoe Sottile went to check out the happenings at General Studies Student Council. 

This week drew a large audience at GSSC and with good reason: new dean Lisa Rosen-Metsch visited to give some updates and answer questions; the elections commission brought forward a few new candidates for its positions; and treasurer Eric Lunzer, who used to be an executive chef, catered a whole meal for everyone. You guys. GSSC is the best.

Rocking Out With Rosen-Metsch

This was Dean Rosen-Metsch’s third time visiting GSSC; she intends to come to one meeting every month. She discussed her pride in GS’s 463 student veterans – which is more than the entire rest of the Ivy League has combined. She also emphasized the importance of Columbia’s mental health initiatives, which are currently being spearheaded by Deantini. Here she brought up her own background in public health. Currently, she’s still continuing some of her own research on HIV / AIDS, and has brought on four GS students to help her.

She also discussed food insecurity, calling it “a symptom of financial distress and morally reprehensible for our students.” While she presented no immediate plan to solve the problem, she is working with Dean Hartford and Dean Rodgers to gather more data.

She addressed the feedback she’s heard from students before, which mostly concerns undergraduate research, building community across the four colleges, and global experiences. She’s working on trying to help GS students get involved in research early on, partnering more with the other undergraduate schools, and is very excited about the new dual-degree program with Trinity College in Dublin that starts next year. She currently co-chairs a committee on instruction with CC and is going to the next Barnard faculty meeting to introduce herself, decisions that she hopes will help build communication between the administrations of the different colleges.

Questions from the audience after the jump



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Roar, lion, roar.

Regular decisions admissions have finally spread their wings and flown free of their cage in the Admissions Office! Congratulations, class of 2022, you’re already making me feel old.

Decisions were released at 3 pm today. The usual fanfare and celebration could be witnessed as Admissions staff mailed out acceptance letters.

Columbia extended sweet admission offers to 2,214 high school seniors. The acceptance rate was 5.5%. The combined applicant pool for CC and SEAS was 8% larger than last year, making it the largest applicant pool in Columbia history.

See you soon, kids. Get a fake before you get to Morningside Heights and you’ll be the coolest frosh around. And hey, rush Bwog.

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If you couldn’t score tickets to Bill Clinton’s impeachment, you can at least go to ESC.

We’re back with our weekly ESC coverage!

WikiCU is making a comeback, and despite what VP Communications Julia Joern said in meeting, we would like to state that it wasn’t Bwog’s fault that it’s been inactive–we just no longer had access to it due to a former tech guy not passing along the admin login. As Joern did point out, though, beloved Bwogger Rachel Deal helped track him down and retrieve the password.

VP Policy Zoha Qamar

Columbia has approved a women’s health utilities dispensary but hasn’t picked a place that is both open 24/7 and doesn’t need swipe access to place it in. If you have any suggestions, let your representatives know!

Student Life

A couple of pretty cool things are coming up. There’s an alumni dinner today and tomorrow that may still have some spots open. Go grab some free dinner even if you aren’t interested in the actual event! Additionally, free SEAS 2019 hats are being given out today from 1-2 PM and Thursday 6-7 PM on Lerner Ramps. Junior boat cruise is coming up Tuesday 4/17 and tickets are $30 for CUID and a student plus non-student ticket is $75. There’s even a cost subsidizing form this year that will only be seen by administrators, which will reduce the regular ticket price to $10.

Constitutional Review

After two impeachment proceedings in one academic year, it was obvious that the ESC constitution did not have clear guidelines for impeachment. After much debate, the constitutional amendments have finally been voted upon. 14 votes were needed for each amendment to pass. Here are a list of approved changes:

1. When making a motion to impeach, the constitutional clauses that had been violated must also be stated. This passed unanimously.

2. A member that has violated their duties and position will be put under formal review, leaving impeachment as a last resort.

3. The impeachment committee used to say that it will be composed of four members, one from each of the four class councils, and two other representatives. The amendment changes “2 other members” to “1 from e-board and 1 other member”.

Other amendments, such as notifying the accused 48 hours ahead, or at the start of the meeting, did not pass, leaving the constitution, which states that “the impeached member must be informed of the motion for impeachment” but does not specify when, as is. 

And that’s a wrap! Catch you next week for more ESC coverage.

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What’s Happening In The World: A fire in a Russian mall killed at least 64 people, including 41 children. Several thousands of protesters have gathered to protest in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, many of them calling for Putin and other Russian officials to resign over the disaster. (BBC)

What’s Happening In The Country: Twelve states have announced plans to sue to block the Trump administration from adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 census. They argue that the change would violate the Constitution and cause fewer Americans to be counted, damaging the data included. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The City: Yesterday, a New York police officer was arraigned on perjury charges for repeatedly lying about how the police found a gun in a South Brooklyn apartment. Really makes you trust the NYPD. (New York Times)

What’s Happening on Campus: Columbia regular decision candidates will be notified about decisions today. Good luck, kiddos. Also, Prince Moulay Hicham of Morocco is speaking at 7 in Roone about authoritarianism in the Middle East – check it out.

Song Of The Day: For all you coddled millennials out there.

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Special snow day for some Ivy League special snowflakes.

What’s Happening In The World: Cambridge Analytica, the company currently under fire for its use of personal Facebook data in the 2016 U.S. election, is now facing criticism for their role in last year’s Kenyan presidential election. According to an undercover video broadcast by Channel 4 News in Britain, the company helped elect President Uhuru Kenyatta both in 2013 and 2017. (New York Times)

What’s Happening In The Country: The primary suspect in the recent Austin bombings killed himself early this morning by detonating an explosive device in his car as police closed in on him. Authorities warn residents of Austin that he may have left additional bombs around the city. (Washington Post)

What’s Happening In The City: Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, and Kunichi Nomura are speaking about their new film Isle of Dogs at 7 pm at the New School. Tickets are sold out, but maybe see if you can sneak in.

What’s Happening On Campus: Literally nothing. Sleep in, throw some snowballs, put off studying for your canceled midterm for yet another week.

Song Of The Day: Biking by Frank Ocean! Good sweet tune for a snowy day.

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A possible look at the upcoming GS Donuts Celebration.

For a brief change in pace, staff writer Zöe Sottile made her way to the Satow Room at 8:00 pm for General Studies Student Council. 

This week, GSSC’s main priorities were evaluating nominees for a few representative positions as well as the upcoming GS Gala. As someone who has previously covered ESC meetings, I was surprised by how many differences in how GSSC and ESC are run. GSSC felt significantly more relaxed – the meeting started twenty minutes after it nominally began, and there were many more members of the audience than at ESC.

Meet The Nominees

GSSC dedicated the first part of its meeting to hearing from the nominees for a couple student representative positions. Rachel Bartlett made her case for Veteran Representative. She’s a first-year in GS who has been in the Marine Corps for eight years and is passionate about community outreach and development.

Both Amy Faskus and Dan Burkhardt are nominees for GSSC’s new election commission. Since this is a new internal committee, it’s unclear what exactly the commission will look like and these nominees will likely have significant power to shape and guide the new elections process. Amy is a senior theater major who discussed her previous leadership experience in clubs. Dan is a senior studying information science who has facilitated the elections for MilVets for the past two years.

Finally, Irene Ku is a nominee for the new position of Dual-BA representative. Irene is in her final ear of the dual degree program with City University of Hong Kong. Her main concern is that dual-degree programs, who arrive as juniors, don’t feel like they get enough career development and information about job opportunities. She wants to host events with dual degree alumni to help alleviate this problem.

updates from GSSC after the jump



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Happening In The World: UNICEF released a report stating that a girl’s risk of marrying before the age of 18 has dropped by over a third in the last decade. The report attributed this progress to specific efforts made by India, where illegal child marriages are on the decline. (New York Times)

Happening In The US: The Justice Department, under the direction of Keebler elf Jeff Sessions, is suing the state of California over “sanctuary” laws that protect undocumented immigrants. The lawsuit alleges that three recent California laws obstruct enforcement of federal immigration law and damage public safety. (Washington Post)

Happening In NYC: A fucking snowstorm, that’s what. Also, Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame – and a Barnard alumna – is reportedly considering a run in the Democratic primary against Governor Cuomo. But mostly, snowstorm. (New York Daily News)

Happening On Campus: Electra, a collaboration between Columbia University HeForShe and King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe, is going up in Lerner Party Space. The show will run three times consecutively, starting at 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm. Take a break from midterms and go check it out; a minimum $5 donation is required that will go towards UN Women.

Tinder Pickup Line Of The Day: “what are your thoughts on red lobster”

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This came up when I googled “engineering”.

Ben Barton is now President! And Richa Gode, former 2019 Class President, was unanimously voted as interim VP of Student Life. Other than these organization shakeups, the rest of the meeting was pretty tame (read on below). Oh and the SEAS newsletter is back.


ESC has decided to change up the format of alumni coffee chats by having 3 alumni come in for 2 hours and splitting their time into 20 minute blocks so that students have better face time with them. The upcoming coffee chat is for ChemE majors. If you haven’t received an FB invite yet, do not fear, ESC is co-sponsoring a Free Food Expo in Furnald at 12 PM on Friday. Don’t go for Tom’s, but maybe stay for the other diverse options. Lerner Ramps are going under renovation and are currently scheduled for the end of April. Student groups will not lose their access to space, but will be moved to the old computer room a floor up instead. The timeline for the renovation may change, so they may be renovated at the end of May and student groups will not have to be relocated. There is also some changes coming to the Securities and Facilities Fund that will be finalized and discussed by ESC and CCSC later.

on mental health after the jump

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