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Our condolences to those spending their summers on campus

If you haven’t already realized (and if you haven’t…did you get lost in your copy of Infinite Jest? Are you putting in too many hours at your JP Morgan summer internship?), it’s July! Before you drink yourself into a coma this holiday weekend (please don’t…ugh…you don’t live in Carman anymore), try to clear your head of its summer haze and catch up on what’s going down in MoHi. Here’s what you may have missed in May and June (as far as Columbia is concerned):

Photos and field notes after the jump!



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img September 02, 20151:04 pmimg 1 Comments

Us after we order Chipotle

Us after we order Chipotle

Some lazy student must have been praying to the Chipotle Gods (or goddesses–we see you, DSpar) because the popular chain located on 111th St. and Broadway will deliver to Columbia dorms starting this fall. In order to get your fav Chipotle order delivered, you must use the app called Tapingo. You’ll be able to place your order from your phone and continue watching Netflix in your bed while you wait for your burrito to arrive.

We’re not so sure that Chipotle delivery is necessary considering how close it is to campus, but we’ll take any opportunity to not have to walk. Hell, we might even pay extra for guac if we don’t have to walk to the restaurant. We are curious if delivery will be an extra charge (if so, how much,) and how fast delivery will be. Regardless, we’re sure Columbia students (let’s be real–it’s just going to the same people who order Insomnia Cookies) will make use of the delivery service.

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img October 10, 20148:03 pmimg 1 Comments

With three(ish) weeks to go before Halloween, Morningside is getting a little spooktacular. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled some pretty mediocre pictures of our favorite decorations around Columbia.

Just look at how spooky Book Culture’s pumpkins are! And John Jay’s bowl of leaves! Because nothing is scarier than going to get goldfish and realizing that they’ve been replaced with leaves.

If we’re missing any spooky-chic decorations you feel strongly about, send ’em to or sound off in the comments!

Woah! Spooky! Scary!



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Our beer prize has doubled!

Since Friday, we’ve been flooded with suggestions about what to name the newest addition to our Columbia family. After all, in a world filled with MoHi and Prezbo, a name like Bernheim & Schwartz doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. We extend claps, emoji stars, and bittersweet participation trophies to everyone who submitted names to us — the competition was steep and the choice was mildly difficult.

But alas, we have come to a decision.

*drumroll please*

Bernheim & Schwartz is now to be referred to as BoSchwo. Close contenders were Bernie’s, B & S, BS, and Bernz. Our lucky winner, Alex Chang, explains the choice best: “You can call frequenters the BoSchwoisie, and people get BoSchwasted on Senior Night.” How right you are, Alex.

And, to our dear Alex Chang, we extend a resounding congratulations! A million crab emojis! While we were slightly stingy with our prize, BoSchwo itself reached out to Bwog and offered to expand the prize to a six-pack of branded beer, a pizza, AND a liter of their own craft beer! Wowie! With prizes like those, you could throw a pretty quiet party! Oh Alex, you lucky human, you.

If you’re not totally sold on the nickname expect a visit from the Bwog Secret Police, here are some easy ways to integrate BoSchwo into everyday phrases:

  • “She was going so hard last week; what a freakin’ BoSchwarrior.”
  • “He’s gained so much BoSchweight recently that it’s like his beer belly has a beer belly.”
  • “Gather round, sailors, for I have a BoShwhale of a tale!”
  • “I love BoSchwo so much, I’m going to name my daughter BoSchwanda!”

Celebratory *clink* via Shutterstock



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img September 13, 20146:01 pmimg 6 Comments

Havana Central, rest in peace. The West End, rest in peace. Bernheim and Schwartz, the new restaurant and beer hall opening up on Broadway looks almost done from the exterior; it has new sidewalk, a new sign, and has started to enclose its outdoor seating area. The restaurant is hiring, which is good because we hear it is expected to open up within a few weeks.

IMG_7391The Beats would probably prefer this to Havana Central though




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img September 07, 20144:07 pmimg 1 Comments

While pirating scanning a book, Bwog noticed that Butler 213 is getting a color printer this year! No more walking down to the 2nd floor of Mudd just to be ripped off for color printing, or waking up your floor mate at 2 am to save some money.

The print station has apparently been there since August 20, although it still has a “Coming Soon” flyer taped to its screen.



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img February 17, 20148:27 pmimg 2 Comments

It’s about time that one of Columbia’s ugliest buildings had some work done on its exterior. According to a cedilla-containing email sent to Carman residents:

Please be advised that, beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, February 12th [sic], an overhead structure will be put up over the entrance to Carman Hall. This is in preparation for work that will be done on the façade of the building. At no time will the building entrance be closed. We apologize for any disturbance this construction may cause. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Maybe the Victorian reformatory will finally look like it belongs on this campus. Carman likes to party, but the gangly red-head brick has always been self-conscious about his looks.



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H/fear now more.

Here/fear no more.

According to the Spectator, the swanky new tables (which, according to rumors Bwog’s friends have heard, is supposed to promote community at Columbia) in Ferris are not the only changes coming to the dining hall. Spec reports that, a year following the renovations to John Jay, Ferris may be getting a new serving area and (wait for it) better stairs!

The changes to the dining hall are additionally there to provide more capacity for a trial program between Barnard and Columbia Dining that would allow Barnard students to eat breakfast in Ferris and Columbia students to have it in Hewitt. More exciting than extra space, of course, is the prospect of walking up-and-downstairs without the constant terror of getting food dumped on one’s head.

Stay tuned in the fall to see if people would still rather hit the Jay.



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img January 21, 20149:47 pmimg 3 Comments

New signs! Citi was on fire (you probably noticed that one)! The Heights is out of action for a “couple of weeks at least, maybe a couple of months” according to Spec



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img December 03, 201311:03 amimg 1 Comments

Remember the secret of the tent? Looks like there are new signs for Barnard and SEAS, too.

Columbia’s cool neon sign via Scarlett Tohme, CC’14.



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img September 12, 20133:00 pmimg 6 Comments

Big changes going on this season in your favorite neighborhood: from bold new colors to daring new culinary choices to some extreme construction work in Butler, Columbia is a totally different place. Brace yourself for a whole new world below:



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img April 04, 20133:30 pmimg 3 Comments

Hold on to your hats, kids! Barnard’s got some swanky new carpets. The rugs say the names of the buildings on them (so you don’t get lost, I guess?). The downside? Sources say that some of the carpets are so plush that it’s making it hard to open the doors. Say it with me now: #firstworldproblems! In any case, behold Barnard’s new carpets!



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img March 11, 20136:30 pmimg 2 Comments

Duane Reade's always there for you.

Duane Reade’s always there for you.

After tripping over construction workers for weeks, Duane Reade is practically done with renovations. Bwog sent our Decoration Diva Angel Jiang to check it out, in honor of the five-aisled edifice to self-improvement. 

The first thing to note about Duane Reade’s renovation is that the entrance, formerly in correspondence to the stairs to the lower level, is now located on the north side. Thankfully, the demarcated “in” and “out” signs legibly indicated this on the uniform glass facade. It is unclear if the newly reconfigured glass entry doors are intended to alleviate a bottleneck issue, or to postpone your descent to the actual pharmacy by redirecting traffic to the aisles of temptation. I admit to clogging up traffic in the vestibule, but would attribute that to Duane Reade’s choice to place their Nice! garbage bags, designer paper bowls, and paper towels emblazoned with suns and stuffed animals in their entry hall.

In Duane Reade’s pursuit to make life as odor-free as possible, deodorant is prioritized in the first and second aisles, as are the “fragrances” safe-guarded in a locked and sealed capsule adjacent to a selection of disinfecting wipes. I would have lingered to wonder if a larger lobby contributes to more time spent browsing neon colored makeup and Easter candy, but am quickly distracted by a fridge of chobani and nesquik. I try to remember what kind of necessities I used to buy at Duane Reade but all attention is constantly diverted.




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img January 26, 20136:40 pmimg 3 Comments

Someone forgot to double tap.

What Morningside was like while you were away.

Much to the horror of  Columbia students and Morningside residents alike, Absolute Bagels and m2m were both recently shut down by the Health Department. (How could something so delicious be so unsanitary! They’re boiled!) It didn’t take long for things to get back to normal though. Both Absolute and m2m are back up and running! Yes, just like in a B-list zombie flick, they have returned from the grave to bring about 1,000 years of darkness spread a world shattering disease sell cheap food. So get it while it’s hot and just try to ignore the lingering smell of rat urine wafting in from the back of the building! Ignorance is bliss, folks.

The end of the world via Shutterstock



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img January 22, 20132:13 pmimg 6 Comments

Nothing in this neighborhood is certain anymore. Absolute was filled with icky living things, and who knows what was happening at m2m. Il Cibreo is gone and Amigos has replaced it (Bwog’s review will be up later today). Bwog has photographically chronicled these momentous changes for you.

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