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You may have seen a life-sized cut-out of Beyonce wrapped in a rainbow flag at the activities fair today, and inside Lerner yesterday.

Queen Bee was there advertising Columbia Queer Alliance’s First Friday: Flawless tonight 11pm-2am in the Lerner Party Space. Tickets are $3 at the TIC, and the first 30 of those are free. 33 has never looked so good.



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These were the gayest cupcakes on wikimedia

These were the gayest cupcakes we could find on Wikimedia.

Take a break from procrastinating on finishing The Iliad/Republic this weekend to check out the Columbia Queer Alliance‘s (know your clubs yet, freshmen first years?) first body meeting, at 2pm in Lerner 569. There will be general information about CQA, a schedule of events, and, most importantly, free baked goods.

Rainbow cupcakes via Wikimedia



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rows on rows on rows

Which seat do I take?

As the school year starts, you will be inundated with student groups asking you to leave your fields to flower and join them.  Before you go signing up for every listserv under the sun, we wanted to provide you with a brief rundown on the cafeteria of Columbia–those student groups that make the most buzz on campus and that you really should know about.  If we missed your group or said something you don’t like, scream at us in the comments.

The EcoReps are there to make you feel shitty about how you treat the environment.  They compost, they gave you your fridge, and they’re getting you a bike.

CUPAL is a collaborative head group for performing arts groups on campus.  They run shit.  We’ll let them explain the functions of CMTS, BTE, KCST, Latenite, Orchesis, NOMADS, CU Players, and CUWE.

CUDems likes Democrats.  CUCR likes Republicans.  CPU likes to talk about them.  They all like a good party.

Student Wellness Project is a highly debated newish group all about promoting student wellness, mostly in terms of decreasing student stress.  You might get a free snack or pat on the back from them during finals.  Sometimes they try to push through some resolutions, though the impact has not been well analyzed yet.

FeelGood CU gives you grilled cheese!!!!!

Student-Worker Solidarity (SWS) likes to yell about things, a lot.  In all seriousness, they support workers in Morningside Heights for decent rights and stuff.




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Andrea Gibson

Tonight at 6pm the Columbia Queer Alliance is hosting a free slam poetry event featuring Andrea Gibson in the Carman basement. Tickets are free but they are going quickly because Andrea Gibson is so fucking awesome. More information about the event can be found here. Later that night is CQA’s last First Friday of the year, IllumiNaughty, and the event coincides with the National Poetry Slam, the largest poetry slam in the country, apparently, happening at Barnard through tomorrow.

Flowermouth via Facebook



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What is this, actually?

This afternoon from 4 to 6 pm in the Stephen Donaldson Lounge (in the Furnald basement), CQA is hosting their Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. Conveniently scheduled right after the Lit Hum and CC finals—built-in topics of conversation, mirite?—the sweaterfest includes “hot chocolate, eggnog, cider, milk, cookies, and other snacks.

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Love is in the air today, the first day that gay and lesbian couples can legally wed in the state of New York. In the city alone, 823 couples—including two of Mayor Bloomberg’s aides—are scheduled to be married. It’s all thanks to the Marriage Equality Act, which passed late last month. In honor of this historic victory for civil rights and love, Bwog reached out to pertinent campus groups to get their take on the passage of the Act. Also be sure to check out Cityroom’s piece on how young New Yorkers—that’s sort of us!—feel about marriage equality in New York.

Check out the statements after the jump!



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Tonight is CQA’s Last Friday, a drag pageant and First Friday-style dance combo. The drag pageant kicks off at 9:30 pm tonight, and the dance immediately follows at around 11 pm. Tickets for the dance are available through TIC for $5, but there’s an official loophole: anyone who attends the drag pageant can just stay for the dance without paying. Like most parties and dances in Lerner, Last Friday requires one ID to dance  and two ID’s to drink, and all the fun ends at 2 am. But don’t fret, you’ll have lots of space to show off your moves. Lerner Party Space, First Friday’s usual home, would burst at the seams with all this fabulousness, so the classy affair will be held in Roone auditorium. Godspeed, party people.



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Tonight at 8pm in 702 Hamilton, CQA is hosting Straight Up, a discussion on what it means to be an ally. Expect free pizza and refreshments!

Meanwhile, get classy at the CC 2012 class dinner. Head to the Lerner Party Space at 8 pm for (get this!) Dino BBQ take out! Chicken and mac ‘n cheese galore!

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The Columbia Queer Alliance is hosting their final First Friday event in Lerner Party Space tonight, on the last Friday of the month. It features a Drag Pageant with Columbia students and Saharah Davenport from 9 to 11, followed by a party until 2. So if you’ve ever wanted to see CQA’s board in drag or if you happen to be a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race you should probably check it out.

More info is available on Facebook.

photo via CQA



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The sticker in question

While the official Census Day (April 1) has come and gone, it’s not too late to fill one out and send it in–civic duty, people! (And you should be getting Census materials from your RA any day now, anyway.) While you’re doing that, the Columbia Queer Alliance has asked you to consider–and protest–this Census’ absence of a gender/sexual identity question.

Working with a national organization called Queer the Census, CQA has distributed a number of pink stickers with that missing question that you can fill out and affix to the back of your Census.  While CQA only has a limited number of these stickers, you can also head to the Queer the Census website to make sure your voice is heard. Below, the letter printed on the back of each sticker.

Dear Fellow Columbian,

Every 10 years, the U.S. government spends over $400 billion in order to count every resident of the United States through the Constitutionally-mandated Census. Logistically, the Census serves as the primary indicator for how federal funds are appropriated to state and municipal governments. Beyond this, however, the Census also provides extremely useful demographic data that helps all Americans understand the distribution of people throughout the country. (more…)



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Now there’s a novel idea! The CQA will host another of their “Third Thursday” Speaker Series tonight. The event will focus on Religion and Sexuality, and speakers will include GS Dean Peter Awn and our very own Learned Foote, among several others. Free food happens at 7:30, and the discussion begins at 8, all in 313 Fayerweather. Full event listing here.

Stay tuned, also, for our announcement of the CC 2010 Class Day speaker, coming up in about 45 minutes.



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img January 21, 20105:00 pmimg 4 Comments

Also, we’ve just gotten word that Hewitt is offering a cupcake decorating bar tonight with toppings galore. Sort of free if you don’t count the money your parents pay!

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The National Marriage Boycott, a new offshoot of CQA, just staged an ‘Anti-Wedding’ on Low Steps to protest the Defense of Marriage Act. Anti-man and anti-wife were clad in suit and gown, respectively, and both exclaimed ‘I don’t!” The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Sean Udell, Treasurer of CQA, has just announced that there will be an afterparty on Low complete with wedding cake, apple juice, and Pellegrino.

Uh…not congratulations! Bwog’s Alternative Forms Of Marriage correspondent, Alex Boyce, sent in this picture.

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they found nemoCQA
, the OMA, and the Alphabet Soup Commission are teaming up once again to welcome students back with the annual Queer Sushi event in Lerner.

CQA president Bryan Reid has assured us that there will be vegetarian “sushi” as well.

It starts at 7:00 PM in Party Space and lines have been long in the past, so get there soon!

Photo via The Scream Online



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img April 19, 20097:02 pmimg 12 Comments

CQA and company are sponsoring tonight’s midnight snack for you Butler-ites and friends.

The follow-up to last semester’s Queer Sushi is Queer Cupcakes, and it’s in the Satow Room at the strange time of 11:45 PM.

The tasty cakes in the CQA-sponsored picture look delicious.  Their real life counterparts are from the Buttercup Bake Shop.

Queer Cupcakes is partially geared towards this weekend’s Days on Campus groups that probably have little else to do so late at night.  Always the welcoming host, Bwog recommends that you get there before they do.

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