Public Safety Broadcasts Larceny
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Swiper no swiping

The world’s a scary place, and sometimes people steal your wallet. This happened on Sunday at the East Asian Library in Kent to a female student. Public Safety wrote in a statement that the man in this picture used her credit card at two stores in the area. The full email is below. Keep your friends close and your purse closer.

Dear Public Safety Friends,

On February 17, 2013 a student reported that someone stole her wallet, while she was in the East Asian Library in Kent Hall. Her credit cards were used in two local stores. Video in one of the stores, shows the male in the attached Public Safety Alert, using her credit card for a purchase. The NYPD is looking to identify this male. If you have any information about this individual, or this crime, contact our Investigations team at 212-854-4790.
Theft of unattended property is our number one reported incident on campus & at many large institutions.

Please do not leave property unattended & unsecured, even for a short walk to the bathroom, coffee stand or for a quick smoke.

Please use lockers or the buddy system (Ask a friend to watch your property while you step away). Lock your office when not in use.

Report Suspicious Person(s) / Activity to Public Safety Right Away 212-854-5555.

Bike Theft Suspect Apprehended

Bwog received a email from Dean Terry Martinez about Columbia Public Safety’s successful apprehension of a bike theft suspect. After receiving a tip from a CC student on November 22nd, Public Safety followed up and managed to arrest the suspect for “attempted bike larceny, criminal mischief, and possession of burglary tools.” In light of the recent crime around campus, even this small victory feels particularly comforting. Check out the full security update below:

Please be advised that on November 22, 2011 Columbia University Public Safety received a tip from a CC student regarding suspicious activity in a potential bike theft. As a result, Public Safety Officers were able to apprehend the suspect and NYPD arrived on the scene to arrest him for attempted bike larceny, criminal mischief, and possession of burglary tools. A special thanks to the student for alerting the authorities.

As always, if you have any information about the recent crimes or recall any unusual activity, please do not hesitate to call Public Safety at 212-854-5555 (4-5555). Thank you in advance for partnering with us to ensure the safety of our community.

Terry Martinez
Dean of Community Development
and Multicultural Affairs/
Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Bike Theft in Wien


Two bikes were stolen from the Wien Courtyard last Sunday between 4:11 and 4:15pm. Yesterday Public Safety sent out this alert with images of the thief. Public Safety reminds everyone to keep their bikes locked and call 212-854-4790 if they have any information about the crime.

Precious goods via wikimedia


Bwoglines: Marvels of Modern Technology Edition

Back in the day...

Technology ruined baseball.  And Times Square.  Or maybe that was Bloomberg and the throngs of tourists. Either way, Times Square is getting an overhaul to make it, if you can believe it, “minimalistic.” (NY Daily News)

In one of the most poorly kept secrets of all time, it’s official: Jay-Z and a small consortium of Russian billionaires are “moving the Nets to BK.” Same name, new stadium. (NYT)

Technology isn’t all that bad though; IBM and handful of other companies are planning on pumping $4 Billion research dollars into New York State. (CNET)

Your newly bought Macbook Pro is safe too! Three suspects have been arrested for snatching laptops after a joint operation with 26th Precinct and Columbia Public Safety, after thefts at Hartley, ADP, and Theta. (Spec)

Now you’ll finally be able to Tweet and update your status from the comfort of the 14th Street Subway Station with the arrival of AT&T and T-Mobile wireless. Don’t hold your breath on the remaining 271 stations; the rollout costs upwards of $200 million dollars and is expected to be completed in 2015. (Gothamist)

Retro Times Square via Wikimedia Commons

Laptop Theft Hits ADP

According to a tipster, two laptops were just stolen from ADP on 114th St. Public Safety and the NYPD are on the scene. This is the third incident in as many days, but there is no evidence that they are related.

The laptops were stolen during a rush event. Members of ADP saw strangers in the house, and asked them to leave. Before leaving these suspects took two computers from rooms in the basement. These circumstances were similar to those at Theta, and both houses frequently have people coming and going. Especially at this time of the year, students should be vigilant during events open to the public. Seriously guys, lock your fucking doors.

Update: An anonymous tipster described some shady behavior they witnessed earlier in the day. There’s no proof that this incident was related to the thefts, but it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant!

“Today when I came back from meeting a friend at Brad’s there were three kids sitting on my house’s [542 W 114th, formerly known as Pike Psi U] stoop (not unusual). When I went to swipe in, I let the girl in because she said she wanted to meet a friend. I followed her up the stairs (I live on the fourth floor), and when she realized I was walking up all the way she turned around.


Laptop Thefts Continue in Hartley

Some worrisome news: after the laptop theft in Theta yesterday, multiple tipsters report that two laptops, an iPad and several credit cards were stolen from Hartley 8, Suite A, earlier tonight. Soon after, a Hartley RA sent out an email to her residents confirming that three rooms were robbed. Another tipster spotted uniformed NYPD officers leaving a Hartley elevator with a strange laptop-esque device, possibly a LoJack tracker. Keep your doors locked, people. If you see something, say something.

Theft in Theta

Last night, Bwog spotted a public safety officer guarding the door to Theta’s brownstone. We’ve learned from tipsters that an unidentified male walked into Theta yesterday, pretended to be friends with one of the girls, stole three four laptops, and left.

Later that evening, Director of Residential Programs Stephanie Nixon sent an email to the presidents and house managers of Greek organizations with brownstones. While making sure not to blame the Theta girls for the theft, she explained that “the individual was seen by multiple residents but it was assumed that the individual was a guest of someone in the house” and encouraged them to be more careful about letting strangers into their houses.

Check out the full email from Stephanie Nixon after the jump

The Case of the Missing Chairs

Once again, many a wooden chair has gone missing from the Schapiro lounges, and Housing is prepared to take action. Darleny Cepin, Associate Director of the Office of Residential Programs, warned residents that all of the furniture must be returned by 9am this Friday, or else a team of Res, Housing, and Facilities staff will open and search every room. For real! Don’t think they won’t do it.

Full email after the jump.


Laptop Thief Found?

A tipster tells us they saw a boy being led out of Carman by three men in suits earlier this afternoon. According to reports, the student had three laptops in his bag. That would account for three of the four laptops stolen on Tuesday. We’ll keep you posted. Again, if you know/saw/heard anything, tip us (you can do so anonymously in our Submit A Tip form) and call Public Safety at 212-854-2797.

Update, 10:40pm: One of the students who had their laptops stolen just checked in from the police station, where she collected her laptop and saw two others in a black backpack. The backpack had three laptops in it, making it highly, highly likely that the boy being led out of Carman this afternoon was the laptop thief. The police officers informed our tipster that all the laptops had been recovered, thanks in great part to Public Safety. The hard drives on the computers were wiped, indicating that the thief planned to sell them immediately. We’ll update you as we get more information.

At Least Four Laptop Thefts This Afternoon

Bwog’s just been tipped that at least four laptops were stolen roughly between the hours of 2 and 4 this afternoon. At least 2 from Claremont, 1 from Wien, and 1 from McBain. A Claremont security guard reports seeing three “unfamiliar faces” being signed into the building between those hours this afternoon. Another tipster informs us that there are large signs at the Wien security desk alerting everyone to lock their doors. If you saw something or know anything, tip us and call Public Safety at 212-854-2797.

They’ve Struck Again

Photo via CU Housing

The residents of Schapiro face a dreaded Housing raid, as lounge furniture-pilfering students failed to learn a lesson from Wien/EC. It seems that 3 chairs and 3 tables have gone missing from the 2nd, 9th, 10th and 11th floor lounges. Who’s hosting a dinner party in their Schapiro double? Housing has given the hooligans until 9 am on Friday, March 26 to return the furniture before the raiding begins!

Full email from Housing after the jump.


Yippee-Kai-Yay, Motherf%$*@#

BruceWillisFan#1@aol.com [Sam Schube] alerts us that six sanitation trucks are lined up on Broadway and 113th–EXACTLY of like that scene in Die Hard with a Vengeance when $140 billion of gold is carted away in dump trucks. A word to the wise: keep an eye on your bricks, friends.

There Are No Chairs

Where are the chairs? Until they are returned to Ferris…no justice, no peace!

Update: The Worries of Wien

Wieners, rejoice! Your times of woe are over. As far as our sources can tell, the dreaded Wien-wide raid was not conducted. Res Life’s threatening letters effectively dealt with the case of the mysteriously disappearing furniture, and all kitchen and computer lab cushions and chairs have been returned to their rightful place – though perhaps not all in their original forms. Some self-sacrificing residents seem to have given up their own room chairs for the greater good – or perhaps for a little more room to breathe.

Arrest Near Low

A Bwog tipster spotted this brigade of Public Safety officers leading a handcuffed individual out of Low a little after noon. Though the timing coincides with the appearance of Kofi Annan at the World Leaders Forum in the Rotunda, VP of Public Safety James McShane now tells us the incident was unrelated to the goings-on in Low.

What was the arrest related to? Bicycle theft. Two arrests were made after an attempt to steal a bike at 117th Street, one on campus, and one on 108th after what must have been a dramatic chase. Neither of the suspects is Columbia affiliated (stealing a bike would insult its divinity, after all). Both have now been turned over to the NYPD.