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Semester in Review: Things Happened Before Operation Ivy League

Woosh! Before finally bidding farewell the most awkwardly named decade ever, please allow a moment to reflect on the madness that was these past few months. Starting tomorrow, the overwhelmingly talented, lovely and British (expect some ‘u’s in words where you don’t usually see them) Claire Sabel, CC’13, will be your Bwog Editor. Claire will reign over this website with tag-queen, Yiddish-master and exactly who we are talking about when we say Bwog is actually a person, Carolyn Ruvkun, and reporting/Internet/headline Emperor David Hu, who will ensure not only that this website exists everyday but also that, in the words of Jay-Z, the best of our todays are the worst of our tomorrows. A promise to you: the world has not seen a triumvirate this capable since Octavius, Marc Antony, and that other one.

Thank you, always, for reading, for commenting, and for tipping. We are always here for you, Columbia-galaxy, and thank you for being there for us. Editing Bwog this year has been an honor, a privilege, and a delight.


The semester began with technological innovations, most importantly our own, but also MTA’s. The rest of the neighborhood remained fairly recognizable. Commencement was sweaty and on video. ’14ers were more prepared for their new lives than ever before – equipped with our definitive guide to safe sex and a healthy (“These will not be the best years of your lives”) dose of cynicism. Nor was NSOP’s theme the least of the mysteries.

The rest of September saw celebs Rufus and JGL, equally coveted Wi-Fithe launch of BwogWeather (DVD box set coming soon!) and the announcement of pre-professional degrees. We thought that petty crime, and the undercover arrest at the bookstore would be the only notable entries in the annals of Morningside Misdemeanors, and that the Zenawi protest would be the major news of the semester–ha! Also we realized that we live in a jungle. Meanwhile the Vag chronicles continued.

Let us here pause for a moment to consider the veritable PrezBo Renaissance that took place this fall, with the return of his Twitter, and his public appearances with naked men, Kofi Annanand the deans (who are crazy thrill seekers!!). And so it was decreed that he shall live on for 5 more years. Barnard also received a newcomer: we asked and you commented, and thus A-Hinks was born.

Anywayz…As October came around, the Center for Palestinian Studies was opened, UFOs were sighted, and Obama’s presence requested. The city experienced a freak heat wave, and Halloween fell on a Sunday, making it one of the boringest ever – but y’all still looked fly! The leaves turned as November rolled in and Pinnacle morphed into something weird. Weezy was freed, and we unrealistically hoped he would come for the first ever fall Bacchanal. Gender had a field day when Open Housing finally got off the ground and Judith Butler’s arrival was announced. Anticipating WikiLeaks, Bwog broke its own exposé of The Social Experiment, and scandal abounded when Representative Rangel was found guilty of ethics violations. Harry Potter happened hardcore as did 4Loko. Thus buoyed by sentimentality, we gave sincere thanks.

With the weirdness of Mickey Avalon in Roone, came the cold, and the almost-snow (if only it’d been this) …And then came drug busts. Operation Ivy League was insane, providing limitless fodder–and let’s not forget David Epstein–for the Butler hordes to talk about, as reading week flew by and suddenly finals were upon us. The last nail was placed in the coffin of Manhattanville opposition, just as the Northwest Science Building, aka M-Ville: The Prequel, finally opened. The extent of the drama may or may not explain the bitches goin crazy, but regardless, the news kept coming. With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the issue of ROTC on campus resurfaced yet again, and a new Task Force was organized. On the second-to-last night of finals, the end of the world came and went, as did Santa. Finally, we took a deep breath and wished for life, love and sweaters.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Congrats for a great year!

  • seriously says:

    @seriously does no one understand what decades are? It ended last year. 2011 is the second year of a decade. Cmon.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Trolling?

      Decades start on the 1’s, because there was not year 0.

  • Bwog 2011! says:

    @Bwog 2011! David Hu is awesome! The Claire, David, Carolyn triumvirate will be a force to reckon with! Horray!

  • Well-deserved kudos says:

    @Well-deserved kudos to Eliza, and welcome to the new ruling party!

  • sarah says:

    @sarah Yaay for Carolyn!!

  • concerned cc'14 says:

    @concerned cc'14 should i be concerned that i havent received a grade for one of my classes? my professor emailed us two weeks ago saying grades would be up within a day or two, but that never happened

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Last semester I had a professor just forget to put in a grade for one of my classes. I figured it was just really late until I got an email from my dean telling me I was on academic probation for failing a class–which is I guess what they assume if no grade is submitted. Is there some kind of date we’re supposed to have our grades by?

    2. I'm on the same boat says:

      @I'm on the same boat I guess we just have to wait and see, but this happens all the time… hopefully this week we’ll get them
      ps. we really need to look into these grade deadlines

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous LOVE YOU BWOG. and a question i’ve been dying to ask all year – what does (if anything) bwog stand for?

    1. ask and ye shall receive says:

      @ask and ye shall receive As it says in the acronym guide (, Bwog is a portmanteau. It’s a combination of “blog” and “B&W” (which stands for The Blue & White, the undergraduate magazine that runs Bwog).

    2. ... says:

      @... bloody wall of gore… duh.

      1. french replaces freedom says:

        @french replaces freedom i like Blue and White Online Gala better.

  • ens says:

    @ens bravo eliza, you’ve been wonderful. also, team carolyn ruvkun, i love you cruvs!

  • Gavin says:

    @Gavin Congratulations, Eliza and Bwog, on a fabulous year!

  • zhb says:

    @zhb Well done.

  • ryan says:

    @ryan congrats claire, and thanks for a great year, eliza!

  • I love says:

    @I love how everyone who reads Bwog during class and while ”doing homework” is still asleep right now. Winter break FTW <3

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous you rock, eliza!

  • cc'11 says:

    @cc'11 Eliza, you are fabulous. Great work!

  • Thank you says:

    @Thank you this-year’s-Bwog staff. It reached a whole new level this so far. I’m sure you’re all proud of your work, and I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it this year.

    1. Seriously?? says:

      @Seriously?? A boxset DVD of bwogweather?? First of all, they weren’t even good. Second, each video is around 2 minutes, so 12 of those would be like 25-30 minutes in length. What a rip-off basically.

      1. Lauren says:

        @Lauren You no get sarcasm. You get upset about joke. You go back to cave, cry deeply.

        1. Ummm says:

          @Ummm Learn how to speak before you try to make an argument.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous read lauren’s post…now think about it…now read it again. repeat as necessary.

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