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Next up in Houses and Homes is somewhere we all call home at some point in the year. Show us where you’ve been passing your days–send us a snap of your spot and describe the other four senses in an email to  

Where: A Washington Heights sublet, shared with five near-strangers and down the street from the highest natural point in Manhattan (read: on top of a huge hill that makes me miss the blissfully flat Midwest)

if you squint there’s almost a view


Smell: The smell of failure–apparently I live right near where George Washington set up camp during the disappointing Battle of Fort Washington, which Wikipedia classifies as “one of the worst Patriot defeats.” But actually smells like pasta, because that’s all anyone else seems to eat.

Sound: Guy who practices guitar with the window open which harmonizes beautifully with my worthless window air conditioning unit.
Taste: Starbucks, because Morningside isn’t the only Heights that got gentrified.




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If everything you’re bringing to CU fits in one suitcase, you’re probably doing something wrong

Packing for college can be a pain, especially if you’re trying to fit it all into the back of an uber from JFK. We all skimped out on at least one of these things before coming to campus, and deeply regretted it shortly into NSOP. You’ll want to scan over Bed Bath & Beyond’s checklist so you don’t forget important things (like pillowcases!), but even our all-knowing housewares store left a few essentials off of its list:

For your social life…

  • Fake ID – Unlike your friends who go to, like, Dartmouth, your social life is going to revolve around bars. After a night of pregaming in Carman and running around to different EC parties, you’re going to end up in line outside 1020 or Mel’s. Here’s the deal: if you don’t already have a fake, find a group to order with when you get to campus. Do not spend more than $100, get TWO IDs, and make sure that shit scans. Also, be wary about shipping your new IDs to the package center–they’ve been known to intercept orders!
  • Contraception – Don’t wild out too much during NSOP–especially when it comes to your health. You can also get free condoms and Plan B at Health Services.
  • Fanny pack – Drag us!!!
  • Cleaning supplies – The floor of your Carman double will get sticky. Invest in a Swiffer, some Clorox wipes, or some cleaning spray and paper towels (we like the smell of Meyer’s). One Bwogger would also like to stress the importance of roach and ant traps for when you don’t clean your floor fast enough.
  • Speakers and Spotify Premium – If we have to hear one more Spotify ad during a pregame we will SCREAM.
  • Corkscrew and bottle opener – Once upon a time, we were first-years desperately running from MoWil to Duane Reade to RiteAid trying to find a corkscrew for an NSOP pregame. Just invest in one now (and make sure you actually know how to use it).

What about the rest of your life?



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Shake Shack, Unshackled

In honor of the long-awaited opening of Shake Shack’s Morningside Heights location happening soon, we bring you a conspiracy theory on why Shake Shack is replacing Ollie’s. 

The campus has been in an uproar for the past few months, ever since it was announced that Shake Shack will be taking over the spot where Ollie’s once stood. The lot, once abandoned and sadly decrepit, is now bustling with construction work; you can even see the new Shake Shack menu inside now. It’s as though Shake Shack swooped in like a guardian angel of hungry college kids and turned a wasteland into a paradise of overpriced burgers. (No offense to Shake Shack fans, but let’s be real; it is quite overpriced.)

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if this was a carefully orchestrated plot all along? What if Shake Shack fully intended to kill Ollie’s and take its spot from the very beginning? Bwog received a tip that linked us to an article by DNAinfo, which quoted Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti saying, “I have said for years before that this spot, the only spot I really want, is that old Ollie’s spot on 116th and Broadway.” The article also said that Garutti told the Spectator that he has wanted to open a Morningside Heights location for seven or eight years.

At this point, readers, you might be asking, where is this article going? What is this conspiracy theory trying to say? How could Shake Shack possibly intentionally replace Ollie’s, a well-loved Columbia staple, an established Morningside Heights business, a part of the community? The answer is simple if you just pay attention; Ollie’s was displaced by a fire in 2015. Do you really think that fire was accidental?

And now for the actual conspiracy theory



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So it’s the middle of August, the Sunday of summer. As you wind down your internships and wild international adventures, we welcome back our end-of-summer series on where we spend our time and what home is to us this summer. Want to be part of the fun (did you mean: childhood nostalgia)? Send your Houses And Homes submission to, including a pic and your five senses. 

Where: Mercer Island, WA


Dystopian aura brought to you by wildfires

Sound: Rapid-fire dialogue of The West Wing Season 3, my cat announcing she’s killed another bird, my parents asking if the cats have been fed.

Smell: The grill, some hipster’s BO, Seattle’s signature weed fragrance, and very out-of-place pollution.

Taste: Copper River salmon, blueberry pie, and homemade frosé



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Do they sell these at the bookstore?

This afternoon, the Columbia class of 2021 released a letter in their Facebook group addressed to “the students of the University of Virginia and Charlottesville Community.” The letter condemns the violence of the “Unite the Right” rallies and expresses support for marginalized students. So…that’s pretty much how the class of 2021 is going to go. We’ve included the full statement below.

Shortly after Barnard President Sian Beilock emailed all of her students a statement on the riots in Charlottesville, VA, the incoming Columbia class of 2021 decided it was time to release their own statement, too. Yes, that’s right. Somehow the entire class of 2021 was able to discuss, debate, and then consolidate all of their mutually agreed upon opinions into a one-page letter. That they posted on Facebook. And signed “Class of 2021, Columbia University.”

There’s even a hashtag.

The letter opens with a proclamation: “Columbia University’s Class of 2021 stands in solidarity with students who were marginalized by the events that occurred on August 11th and 12th.” The focus of the letter was support for UVA as an academic institution, “a sanctuary for young learners.” It warns of the consequences if the US “continues to normalize hateful speech and actions.” We wonder what PrezBo—a staunch defender of (and expert on) the First Amendment—will say.

While, of course, a formal statement from a group of several hundred students who’ve never met IRL won’t be perfect, the most profound aspect of 2021’s letter isn’t necessarily its content—it’s the significance of making such a statement. The class of 2021 is setting the tone for their time at Columbia pretty early. The organizers of this letter are certainly making themselves and their peers known as a class that will not remain silent. But is that really how every member of the class of 2021 wants to be known? It’s a risky move to imply that the entire class agrees with the views expressed in the letter, let alone attach such views to the University itself.

We’re not saying the contents of the letter are good or bad, we’re just saying that the whole move was pretty yikes.

Here’s the statement, for your reading pleasure:

Update, August 16, 1:45 PM: Bwog wishes to clarify that we are not condemning the contents of this letter or any members of the class of 2021’s stance against the white supremacist and neo-nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville. This article was intended to call attention to the context of this letter and the manner it was written and signed.



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Monday marked the tragic end of July – a steamy and dreamy month that seemed to have begun yesterday. July gave us 31 days of sweat and stank (especially if you are spending it in the armpit of the U.S. that is the mid-Atlantic), but it also gave us hope that summer would never end. In its place, July leaves us August, a month even hotter and nastier than its predecessor, with a stinging reminder that papers, problem sets, and Paw Print are close. But before we get caught up in the fate of our dissolving summer, here’s what happened to Columbia in July:

  • Next Tuesday, the Southern District Court of New York will hear the oral arguments for  the Roskin-Frazee v. Columbia University case. Here’s an overview of what has happened so far. 
  • Speaking of lawsuits: Columbia’s suit with Paul Nungesser has been settled, two years after it was filed.
  • Theodore de Bary, a former Columbia professor and well-known sinologist, passed away.
  • New Barnard president Sian Beilock was briefly on campus, made an introductory video, then left NYC again.
  • Spec is moving! Temporarily to Manhattanville, and then after that, who knows. (Wall Street? Bushwick? Jersey City? Mars? Hopefully?)
  • Columbia is giving out fidget spinners to new students, and has already started with some trial spinners handed out in Low. We’d love to review them, if we could get our hands on one…
  • We saw Meryl Streep on campus, blocking off Low and participating in a staged protest for Steven Spielberg’s new movie Pentagon Papers.
  • Barnard’s new magnolia tree seems to be faring much better than its predecessor, at least so far.
  • The CU Republicans are in a bit of a bind, after Martin Shkreli, whom they secured as a speaker for next semester, has been found guilty of fraud. They will more definitely be hosting Ed Kox, Mike Cernovich, and other notable conservatives.
  • Shake Shack is getting closer and closer to its opening date… A menu can now be seen through those tantalizingly open doors.

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