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The door in question… Eerily menacing, right?

There is a creepy door in the basement of Barnard Hall. Internal Editor Sarah Kinney is here to offer her thoughts. That is all.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I find myself in the basement of Barnard Hall, pacing around before going to ballet. Outside the dance studios and fitness center is an oddly positioned set of stairs in the corner which lead up to a large, fortified, metal door with a huge sign reading “POOL.” Underneath that sign, however, is another sign that reads “Please note the closure of the pool is permanent.” Every single week this door perplexes me. What lies behind it? Is the door even locked? What would happen if I turned the knob and ventured into the abyss?

In my mind, I open this door to find a huge room made entirely of concrete and tile with a giant empty pool in the middle. The lighting is low, flickering, and eerie. There are abandoned mops and floaties in the corner. Moaning Myrtle wails in the distance. Or maybe the pool is full, and in the water dwells a giant sea monster who protects Barnard from other giant sea monsters in the area. Maybe there’s a mermaid à la Aquamarine. Is there a hot lifeguard?

Or maybe there isn’t a pool at all. Maybe behind the door lies a secret train station that will transport you to any of the other Seven Sisters. Or maybe it’s a chocolate shop and candy factory operated entirely by mice, sort of like Ratatouille but not. Maybe DSpar has transformed the space into her own personal apocalypse shelter.

Obviously, I have no idea what lies behind this door. One Barnard Bwogger mentioned to me that they just use the space for storage, but storage for what?! All the shot glasses and wine bottles and ashtrays they’ve confiscated from Barnard dorms over the years? Stacks of cash belonging to the endowment? Who knows. All I know is I will give $5 to the person who successfully opens that door and reveals to me all of the secrets of the abandoned Barnard pool.


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Hurricane from space… holy shit

Happening in the world: Over the weekend, a giant sinkhole opened up in the town of Dazhou, Sichuan, China, killing four people. This is literally my worst fear.

Happening in the US: Hurricane Michael is currently building off the coast of Florida. Emergency evacuation declarations have been made in more than 100 counties. Florida friends and family, stay safe!

Happening in NYC: The Columbus Day Parade was yesterday, but apparently it was a bleak affair. Barely anyone showed up. One onlooker even said, “If I had to list it, it’d be the worst parade I’ve ever attended.” Sucks for you, Christopher Columbus!

Happening on campus: Today is the last day to drop a class! It’s the last day you can give up without any consequences. I wish every day were like this.

Sanity Suggestion: Feeling overwhelmed by work right now? Take a break by baking something delicious. It will take your mind off things and you’ll be rewarded with fresh baked deliciousness. Check out Cooking With Bwog for some ideas to get started!

Crazy space weather pic courtesy of NASA



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Do you think Housing would allow me to keep this in my room?

We hope everybody is out enjoying the activities fair today (especially now that it’s not 100º outside)! If you’re anything like me, the more you walked around the endless rows of tables, the more you got to thinking about other clubs you wish we had here at Columbia. Of course anyone can always just start whatever club they want, but that sounds like a lot of work. So instead we’ll just leave our list here. Feel free to steal our ideas, or tweet us at @bwog to share yours. 

Finger painting club
Grilled cheese club
Wine tasting club
Dean Kromm fan club
Deantini fan club
Vlogging club
Glass heels club
Sleeping through my 8:40 club
My Hello Kitty toaster club
Candle club
Coffee brewing club
Beer brewing club
Ferris pasta bar club

Check out more…



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How rooms without AC feel

We get it: it’s hot out. Like, really fucking hot. Like global warming is an evil, sweaty monster who points and laughs whenever our parents/the administration looks at us and says, “We survived the city without AC in our day!” Okay, yes, but back then it wasn’t 90º all through September. Sigh. Rant over. Anyway, we here at Bwog have compiled a helpful list complete with ways to beat the heat this week. 

  • Lie on the ground naked on a pile of your clothes like a rat on her trash pile.
  • Eat celery. (Thanks, Barnard.)
  • Pretend to be pregnant but the baby is just an electric fan you’re hiding under your shirt.
  • Downgrade to a smaller, cooler dorm (your fridge).
  • Die.
  • Run around naked.
  • Jump into the fountains of premature ejaculation.
  • Stay in Lerner all day.
  • Put your face underneath the eco-friendly hand dryers in the bathroom.
  • Take a cold shower every half an hour.
  • Buy an ice mask and wear it around your room.
  • Place a big bowl of ice in front of your fan and wait approximately three minutes until it all melts.
  • Go to Butler and find those perimeter shelves where you can lay over the AC.
  • Desperately text an old random hookup whom you know has AC and convince them to invite you over.
  • Email Columbia Housing and bitch and moan until they agree to install AC in all our damn dorms.
  • Steal cups full of ice from Ferris and continuously rub the ice all over your face during class.

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Your OLs love you and want you to get lit!

Good morning, first years (and everyone else on campus)! Did you have fun last night? Did you attend your first Carman party, or perhaps get lit downtown on your RA night out? Regardless, we’re all in the same boat now, waking up for the first day of #required programming. So sit back, bask in your hangover, and get ready to pay attention to some important shit. 

Today’s highlights:

  • Today is move-in day for all you transferring, visiting, and combined-plan students! On behalf of Bwog, welcome to campus! We’re so excited to have you here. And remember: you can still join Bwog even if you’ll only be here for a semester. ;)
  • Under1Roof, Step Up & Get SAVI, Public Safety and Fire Safety: Not every OL group has all of these sessions today (some are today, some are tomorrow), but every new student will be attending at least one workshop today. Most of these sessions are long, and can have some serious energy lulls throughout, but they are required for a reason. These sessions ensure that every student who starts at Columbia is on the same page when it comes to our community of respect, activism, and justice. They are important, engaging, and interesting. (Oh, except for fire safety. That one is just boring.)
  • Academic Resources Fair, 3-5pm in Roone Auditorium: Go check out the resource fair to learn more about different departments here at Columbia! If you have an idea of what you want to study, go check out that booth and ones similar to it. If you have no idea of what you want to study, even better! Go walk up to random booths and see what they have to say!

One thing to do before graduating: Grab some friends (or go alone) and explore the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (located on 112th and Amsterdam). This beautiful cathedral is totally open to the public, and their vast gardens are fantastic. They even have real live peacocks walking around! Head on over and see if you can find them. It’s a super nice way to unwind and enjoy some quiet solace during such a hectic week.

From the archives: Looking for some inspo for your next Carman rager? Well look no further than the infamous Carman paint party of 2014. If you’re on a mission to rack up some university fines and probably also lose housing, then you’re in luck.


Image via me. 



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Add to the list: take a coordinated jumping photo on Low Steps

Hey, new first years! Yeah, you! In just a few weeks, you’re going to embark on one of the greatest, sweatiest, and cringiest experiences of your whole college career: NSOP. In order to make this experience the Best Ever, a few of us old timers here at Bwog have compiled an NSOP bucketlist (based on our own experiences) to make sure you get the most out of this wild week. 

  • Get a fake ID
  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge
  • Get into a bar with an ID that isn’t yours
  • Go to a Carman party
  • Go to the Museum of Sex
  • Do a photoshoot in your Carman room
  • Host a Carman party
  • Go to Coney Island!!
  • Smoke w**d in Riverside Park
  • Grab a friend, start walking in a random direction, and let yourself get super lost. Best way to explore the city.
  • Rush a Broadway show while you still have the energy to wake up super early for it
  • Go to Absolute Bagels
  • Go to Hungarian Bakery, but don’t bring a Tinder date there
  • Take advantage of your CUID and go to a museum for free
  • (Second the go to Hungarian)
  • Go to Suite
  • Get and get over a crush
  • Buy your own w**d for the first time
  • Go to 1020 using your fake ID (or get there before they start carding)
  • Ask a random person for a sign in to the dorm you’re trying to get into
  • Hang out on Low Steps
  • Buy alcohol at International
  • Hook up with someone from your sibling NSOP group
  • Hook up with someone from your own NSOP group
  • Sneak alcohol in your college-branded tote
  • Go to Smorgasburg before it closes!!
  • Try to push the tooth statue (officially known as three-way piece: points) near the International Affairs Building
  • Watch the sunset from the top floor of the International Affairs Building
  • Go to one of the “NYC Welcome Week” parties (I did this; I hated it, but it was definitely an experience)
  • Go to the 20th floor of EC and admire the view from the lounge before all the seniors move in and you feel awkward there

Note: Bwog does not condone the use of illegal substances.

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This society is literally as old as our nation.

This evening, both Barnard College and Columbia College released the names of the remaining inductees for their 2018 classes of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Beta Kappa is made up of 10 percent of the respective college senior class, chosen “based on the breadth, depth and rigor of their academic programs” (not necessarily the top 10 percent GPA-wise, but ya know, there’s a lot of overlap). The first two percent of each class were elected last fall, receiving the special honors of Junior Phi Beta Kappa. You can find CC’s fall list here and Barnard’s one here.

Behold! The 2018 class of Columbia College Phi Beta Kappa

Find out whomst made the list!



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Handwriting: 4/10. Purpose: 11/10.

This spring, GS senior Pawel Maslag was awarded the Campbell Award, which “recognizes exceptional leadership and Columbia spirit.” But that’s arguably Pawel’s least exciting accomplishment. From running across the country to being a trained WWE wrestler to serving on the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault, Pawel has accomplished more in his 20-some years than I probably will in my entire lifetime. Internal Editor Sarah Kinney (who knows him from Peer Health Exchange) sat down with Pawel last week to pick his brain and learn more about his inspiring life. 
Name, School, Hometown, Major:
Pawel Maslag; GS; Garfield, New Jersey; Sociology.

Do you have a personal motto? If so, what is it? If not, make one up.
After graduating from high school, I decided to embark on an Americorps service year with City Year ― a year where I was a tutor and mentor to a second grade class in Long Island City, Queens. During the last day of my service year, I asked all my students to write a message of inspiration on my backpack. One of my students wrote a message that would change the course of my life forever: “Always do your best and help others.” Every decision I make in my life, whether it is my career after Columbia or how I spend my summers, I reflect whether or not the opportunity will allow me to do my best and help others.

You’re running across the world for cancer?! What?! Tell me more!
Last summer I cycled across the country, from Baltimore to San Francisco, for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. I was reflecting on my post-Columbia plans and I realized I had an open-ended summer, and I thought, “Why not go across country again, but run this time?” Here I am, about to run 4,500 miles (we take a bit of an upwards and then downwards route) from San Francisco to Boston!

So far I’ve been able to raise a little over $4,500 for the Ulman Cancer Fund, which provides critical services for young adults with cancer and their loved ones. The money I’ve raised is going towards supportive services, such as patient navigation and college scholarships, and it helps foster a supportive network for young adults with cancer ―a population that can feel isolated in a hospital where the majority of patients are much older than them.

I hope my summer will also inspire other young people to take action and commit to a large goal (or small goal!) that will impact lives and create positive change in our world.

There is still so much more to find out!!



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So cute!!

On Thursday evening, Bwog Internal Editor and former ballet-er headed down to Columbus Circle to catch the dress rehearsal of Columbia University Ballet Ensemble’s spring show, Coppélia. The show is playing on Saturday evening at 8pm and Sunday afternoon at 2pm at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. 

Not to brag, but when I was 8 years old, I starred in my hometown studio’s production of Coppélia. Okay, well, maybe not starred. I certainly was not the lead. But I was in it. I promise. Anyways, because of this fun fact, I was looking forward to heading down memory lane to go watch CUBE perform this eclectic ballet for their spring performance.

Coppélia, which dates all the way back to 1870, is a peculiar story about an evil doctor (?) who crafts dolls in his creepy haunted mansion (?). There’s a boy (Franz) who finds himself enamoured by the most beautiful doll (Coppélia herself), and a suspicious girlfriend (Swanhilda) who wonders what all the fuss is about. Upon sneaking into Dr. Coppelius’ workroom, the young girl and her friends discover a whole slew of dolls who end up (surprise) coming to life and all dancing together. There’s a little bit of an extra twist at the end, involving deceitful manipulations of reality as well as some magic potion (which is most likely just booze), but don’t worry, I won’t spoil all the juicy deets.

Get the scoop on Coppélia after the jump



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Lowkey Bacchus’ arms look hella sexy. defines “bacchanal” as “an occasion of drunken revelry; orgy.” While that about sums it up, I have a feeling that that description of the day may not fly with your mom. In order to explain Bacchanal to all your various loved ones, you may have to tweak the definition in order to suit their agenda. Here’s some advice on how to explain Bacchanal to all sorts of people in your life.

Your parents

Bacchanal is a time-honored Columbia University tradition. Every spring, we hard-working students take a break by spending time outside listening to live music with our friends. Sure, a few beers are had here and there, but overall the day is really about Columbia camaraderie.

Your grandma

Bacchanal, named after the Roman god Bacchus, is a testament to Columbia’s traditional focus on the Classics. It is a day we spend remembering the legacy of Bacchus, god of… grapes. We all sit on the lawns, arranged in groups according to our freshman year Lit Hum sections, and discuss the prevalence of Bacchus’ legacy in the 21st century. We even have live music, because everyone knows that Bacchus enjoyed quality entertainment. Throughout the day there is even a wine tasting, which gives us the opportunity to learn all about the origins of Franzia.

Your friends back home

It’s the biggest event in New York City. Seriously. Hundreds of New Yorkers flood Columbia’s campus for the dopest party you’ve ever seen. Kanye is headlining this year. There’s free booze everywhere. Remember that after prom party senior year at Dylan’s parents’ house? Yeah, it’s like that, but a million times cooler. I can’t even explain it. New York City is so lit.

Your friends at other NYC schools

Believe it or not, Columbia students aren’t always snobby library dwellers. We may study hard, but we party harder. We even have frats! Have you ever been to a real frat party? In the words of NYU Local, who spent Bacchanal with Bwog last year, “The houses were just a little gross, filled with drunken young adults, and people were playing beer pong: is this what real college is like? They even had cute little backyards!” Come uptown and join us for a full day of day-drinking, day-dancing, and day-getting-fucked-up.

The ER doc at St. Luke’s

“So, you’re telling me that you started drinking around 9am, spent the whole afternoon smoking weed, ate three whole Shake Shack burgers, and then passed out on the lawns around dinner time?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Why did you do all that? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Well, it’s Bacchanal.”


Note: Bwog does not condone the use of illegal drugs.

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Look, no more boarded-up fire windows!

Looking for a hot and sexy dorm? Look no further than Ruggles. This dorm is hot in two ways: no AC, and huge fucking fires. Stay safe, kids. 

Location: 508 W114th St. In other words, on 114th right by Amsterdam.

Nearby Stores/Restaurants: HamDel, Strokos, John Jay, JJ’s, Arts and Crafts, Artopolis, and even Hungarian. Really anything on Amsterdam, but also just around the corner from Broadway.

Cost: Stabilized at $9538 per year.


  • No AC. Not really an amenity.
  • Full kitchen and at least one full bathroom (sometimes two!) in each suite.
  • All hardwood or tile.
  • Printers in the lobby.
  • Fitness center in the basement!

It only gets hotter from here…



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Why is this the photo for 1020? The fuck?

If you’ve stopped by 1020 this semester, you’ve probably noticed that they hung up a huge new projector screen over the front windows. While the bar has always been (in)famous for playing oddball movies on the TV screen in the back of the bar, we here at Bwog have been brainstorming what new movies/TV shows they should start playing on the front screen. Here are some of our ideas.

  • Law & Order episodes from the early 2000’s.
  • Family Feud.
  • Rolling footage of Obama’s White House Correspondents Dinners.
  • Lost.
  • 1 Hour of Yoda – Rockin’ and Rollin’.  
  • Vine compilations.
  • All of the Lord Of The Rings movies, back to back to back.
  • Rick and Morty.
  • End Of The F***ing World. (Is anyone else obsessed with this show??)
  • Portlandia.
  • Old episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
  • Mulholland Drive.
  • Silence of the Lambs.
  • Infomercials.

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No, not this kind of kicking.

New York City is packed with amazing culture and inspiring art, but sometimes it’s difficult to break the Morningside-bubble and experience it all first-hand. “Where Art Thou” is a weekly guide to interesting and notable lectures, events, and performances for the literary/musically/theatrically-inclined on campus.

On Campus

  • To kick off the semester, the Arts Initiative at Columbia has opened applications for Student Arts Grants. These grants fund non-curricular arts projects of all shapes and sizes! Applications opened last week and they close on March 2. For more info, click here or stop on by the information session on February 2. Best of luck!
  • Next Wednesday evening at 6 pm (Jan 31), stop by the Diana Event Oval for Art & EquityThis event is a discussion between Toyin Ojih Odutola and Mary Sibande on the role of art in the political sphere, focusing on “esthetics, gender, race, and justice.”

Off Campus

  • Looking for some art that isn’t at the Met or the MoMA? Head over to the Bruce Silverstein gallery in Chelsea before the end of the month to catch a beautiful exhibit of photographs by René Magritte. This intimate gallery offers a small scale alternative to the hustle and bustle of more mainstream NYC museums.
  • Opening today is a modern arts instillation in Madison Square Garden by Erwin Redl, Whiteout. The instillation, breathtaking in its simplicity, features hundreds of white glowing orbs suspended from a steel grid. Wander through the park at night for the best experience.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons



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Follow @bwog on insta for inspiring content like Junzi cocktails!

Whether you spent all weekend holed up in Butler, drinking away your stresses, or a little bit of both, this weekend’s field notes have got you covered. Fun game: try to guess which Bwoggers submitted which field notes… 

All’s fair in love and war:

  • Got dumped. Fucked another guy that night out of desire and spite.
  • Tried not to develop feelings for a possible fuckboy? Stay tuned.
  • Deleted Tinder in the name of self care.
  • Realized I had never loved someone, because when I broke their heart I didn’t care, at all.

Finals I guess?

  • Stormed Butler 209!
  • Did my Gulati practice problems buzzed (thanks Bwog!!).
  • Bought overpriced snacks in ButCafe because it doesn’t take fucking Barnard points.
  • Reluctantly opted for studying over drinking, caved, and drank while studying.
  • Went home three different times this weekend despite being in the middle of finals.
  • Woke up at EIGHT Saturday to get a seat in Butler and the fourth floor was completely empty for 20 glorious minutes.
  • Got a bunch of fruit for munchies, ended up eating a gross assortment of spreads on pita chips instead. Finals I guess?

Procrastination is REAL:

  • Didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until 6 pm.
  • Watched Mean Girls and remembered how fucking iconic early 2000’s fashion is.
  • Went to church and actually felt better afterwards. All of my anger and frustration is now gone.
  • Facetimed with my sister like 3 times this week and now I feel like I miss her.
  • Picnic-ed under the lit trees of Bryant Park.
  • Escaped the fuck out of an escape room for my friend’s birthday.
  • Went home from a party early with the intention of getting up early the next morning to study; ended up sleeping in until 2 pm the next day.
  • Bailed on a social gathering that was supposed to be hosted in my own suite.
  • Went to Pret three times in one day, got a free croissant out of it.
  • Climbed onto the [redacted] roof twice.
  • Scammed my way onto a white supremacist episode of SVU (until they realized I was in fact not an extra).
  • Had my mom make me fortified wine with rum in it (10/10 recommend).
  • Made a gingerbread house that promptly collapsed. :/
  • Got a juicebox cocktail at Junzi kitchen. It’s a mini bottle of tequila sticking out of a literal juice box.
  • Made dick-shaped cookies.



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This peppy girl could you be you, doing homework and jamming to our playlist!

Lookin’ for some new jams to get you through finals week? Bwog is here with a playlist just for you. This playlist, albeit short, is a tribute to (one of) the most obnoxious thing(s) about Bwog: our fiery rivalry with you-know-whomst’ve. Check out these jams, and pay special attention to the first letter of each song…

Creepy stock photo via Dreamstime

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