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img November 29, 20119:30 amimg 1 Comments

Things are coming to a close

Facebook is moving ever closer to its long-awaited IPO, rumored to value the company at over $100 billion. (WSJ)

It has recently been announced that Lana Peters, Joseph Stalin’s only daughter, died of colon cancer in Wisconsin on November 22, 2011. (BBC)

The AMR corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (DealBook)

On Monday, Fitch Ratings placed the US government’s AAA credit rating on a “negative outlook,” meaning there’s over a 50% chance that the nation’s credit will be downgraded within the next two years. (Politico)

Times are tough for Violet, Hawkma’s NYU cousin. She’s been limping since May, and having baby Pip to look after isn’t making things any easier. (City Room)

Setting sun via Wikimedia Commons



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img June 06, 20116:40 pmimg 4 Comments

Bwog is languidly clearing our virtual newsdesk today, bringing you a selection of interesting and possibly relevant headlines from the past few weeks. We hope that these stories, tenuously connected to Columbia, will reflect a similar degree of detachment from the establishment in your minds.

Oh yeah and Nadal won the French Open

One of the undercover cops in Operation Ivy League was undercover in more ways than one; while working for the NYPD, he ran an illegal gambling ring on Staten Island! (DNAinfo)

Professor David Epstein has pled guilty to charges of attempted incest, and conservative blogs have gleefully picked up the story. (eCourts, The Other McCain)

Turns out the whole Westside/Morton Williams debate misses the point. Both, along with most grocery stores in the city, are cheaper than everywhere else in the US. (WSJ)

Before kicking them out of the store, a white employee of our local UWS Apple Store allegedly told two young men that “before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I am discriminating against you.” (Gawker)

The Class of 1941’s graduation was bittersweet, since Columbia sports hero Lou Gehrig died the day before commencement. A member of that class recently wrote a touching reflection in the Times about the tragic coincidence. (NYT)

Also in the Times, Room For Debate asks if college is worth it. Columbia associate economics prof Till von Wachter says “those from less prestigious schools and those students majoring in humanities” have the worst job prospects. Humanities majors also make less than engineers. So great news if you’re in SEAS and bad news if you’re in NYU. (NYT, Georgetown)

If you miss the (possibly late) Hawkmadinejad, why not watch Pip, the baby NYU hawk, live? (CityRoom)

What is it with economists and sexual assault? Another top international finance official sexually assaulted a hotel maid in New York—and the hotel tried to cover it up! Hopefully this will stop happening now that hotels are giving their maids panic buttons. (Daily Show, NYT, NYPost, WSJ)

Joseph Stiglitz has some advice for choosing the next IMF head: don’t worry about their nationality, just whether or not they can save Europe. Jeffrey Sachs also has advice for the IMF, but you might not be able to see it because the Financial Times doesn’t want broke college kids reading their precious op-eds. (Slate, FT, Observer)

Columbia researchers used a “back of the envelope calculation” to show that reducing levels of surface ozone could save businesses $1.1 billion in lost worker productivity. It’s not like it could also save all of humanity from being destroyed or anything. (Globe and Mail)

And go Mavs. Yep, sometimes we take sides.

Rafa (this photo is actually from 2006, but his outfit is a very close approximation of what he wore during the final at Roland Garros this year) via Wikimedia



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The technical term is eyasses.

NYU’s adopted hawk family, Violet and Bobby, have been the subject of a lot of concern recently. Bird experts, and Bwog, claimed that the pair’s eggs past due earlier this week, but to the shock and surprise of live stream viewers, one chick has since emerged! College students aren’t the only people who procrastinate in/on Bobst Library. The NYTimes City Room is hosting a competition to name the new babies. Bwowk, anyone?

The ornithological relief was short lived, however, as bird-watchers noticed a blue plastic band tightly wrapped around one of Violet’s (the mother) legs. Her leg has since swollen, and hawk experts suggest that if it is not quickly removed, Violet will lose her leg, her life, and thus her babies. A daring rescue plan is being formulated by University officials and hawk rehabilitation experts. Supposedly, it will involve an 18ft long pole-net and some poor sucker climbing out onto the roof. Best of luck!

In other hawk-related news, Hawkma might be dead. Until there is certain evidence, Bwog refuses to speculate about the loss of a campus legend.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Photos via NYT City Room, Taylor Siedel.



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img May 03, 201110:25 amimg 2 Comments

Biggest news of the week?

The end of Girl Scout cookie season always comes too soon. This is your last week to stock up Samoas. (Village Voice)

It’s also Bird Week! Naturally, elegant photos of our avian affiliates flood the NYC blogosphere. Keep a lookout for our own nearest and dearest. (City Room)

Is PR beating out newsrooms? This is one of ProPublica’s best stories of the week, which they kindly shared with Columbia Journalism Review. (ProPublica, CJR).

Best thing this Grenadian immigrant’s heard all week is that he’s actually been a citizen for ten years. (NYDaily News)

This week in assassinations: how Obama kept the bin Laden operation secret. PrezOb is planning on visiting Ground Zero on Thursday. (Slate, Daily Intel)

Prince Charles is planning on meeting with Obama in Washington today. Any chance the world will be over the Royal Wedding by the end of the week? Unfortunately, probably not. (CNN, The Daily Beast)

The launch of the space shuttle Endeavour has been pushed to next week, at the earliest. (PC)

In Bwog’s opinion, the second best Girl Scout cookie via Wikimedia



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Then again, it's hard for days to get worse than this

Reasons why these days are not the best days:

Parts of the world are at risk from nuclear fallout. Yet another fun/terrifying way to use Google Earth. (Fast Company/Arcade Fire)

Columbia dramatically scales back its new public school for those affected by its multi-billion-dollar expansion, angering residents. Does this surprise you? (DNAinfo)

NYU’s hawk Bobby was spotted reading amNew York. (City Room)

A transgender group, Together Columbia, is considering pursuing legal action against Columbia for its recent decision to reinstate ROTC. (Spec)

Today is “Gang Initiation Day.” Stay inside and eat your peeps. (Gothamist)

Scary picture via Wikimedia



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img April 15, 201111:13 amimg 6 Comments

There's a whole world outside this country.

Ivo Sanader Gordon Bajnai, former prime minister of Hungary, will be a visiting scholar at Columbia in the Fall. Hopefully, he won’t suffer the same fate as Ivo Sanader, the last former prime minister of an Eastern European country to visit Columbia. (Politics.HU)

Why does Snoop Dogg need us to pay him so much for money for Bacchanal? Maybe because he tried to rent the country of Liechtenstein! Believe it or not, it’s possible to rent the country, but it will set you back a cool $70,000/night. (Atlantic Wire, AirBNB)

Kaley Hanenkrat, BC ’11, just won a Fulbright Scholarship! She’ll be spending most of next year in Ukraine, studying how political activists who supported the 2004 Orange Revolution have dealt with its partial failure and aftermath. (Spec, Carnegie Endowment)

Economics prof Joseph Stiglitz recently penned an op-ed in Vanity Fair condemning the absurd levels of wealth inequality in the US. While we were once the poster-child for social mobility, Stiglitz says, now “America lags behind any country in the old, ossified Europe that President George W. Bush used to deride. Among our closest counterparts are Russia with its oligarchs and Iran.” Ouch! Meanwhile, a Columbia professor of social work explained how Britain has succeeded in sharply reducing child poverty. (Vanity Fair, Economix)

It seems there’s no hope for journalism to ever turn a profit, so two Columbia J-School grads have launched Public Business, a nonprofit organization that funds high-quality business journalism. It’s like a cross between ProPublica and Business Insider. Prezbo would like you to remind you that journalism is important even if it’s not profitable and the governments of many other countries fund investigative journalism. (Reynolds Center, ProPublica, Business Insider, WSJ)

Violet, one of the hawks that has captured NYU’s heart, gave everyone a scare when she got part of a plastic bag stuck around her head. The fear was that her eggs rested on the rest of the bag and would therefore get tossed out of the nest if she tried to fly away. Crisis was finally averted when “without ceremony, Violet withdrew her head from the plastic loop.” (NYULocal, CityRoom)

These United States via Wikimedia Commons.



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img April 09, 201110:04 amimg 2 Comments

Guys, getting B's is okay! Stop stressing!

B's on Bwoglines

Congress avoids a full government shutdown and passes a last-minute budget deal that plans to cut $38 million from federal spending. While Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide abortions should go relatively unharmed, President Obama admits that “some of the cuts accepted by Democrats ‘will be painful.'” (NYT)

Columbia superstar professor of mathematics and physics Brian Greene appears in the opening of an episode of The Big Bang Theory in a reading for his newest book, The Hidden Reality. Sheldon is not impressed by Greene’s dumbing down of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. (CBS)

A 17-year-old British high school student literally gets bored stiff in class, yawning so widely that she can’t close her mouth! Let this be a lesson to you all: if you’re too tired to go to class, just sleep in. Classroom fatigue could be hazardous to your health! (Daily Mail)

New Yorkers are catching up with Bwog’s love for Hawkmadinejad and taking hawk bird watching to the next level. First, it was a live nest cam of two hawks (Violet and Bobby) nesting outside of NYU President JSex’s office. Now, the new hawk to watch is Pale Male, whose womanizing ways are receiving major attention. (City Room)

Surprise of the century: New Yorkers love brunch. We guess it’s not just a HIMYM thing! This article even gives our beloved Community Food and Juice a shout out. (WSJ)

B Typography via Wikimedia Commons




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img April 07, 201110:00 amimg 2 Comments

Another thing your mother always told you: bring Bwog some cookies. All the time. (Emphasis hers.)

Share with your neighbors
So if you have a crazy/violent/cool hawk roaming your college neighborhood, show the NYU-ers some love and let them have one too. (NYU Local)

Don’t talk back
Unless you’re invited to by the J-School, that is. In which case, you should plead “complexity” like NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger did this past week. (The Daily Beast)

If you say something mean, you’ll be put in time out
And if you say something really mean, you’ll be put in indefinite time out. Like the lady who was sentenced to lifelong jury duty by a Columbia alum for writing racist remarks on a questionnaire. (NY Daily News)

Vegetables are important
Which is why two state senators are currently trying to choose an official state veggie. Only they can’t decide between the onion or sweet corn. Eh, no comment. Get back to us when you need some official state fruit suggestions—until then, we’ll be nervously crossing our fingers and chanting “banana pancakes… banana pancakes…” (NYT)

Don’t rant on TV alongside falling ratings if you want to get your show renewed on Fox
Alright, so your mom didn’t really say that one. But she should have—especially if you’re Glenn Beck. Rumors are circulating that his Fox departure is a little less than his idea. (NYMag, Business Insider)

Example of type of warm cookies you should provide Bwog with via Wikimedia Commons.



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Bwoglines, by any other name, would totally look less sweet.

Roses are red,
Brown must be blue,
Since Emma Watson is leaving
We would be too. (EmmaWatson.com)

There is nothing quite as annoying—
With our hearts cab drivers start toying,
“Where do you want to go?
Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn? Ha, no!”
Caught on tape, the act’s self-destroying. (NYT CityRoom)

Speculation ensues;
New, very low number (22).
One theory asks of homicide,
Whether it’s the weather. (WSJ)

Hawkma can relate:
Large animal bones inside?
A bird’s got to eat. (NYPost)

A couplet re: couples—our painting’s twin,
Dwight D. times two wears CU robes within. (HTR News)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.



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What even is a line, anyway?

PoliticalLine: Our very own Jeffrey Sachs (director of Columbia’s Earth Institute) did not approve of Obama’s State of the Union Address. Media caught up with him on a bus from Zurich to Davos. That’s usually where Bwog goes, too, to express disapproval. (WSJ)

HawkLine: Apparently we’re not the only news outlet with a thing for hawks. While comforted by this recent outburst of hawk-news, we’d like to think that Hawkma could take either one of these guys in a pigeon-eating contest, or whatever it is that hawk drama consists of. [Warning: Some of these are graphic!] (CityRoom, NPR)

EconomyLine: Columbia’s $6.5 billion endowment performed the best out of all Ivy League endowments last year. Yale’s was the worst. Ha. (Bloomberg)

JealousyLine: Speaking of other schools, we thought we should break it to you early that NYU has a snow day, while we do not. Blerg! (NYU)

StressedFreshmenLine: An annual survey of college freshmen reveals today’s record levels of stress, compared to the past 25 years. We feel that this excess of stress can be attributed to lack of snow days. And, also, because school officials don’t use Columbia’s (best performing!) endowment to buy a lot of snacks, and then keep them in accessible places around campus, all the time, though we try to compensate for this. (NYT)

Image via Wikimedia.

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