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A problematic fave

A problematic fave

You’ve been hoping, wishing, dreaming of this for so long. It feels as though time has moved at a glacial pace until this point. But now, in the lulls in conversations, in the seconds of silence, in the moments before you fall asleep. You hear him: James Franco. His voice rises from somewhere deep within you, and before you know it, your mouth is forming the words. “SPRINGGGG BREEEEEEAAAAKKKK.”

That’s right – it’s almost here! We have just one more week to get through, then it’s off to wherever the f**k you go. Whether you’re taking a quick trip to Miami Beach, or going home to see family, or chilling on campus, we can all agree: It’s time for a break. But before you go, we have one more meeting! Come to Lerner 505 tonight at 7pm to talk pitches, tips, and upcoming events. This is your last chance before everyone goes their separate ways for a whole 9 days!

What a time to be alive via Lucie Nováčková/Wikimedia Commons



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A hearty welcome to the TVC students today!  We hope your day goes smoothly.  If you see or hear anything funny, or if you just need someone new to talk to, go ahead and email tips@bwog.com — we’d love to hear from you!

Today’s Highlights:

  • Move In for TVC students, 9 am-1 pm
  • Individual Advising Sessions, 8-9 am, 4th floor Lerner.  If you’re awake early enough for this, you probably don’t need an advising session.  There’s also sessions from 10:30 am-7 pm.  We don’t get why they’re listed separately either.
  • Lit Hum: The First Class, 2:30-4 pm, Roone Arledge Auditorium in Lerner Hall.  Go to this.  Write about it and send it to tips@bwog.com.  Christia Mercer has been gone for the last year and oh boy have we  missed her.
  • SEAS Math Info Session and Placement Exam, 2:30-4 pm, 312 Math.  While CC is at a lecture, SEAS takes a test.  This is also how the next 4 years will be.
  • Community Night Out, 10 pm-1 am, various locations.  Got out with your RA!  It’ll be fun!

One Thing To Do Before Graduating:

Randolph Carr III: Rob this school blind. Check out as many books as you can read, and keep whatever you find inside. Apply for every grant whether you think you are qualified or not. Any professor who you are slightly interested in, take every spare moment they will offer you, to loot their wisdom. This school is abundant in resources, most of which it has, indeed, robbed from someone. Do not be ashamed, steal every opportunity you can get.

Know Your Alums: James Franco was here for a little and “studied” in Butler 209 a lot, which was a fun and sexy time for people.



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Allie Curry

For the first Senior Wisdom on this Commencement Day, we bring you the wonderful Allie Curry, senior editor at The Blue and White.

Name, Hometown, School: Allie Curry; Bismarck, North Dakota; Columbia College

Claim to fame? I like words. Acquaintances most often call me out for arguing against Helen, that yes, you should tap that. 

n.b.: I was right.

Where are you going?  “Avenue of the Americas” and the early 50s by way of Bed-Stuy. I started work three weeks ago—does that mean I’ve already arrived? Also: since when do people pay me for my hard work? Asking for a friend.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Conversational French/Spanish/Poststructuralist (literary) theory
  2. Television can be intelligent.
  3. Irony is a mechanism by which my friends and I deflect or diminish our our own emotions—which are TERRIFYING, but also mean something, and therefore, should be trusted.

Back in my day… Swine Flu was a thing and people listened to music featuring acoustic instruments. Trader Joe’s on 72nd didn’t exist, the distinction between leggings and pants was so much clearer, and WE DIDN’T KNOW THERE WOULD BE ANOTHER ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT SEASON. I’VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE: HISTORY IS PROGRESSIVE, GUYS!!!!

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I find James Franco’s handshake weak.

Write a CU Admirers post to anyone or anything at Columbia: @AjayChaudhary and students of CC, section 54: I was dumb not to say anything in class for like most of the year, because you guys actually changed my life. And I didn’t even get the Star Trek references. Radiohead, though.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Cheese. NEXT.

One thing to do before graduating: Give yourself a deadline of two weeks. Enlist no more than three or four friends and dedicate your underage selves, earnestly, to finishing at least half of a box of Franzia each in those two weeks. Acceptable applications: V-Show, Bacchanal, Club Butler (“New York’s hottest club is…”) and your term paper, John Jay, etc.

Any regrets? Oh my god, I have a million regrets, very few of which are worth articulating in the space of this post. Trite, but I should have made several friends sooner; I should have drank more; I should have shat on the Upper Midwest less. Since we’re on the subject, as of late, I’ve been repping Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem hard. By way of oversharing “On Keeping a Notebook”, I think she’s right:

“I think we are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind’s door at 4 a.m. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends. We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and the betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forget who we were.”

Remember your past selves, allow for change, and make your memories with others. Best of luck, guys.




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The cat must have gone through Jersey and across the GW Bridge.

Columbia’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse published a study that supports a link between childhood family dinners and substance free living. (ABC News)

NYC Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, released a memo last Friday that instructed police officers to no longer arrest people for small-time pot possession. So long as you have less than 15 grams, the worst the man can slap you with is a $100 fine. (WNYC)

After being lost for 5 years, a Colorado cat turns up in Manhattan and is quickly reunited with its original family. (Huff Po)

The Atlantic cobbled together an ultimate guide to literary references in the Simpsons.

NYT has a full review of James Franco’s newest starring role as “Professor” down at NYU.




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Maybe we're the center of the universe. Probably not, though. MetaBwog...

Drug busts don’t just happen at our school! These guys stepped it up a notch, and now they’re down $8 million and 8,000 marijuana plants. (NY Post)

And it looks like we’re not the only ones with new admissions stats—kindergarten hopefuls continue to wait for a spot at their elementary schools, but the lists just keep getting longer. (CityRoom)

Remember when James Franco went here? Now he plans to teach at NYU, and we plan to feel scorned. (NYU Daily News)

Plus, someone else who went here—Columbia Alum Kelley Gasper—just scored a New York Times blog post. (At War, NYT)

Image via WikiMedia Commons.



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Inner city pressures

A mixed bag of news graces this morning’s bwoglines, but except for the announcement that Arianna Huffington will present the keynote address at the Columbia Spectator’s Annual Awards Dinner, it’s pretty much the worst of times.

A winter storm warning is in effect till Wednesday evening.  University weather related updates say, as we’d expect, school’s pretty much open, it’s just going to be a lot more difficult getting in. How this will bear on Groundhog Day tomorrow is to be seen, although we’d need it to actually get out of his hole to even try to see its own shadow.

James Franco is to teach a class-on himself.  At Columbia College. Before you run to the class directory to search for said class/unleash a roar of frustration, we should probably add it’s Columbia College Hollywood where he’s offering the film class—Editing James Franco…With James Franco.

Certainly not the best of times for Hosni Mubarak, not least in New York

Rounding it all up- the worst of the best?  New York City is number 50 on the list of top 50 cities for hospital care.



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Freshmen and student athletes, rejoice! John Jay is still open.

Because of the snow, Dining has confirmed that a couple changes in the normal dining facility schedules will occur today. Take note:

  • Ferris Booth is closed
  • The cafe on the ground floor of Dodge is closed (though we only went there for James Franco sightings, anyway!)
  • Cafe 212 is open
  • The cafe in Butler is open
  • John Jay opened at 9, and will remain open through 8 pm

Image via WikiCU.



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It'll happen soon, Professor Bhagwati!



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A profile of GS student John McClelland II, who was an Army medic in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Warrior Forge. He says that he’s working on his first novel, The War in Glorious Technicolor.

Reason 10,343 to be happy you don’t go to NYU: the Times takes a look at college life in the city, you know, the downtown-city, where you never (!) run into anyone.

A hecka long profile of James Franco in NYMag this week. Prepare to vom all over your keyboard!

Victor Suarez, CC’11 and Laura LaPerche, CC’10, shot a feature film in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas called “As Luck.” It will be released in Bangladesh next year. Congratulations, dudes! Watch scenes from the movie:

“As Luck” (t2i & 5D) from Victor Suarez on Vimeo.



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Gulati, PrezBill and Landon in happier times. Photo via ohnotheydidnt

That means “a motley assortment of things.” Seatbelts, everyone!

Gulati says the U.S team was “capable of more” in the World Cup.

Columbia is a partner in a jargon-y, confusing government project called the “NYC Media Lab.”

Breaking: James Franco is self-important. He is also an artist.

Joseph Stiglitz makes $109,919 a year is the highest paid B-school professor in the country.

A look at how Columbia B School has changed (by not really changing!) post-crash.

CC alum create the Salsabol, which provides a new and revolutionary way to scoop salsa.

Procrastination o’clock? Watch this footage of Columbia going crazy in 1969 1968, even though it says 1969 for some reason.



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James Franco: current Columbian, NYUer… and future Yalie? (Yale Daily News)

Mystery surrounds an early morning stabbing on the 2 train. (NYT)

Is CUNY full of the city’s ignominious? (NYP)

Will pulling up your pants help fight crack? (Gothamist)

Still not much is known about the future of GSAPP associate professor Lionel McIntyre. (Spec)

Update: There’s a police investigation at the 116th Station, and Manhattan-bound 1 trains are running express from 137th Street to 96th Street. Updates to follow.

Sexiness via Wikimedia Commons



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If Valentine’s Day is slipping away and you’re starting to fret about not being with your crush, well, fret no longer! Following its successful stint at the College of William and Mary, GoodCrush.com (formerly the CrushFinder) has expanded and hit Columbia/Barnard and wants YOU to sign up and start crushin’!

According to Josh Weinstein, Princeton ’09, who started the site in 2007 to be a “Valentine’s Day student government intiative,” the site has a number of special capacities, including room for making, browsing, and crushing profiles; alerts for missed connections; and a new “periodic crushing” feature. In many ways it’s the same as LoveatCU, though Weinstein notes that periodic crushing does not factor as centrally on LoveatCU as on GoodCrush. He also expresses (feigns?) surprise at the Columbia-as-a-sex-free-zone stereotype, sharing that “[the website] is designed to help and I hope it does.

Weinstein singles out specific students – those “sitting in Butler or a class exchanging glances with another across the room,” for instance – as those who would benefit most from regular use of GoodCrush. However, given that most crushes and sideward glances at Butler in recent memory have been directed towards James Franco, Bwog remains skeptical.



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The snowstorm blanketing much of the Mid-Atlantic kept a lot of your high school friends from flying home this weekend. (Times)

The Parks Department officially invites you to go sledding in city parks; unfortunately, they will not be officially providing post-sledding hot chocolate with marshmallows. (Gothamist)

While hosting last night’s episode SNL, James Franco french-kissed a few men during a sketch. Sadly, that’s enough for a news story. (Daily News)

In the wide world of sports, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints 24-17, ending their chances for an undefeated season, and in soccer, Fulham beat Manchester United 3-0. (Times and Guardian)

– Photo by HEH



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dunstColumbia Film has snagged another star — Bwog tipster Margaret Herman spotted Kirsten Dunst lounging on one of leather benches outside 511 Dodge.  According to Film Dept TA Chanelle Elaine, Dunst is set to star in a film directed by a Columbia faculty member.  Now that he’s got some competition, maybe James Franco won’t hide quite so conspicuously behind that Giants cap.



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And we’re gonna let you finish, but…

New York City has some of the highest unemployment of all time. (NYT)

We’ve also got some of the lowest homicide rates of all time. (AP)

Columbia’s Joseph Massad has one of the most protested tenures of all time. (Manhattan Institute)

The new swine flu nasal spray is one of the speediest vaccinations of all time. (NYT)

Street food vendors have some of the scariest beef of all time. (Gothamist)

Columbia’s old Rembrandt is one of the most expensive paintings of all time. (TimesOnline)

Butler’s own James Franco wields one of the biggest flamethrowers of all time. (BestWeekEver)


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