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img May 07, 20122:15 amimg 55 Comments

You’re miserable. We’re miserable. The guy who’ll have to kick us all out of 210 from 7 to 8 am is preemptively miserable on behalf of everyone involved. As per tradition, we took this dark and dreary night as an opportunity to traipse through Butler and photograph the anguish. Send your own photos of the meek and the wild to tips@bwog.com, and we’ll add ’em to the collection.

Take heart, warriors of these halls—only a few more hours ’til dawn breaks.

A run-of-the-mill SEAS and desist

Join us as we wade through an ocean of sorrow and degradation.



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img December 19, 201112:40 amimg 37 Comments

Call us old-fashioned*, but Bwog likes sticking to traditions. That’s why we dared enter the dark abyss of terror and neurosis that is Butler without so much as a Virgil-figure to protect us (or at the very least warn us to avert our gaze from one of those 209-couples who seem to feed on creepy eye contact—do they even go here?). Plus, we threw a little Lerner in there to spice things up this year. Without further ado:  

A young warrior bows his head in prayer to those who've fought before him.

The dankest and darkest, after the jump. Leer away.



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img December 17, 201110:00 pmimg 6 Comments

Sure, it’s Saturday night, but it’s also finals week, meaning that your closest encounter with anyone “dressed to impress” will likely be with this girl. Regardless, that urge to pack up and hit The Heights is probably pretty strong about now. To aid in your decision, we happily present a favorite from the archives, the Bwog Finals Fortune Teller:

It’s always times like these when we feel like giving up and leaving our finals fates to the gods. Fortunately for everyone, Bwog has a serious god complex, and we’re prepared to dole out our predictions for your final exams with extreme authority. 

So if you trust Bwog with the weaving of your academic fate (and you totally should), check out our fortune teller. We promise it’ll make way better use of your print quota than that anthro reading you skipped. 

Instructions and cutout (PDF)

Big version (PDF))




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img November 09, 201110:00 amimg 3 Comments

Fall break is really over, isn't it

Columbia researchers find that the dust from car exhaust increases the chance for, among other things, brain damage, autism, depression, and Alzheimer’s. (WSJ)

Yesterday, voters soundly rejected an anti-abortion initiative in Mississippi and a law limiting union rights in Ohio. (NYT)

Though the initial flooding in Thailand may be over, the recovery is expected to cost in excess of $4 billion—and if you’re planning on buying a hard drive in the near future, you could end up paying upwards of 60% above sticker price due to shortages. (Reuters, CNet)

The deadline to apply for the city’s $100 million has passed, leaving universities waiting on Bloomberg himself to make a final decision, who is eager to use the science and engineering campus to shape his mayoral legacy. (NYT)

As protesters settle in for winter, Occupy Wall Street has added a permanent first-aid tent, fully staffed with ER physicians, general practitioners, and registered nurses. (Gothamist)

Columbia alum and Nobel laureate in physics Norman Ramsey has died at 96. (AP)

Nemesis via Wikimedia



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img July 07, 201110:06 amimg 21 Comments

1020 groupies rejoice! That booth where you had one too many tinis is now famous. The latest prep school misfits movie, The Art of Getting By, stars Emma Roberts (the one from Aquamarine—which maybe made you tear up that one time) and the Wes Anderson look-alike from the trippy version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Isn’t it terrifying when kids in children’s movies get old?


Anywho, The Art of Getting By looks kinda sucky. But fast forward the trailer to 1:47 and check out where the happy couple is spinning?! Our very own 1020. Fact: this could not happen in real life because Emma Roberts’ pretty little head would be impaled by a dart.

And you may recall that Will Ferrell once freeze-frame peed in our favorite haunt. Basically 1020 is universally acknowledged as a dive bar. We’re weirdly proud.



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img May 11, 201111:29 pmimg 18 Comments

As per tradition, join Bwog as we cram study diligently for our last finals and take an odyssey through the depths of Butler, on a dark night of the soul… It’s good to see you’re all so focused and well-fueled.




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img April 27, 20115:36 pmimg 4 Comments

Finals approach. This means you’ll be staying up later. You (hopefully) know both these things. So does Columbia, apparently. With this in mind, here are just a few place which have extended their hours for heavily sighing, red-eyed scholars. Mention any we missed in the comments.

  • HamDel will be open 24/7, instead of the regular 24/6
  • Business and Econ library open ’til midnight
  • Butler Reserves open ’til midnight
  • Butler Media Center open ’til midnight
  • Lehman is open until 4 am

Cute kids via Wikimedia Commons



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img March 30, 20114:17 pmimg 4 Comments

It seems like just yesterday that 2015 ED got sent out. Hell, it seems like just yesterday our decisions got mailed out. But it isn’t! Today the Deciders of Fates at Admissions mailed 2015 Regular Decision responses. Nail biting ensues.

The admissions people filed solemnly out of Hamilton, placing box after box (after box!) into the UPS van. Then they sang “Roar, Lion, Roar!” It made Bwog happy and feel fresh and excited and pre-froshy again.

Speaking of pre-frosh, holla 2015! We know you’re out there. G’luck friends.



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img March 28, 20112:30 pmimg 12 Comments

Manage THIS

Two graduate students stroll by Low Library:

Graduate student: “Yeah, my, like, time management skills this semester have been really poor. I feel like an undergraduate. Who, like, studies the night before? So undergraduate…”

Intricate clock via wikimedia.



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img March 21, 201111:15 amimg 2 Comments

Father Time, always harshing your mellow

Sorry kids, Spring Break is over. The seven weeks between now and the end of the semester give you just enough time to let that suntan fade while you camp out in Butler (but do it ethically!). While you’re waiting for the return of lighter hues, here’s what to look forward to. (For added drama, turn your speakers up to 11 and let this play while you read.)


  • March 21: Lottery numbers posted OOPS they did this already
  • March 29 – April 5: Suite selection
  • April 11: General selection

The Future

  • March 24: Last day to drop a class (SEAS), Last day to P/D/F
  • Week of April 11th: Fall 2011 class registration



  • May 2: Last day of classes
  • May 3-5: Reading period
  • May 6-13: Finals


Dude with Issues via Wikimedia



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img February 02, 201112:00 pmimg 0 Comments

Alas, fellow Columbians, our wintry fun is fading before your eyes.  Here in front of Dodge, see the physical manifestations of innocent fun disappear.  It’s a literary symbol, or something.

Photo by AB



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img December 18, 201012:15 pmimg 14 Comments

We’re stuck in Butler too, wishing we were back in elementary school when all we had to do was color in the circles and not calculate their velocities relative to the Sun as they hurtle through space.

Holding fast to the spirit of youth, we’ve created a cootie catcher. Now this toy you once used to judge your friends will help you ace your finals. Well, kinda. Click the flyer below for instructions on how to make your very own Bwog Fortune Teller or click the fortune teller to see a larger version!

Instructions and cutout (PDF)

Big version (PDF)



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img October 11, 201011:43 amimg 0 Comments

It’s four square! No, not the sketchy social networking site, but the playground game. Relive recess, kids!

Spotted by Sarah Ngu



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img April 27, 20106:30 pmimg 17 Comments

Time is running out! While Senior Wisdom is imminent, we thought we’d also give out some advice as well as receive it. Bwog presents hyperlinks and highly recommends getting these under your belt before you leave. Who ever heard of a War on Fun?



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img January 19, 201010:00 amimg 8 Comments

Our pal James is at it again, this time guesting on 30 Rock and totally destroying our long-held ideas on celebrity.  Subversion! (Hulu)

CU prof Ilan Meyer testified in the federal Proposition 8 trial, and said that Prop. 8 would adversely affect the health of the gay community.  Your faculty: on the right side of history! (Gothamist)

Your faculty: also typecast as liberal. (New York Times)

Identity fraud! Intrigue! The word “manhunt,” even! IMPOSTORS WALK AMONG US! (Rolling Stone)

Debunked: the mystifying history and suggested use of the “emergency brake” on subway cars. (New York Times)

And the New York Jets, improbably but delightfully, are one win away from the Super Bowl.  They’ll play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. (New York Times)

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