May your Pinterest run wild with imagination.

A staple of Bwog is our commitment to show housing from the student’s point of view. We strive to include more than the single, highly edited, unrealistically bright photo of the dorm room in our reviews—besting Columbia and Barnard housing pages. 

As the semester inches closer and your anxious-excitement about college boils over, you may find yourself eagerly checking all possible angles of your dorm room. Instead of having to flip through Bwog’s search bar, why not find them neatly organized in a single article?

Note: There were no Freshpeople housing reviews in 2021 and 2017. For certain buildings, there are also a few years missing.

Columbia Residence Halls

Carman Hall

Furnald Hall

John Jay Hall

Hartley Hall

Wallach Hall

Barnard Residence Halls

Brooks Hall

Reid Hall

Sulzberger Hall

Hewitt Hall (Overflow!)

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